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How To Apply & Get Opay POS Machine For Your Business (5 Proven Steps)

Have you been searching for how to apply and get Opay POS machine for your business? Then this article would really give you the perfect guide you need.

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Opay POS machine is owned and manage by Opay, which the abbreviated form for Opera Pay; a company owned by opera mini browser and opera news.

Opay is very popular and has remained one of the most trusted mobile money agents in nigeria.

As the society keep wanting the best of stress-free method of transaction for their daily businesses, the demand for POS machine seems to be on the increase. This was why Opay decided to help out and join other financial institutions to start offering POS services.

What Can I Use Opay POS Machine For?

Opay POS machine
Opay POS machine

Just like other POS machines you know, Opay POS machine functions the the same purpose with them.
Opay POS machine can be used today for several types of transactions like: transfers, paying of bills, paying for goods/services, and so on.

With the Opay POS machine, you may not really need to go to the bank before before completing your transactions.

Here are two conditions that you may need your Opay POS machine:

To Start POS Business

This business involves helping people to make their daily transactions through your Opay POS machine. These could include cash deposits, cash withdrawal, paying of bills, cash transfers, and son on.

In this, you would be making your money by charging your customers based on the services you offer them.

To Collect Payment From customers

If you have a big business that sells goods or services of high amount of money, then your Opay POS machine would really be of high importance here.

For example: One that sells laptops of price range of N80,000 and above may not always expect his customers to come with such huge amount of money in cash, as there may be risks of losing the money or meeting thieves on the way.

So, to avoid these risks, your customers may only need to come with their ATM cards and pay for whatever they bought through your Opay POS machine.

Other Financial Institutions That Offer POS Machine

That we are only talking about Opay POS machine, may not really mean that they are the only one that offer POS machine. Apart from Opay, there are actually many other financial institutions that offer POS machines. Some of them are:

  • Monie Point
  • Kudi
  • Banks, etc…

Monie Point

Monie Point is another trusted mobile money platform in Nigeria, that offer POS machine. It is actually very easy to make money as a Monie Point Agent in POS business, because their charges are a bit friendly.


Kudi was founded in the year 2017 by Pelumi Aboluwarin and Yinka Adewale. It is also one of the most popular and trusted mobile money platforms today, that offers POS machine, and also provides golden opportunity for their agents to earn cool income.


Banks were actually one of the major financial institutions that were known to offer POS machines since the machine was introduced in 2013 by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

So, almost every Banks in Nigeria has their peculiar POS machines, and as well offer to their customers who would need the machine for business.

How To Get Opay POS Machine

At the initial time that Opay started offering POS machine, it was actually very easy to get Opay POS machine without much stress.

But currently, it may not really be too easy to get Opay POS machine; but with the guide in this article, I can assure you success if you can read carefully and adhere to the guides.

Download Opay Mobile App

The first thing you should do if you really want to get Opay POS machine, is to simply download “Opay Mobile Application” from the Play Store or App Store.

Sign Up On Opay

Having downloaded the Opay app from the store, the next thing you should do is to sign up on the app.

While signing up on Opay App, there are few necessary things that may be required of you:

  • You will need your BVN
  • Valid ID Card
  • Passport
  • Utility Bill (e.g NEPA Bill)

Upgrade To Merchant

On Opay mobile App, there are about four stages/levels that customers can operate:

  • KC 1
  • KC 2
  • KC 3
  • Merchant

These level always determine the daily transaction limit of customers. for example: KC 1 can only make transactions or receive/send a maximum of N50,000 in a day. But in KC 3, customers can make transactions of up to N5,000,000 in a day.

Opay POS machine
Opay POS machine
Opay KC levels

To upgrade to merchant level, you would be required to fill in some details of your business; meanwhile, for you to be able to get Opay POS machine, you must have to upgrade to merchant level.

Make Transactions On The App

To be able to qualify for Opay POS machine, there is a minimum amount of transaction you are expected to have made on your Opay mobile app.

This minimum transaction may vary, but it may be up to N200,000 or higher. This means that for you to be on a safer side, you have to make transactions of up to N200,000 or higher on your Opay Mobile app, before looking out for your Opay POS machine.

These transactions may include: deposits from your bank to your Opay Mobile app; transfers from your Opay Mobile app to your bank, another person’s bank, or even to another person’s Opay account.

If you don’t really have any reason that would demand these transactions, then you may deliberately be doing the transactions for the purpose of attaining the minimum transaction amount.


Once you have made a reasonable amount of transitions on the Opay mobile app, then you can now go ahead and apply for Opay POS machine through the option provided on the Opay mobile app.

If you find it difficult to do this, then you can actually contact the Opay support, either through the Opay mobile app or better by visiting any of their offices nearest to you.

Note that most times, it may be required that you provide your bank account statement; at least for the past (recent) three months ago.

If you are able to follow the guidelines as provided in this article, then you may not really find it difficult to get your Opay POS machine.

please do let us know if this article helped!

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  1. I was made to pay 20000 into Opay account no 8135938392,bank name palmpay for registration. That the Opay pos machine will be sent to me and other packages. What do you say about this transaction

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