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How Much Is Opay POS Machine (Opay POS Price 2022?)

Since I made a post about How To Get Opay POS Machine, many of our readers that want to go into POS business have been asking us how much is Opay POS machine.

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Due to the fact that POS business is very lucrative today, and many people want to venture into it by all means; some unscrupulous elements are now using the opportunity to defraud innocent Nigerians in the name of getting POS machine for them.

This is one of the reasons I decided to make this post, I want to tell our readers and the general public to be very careful while searching for Opay POS machine, so that fraudsters would not take their advantage and defraud them.

If you check the Facebook today, you may see many Facebook Pages advocating for Opay POS machine.

If you dare ask how much is Opay POS machine on the comment section of their posts, these pages would always tell you to pay a certain amount to get Opay POS machine delivered to you.

The caution is that most of these Facebook pages are fake, and I know many people have fallen victims of the fraud.

So be careful!

Opay POS Price 2021

How much is Opay POS machine

If you have been asking how much is Opay POS machine, then I would want to tell you that Opay POS machine it totally free, if it’s coming directly from the Opay POS company.

This means that you don’t need to pay any Kobo before you would be able to get Opay POS machine, the company gives the POS machine free of charge to interested customers that meet the Opay POS Machine Requirements.

So, the Opay POS machine application is free, the only thing is that you may have to fund your Opay wallet with N20,000 while applying for the Opay POS machine.

This N20,000 would be deducted by the Opay POS company, immediately the POS has been approved for you.

This N20,000 may sometimes be known as Security deposit or caution fee, and would be refunded to you any day/any time you return the Opay POS machine to the company.

How To Get POS machine From Opay

Having cleared your doubt about how much is Opay POS machine, the next question that may be bothering you is how to get Opay POS machine.

When POS business was not rampant, getting POS machine from Opay was as easy as getting food from your mother.

But as the field of POS business became the call of the day, Opay POS company is now more strict in giving out their POS machine. The explanation of what I just said is that getting Opay POS machine is now very hard, harder than before.

Many people have kept applying for this Opay POS machine today, but never succeeded. Despite this, I would still tell you that getting Opay POS machine may be very easy once you follow the principle and guidelines.

In this, I have written a very comprehensive article on how you can successfully get POS machine from Opay without wasting your time and resources.

Infact I have been getting testimonies from most of our readers about how they were able to secure opay POS machine through the guide that provided in the article. And seriously, If you follow the guide in this article, I would tell you that your Opay POS machine is already with. Checkout The Article Here

Is POS Busines Lucrative?

Most of our readers that asked how much is Opay POS machine, would always ask if POS business is really lucrative.

No need telling you must stories about this; POS business is very lucrative in Nigeria today. Do you know that you can be making over 200k monthly from POS business? in fact, there are people that are even making over 500k monthly from POS business. and I must tell you, there is no limit of amount of money you can make in a month from POS business.

How lucrative POS business may be, greatly depends on your location and other factors.

This is why I have put up a very resourceful post on how you can make at least 200k monthly from POS business.

In this post, many secrets were revealed on how to make the best out of POS business.

Don’t think that there are now many people doing POS business, don’t think that the field is already saturated, don’t think that POS business is no more lucrative because many people are already doing it.

The fact is that if you can apply the secrets of success in POS business, you may be marvelled at that amount of digits you may be making in a month from POS business. You can check this Secret Here

I believe this post was helpful, do well to share your thought with us on the comment section, or you may contact us should you have any issue you want to discuss with us.


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