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Top 20 Business To Start With 30k In Nigeria

Is there any business to start with 30K in Nigeria? Sounds impossible right? Well, it is possible.

You know, the Nigerian economy has not been fair with any of us. You have a very limited capital, with less than 30K and you are surfing the web for a business to start with 30K in Nigeria and that will make a good yield on your 30K business. The resources and ideas that one needs in order to be great and successful is all embedded within each and everyone of us.

It is important to note that you can combine any of these with your 6-8 hours work and still stay productive in both of them. Breaking the jinx of unemployment in Nigeria has proven to be one of the hardest task anyone can try.

Can 30k Business Be Profitable?

Yes, 30k business can be very profitable. There are a lot of profitable businesses that you can start with 30k out there. Most times, it is not the high amount of capital in a business that guarantees it’s profitability; there are still some low capital businesses that can even be more profitable than high capital ones.

List Of 30K Businesses in Nigeria

Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa and as the giant of Africa, we must have a good working population who are not just comfortable earning a penny from the government but also making their own money as entrepreneurs too. Here are the 30k business ideas that can help you attain financial independence and provide us with at least 50K each month.

1. Poultry And Livestock Business

You too could take advantage of the rich poultry industry in Nigeria and earn great returns from it. Nigeria has a lot of Muslims and Christians but however, during festive seasons both sides get to spend on livestock which are mostly the ram for Muslims and chickens for the Christians.

If as a poultry or livestock farmer and you have either/both the ram and the chicken at your disposal, you know that you would make great sales during the festivity period. The Poultry and livestock business is considered to be one of the most profitable business with low capital in Nigeria because you won’t even up to 30K to start the business. As a poultry or livestock farmer, you won’t only make sales during the festive period alone.

A lot of adult eat eggs and as per doctors report, eggs are also essential for children. As a poultry farmer who trains broilers and old layers, you would provide the world with eggs at a very good profit. You can buy a chick at N300 and train it for about 3 month or even more and at the end of the period, you can sell it for 4K or even more. Your customers could also buy the chickens just for their meat only. Indeed the poultry business is a very profitable business if it is done well.

2. Ice Block Production Business

Before venturing into this business, one must already own at least a fridge and a generator. Due to the climatic change, people will need cold water or any cold drinks that can make them relaxed after an heavy work. However, due to the poor Nigerian electricity condition, this people might be denied from having to take this drinks at the temperature they want. It is a simple business to start with 30K.

3. Shawama Or Barbecue Business

This is quite similar to the fast food business, but the two aren’t the same. To succeed in this business, one must have prior knowledge on how to make tasty and delicious Shawama and barbecue. This business needs to situated close to an eatery or a bar as you can be easily spotted.

4. Phone And Laptop software downloads

To get started in this business, one needs to have prior knowledge on how to download softwares and applications from the internet. While some people may not trust the internet because they are afraid of having their electronic devices contract virus or any cyber attack.

One does not need to open a shop for this business. However most people tend to get a kiosk before jumping into the business.

5. Pop Corn Business

A lot of Nigerians eat popcorn either for pleasure or as a meal. This is a nice businesses that can naturally sell itself everyday. People will need some snacks and can take popcorn as it is one of the best snack meals in the country. Almost every Nigerian has patronized the sellers in one way or the other. It does not really need a shop or a big place to get started in the business, rather all that is needed might just be an open space where one can be easily seen by the general public and then attract customers.

Location is very vital in the popcorn business as it is an impulse meal, which means people rarely think about such goods before buying them. It is best to be located at parks, markets, schools or Secretariat as the population of people in such areas will be enormous. To start the business, you only need a popcorn machine, corn, butter, groundnut oil, salt, flavor, nylon, sugar and powder. The most expensive thing on this list is the popcorn machine and it is not even up to 30K. With this your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is just starting.

6. Dry Cleaning Business

Being one of the popular business in Nigeria, some dry cleaners usually rent a shop. But for start ups, you may not really need a shop but items like pressing iron, detergent, containers for storing water and clean water supply. If the dry cleaner gets to do his work properly, he/she stands a chance of getting of having referral customers as well as old customers returning to him and paying him for more of his/her services. As a starter, you will need to wash your clothes by hands or pay to get a washing machine.

Dry cleaners normally charge 250 for simple services like ironing. However, when it comes to washing and ironing, they charge is 500. So do the math, if they have 10 clients in a day and each delivered at least one cloth for the day. You can calculate how much he made for that day.

It is important to note that this business is for people that are hardworking and have no difficulty in meeting deadlines.

7. Pos Business

This business is not just one of the popular business but also one of the simplest. Referred to as ‘Point of Sale’. The POS machine is a portable electronic device that makes use of bank cards in order to perform financial transactions.

Introduced in 2012 by the central bank of Nigeria, the POS business has grown in Nigeria to become one of the most popular business. You only need to sign up with a POS company in order to get started. However, they are several of these companies so you have a wide range of options.

These companies include Moniepoint , Opay, Kudi and Firstmonie as well as others. Most of these companies like Moniepoint can give you the POS machine for free as long as you are profitable to the company. You can also collect an open space for the business as it would be much more closer to your target market. However, a shop is still good but a POS kiosk has grown to be most used in the industry.

Your customers will be Nigerians who don’t want to go to the banks for their financial transactions like deposit, transfer and withdrawal.

8. Car Wash Business

In Nigeria, most people don’t have the time to wash their cars. They often decide to get other people to wash it for them. Most of the time, this people they give it to has to be expert in washing cars. This is one of the best business as the basic requirements is getting an open space for the cars to pack as well as banner to notify people of your business.

You can also get new client via referrals depending on how good and satisfied they are with your services. The basic needs to get started in the business are; clean water, detergent, brushes as well as acquiring a deep washing machine. The business is for people who have no problem in meeting tight deadlines.

9. Baking And Pastries/Small Chops Business

You can bake or make small chops? If yes, then this business is for you. Nigerians have a great love for snacks. So getting your snacks or small chops into the Nigerian market could be a huge gain for you. Most cakes are sold for 5K but it cost 3K to make them. You go with a profit of 2K. The best thing about the business is that you can do it right at the comfort of your home.

But to do this at home and still have sales, you must have already advertised yourself in order to get some clients.

10. Bead Making Business

A lot of Nigerians love fashion especially when it deals with beads. The bead making business is a very stress free business but don’t get me wrong, you will still need to work depending on how big and complex your job is. As a bead maker, you can even make bags, bangles etc.

To start this business, you will need to acquire all types of beads, depending on the design you’ll be trying to make. Other materials include zip, buttons etc. This business can even start right at the comfort of your home.

11. Cleaning Services

People have begun to see the potentials within the cleaning services business and have decided to key into it. As someone that wants to run a cleaning services business, you must be honest and hardworking.

This is a business whereby an office space is not necessary as you might be getting cleaning offers right at the comfort of your home. It is one of the most profitable. To get started, you will need some cleaning materials like broom, brush, detergents, containers and clean water. You will need to be referred, so be good to your customers.

12. Okrika Business

Selling london used clothes can be a very nice business idea. Meanwhile, you might need to get a shop that will serve as a fixed location for your business, but it is still not necessary because i can keep them at my home and sell them based on orders i get.

The business is highly profitable if you have great marketing skills and also have a good taste for clothes. These clothes are already used clothes, so you will need to find them and resale them at higher price. Assuming you bought an Okrika shirt at 1K, you can simply sale it at 3K and make 2K in profit. To strive, you need to have a good relationship with your customers.

13. Snail Farming Business

The snail farming is a growing industry that is still untapped by most people. Though this can be stressful at first, but with good timing and discipline, you’ll get to improve when and how to fed the snails. And the profit is very high.

14. Mini Importation Business

This is a booming business that can yield multiple returns on investment within weeks and months. Importation and exportation has to deal with the exchange of goods between two or more countries. As an importer, you can import goods like chargers, toothpicks, pencils and others.

It demands great marketing skills and good knowledge in order to know the right goods that will yield high returns when they are imported. You can also market your imported goods on online market places like Jiji, Jumia, Amazon and others.

15. Fast Food Business

Humans and other living beings need food to survive, and good food is nutritional to the body. Some people may be too busy and would want to purchase their meal outside.

This is not because they can’t cook, but just because they may be too busy. This business is best situated at public areas like market, public offices, universities, parks or even street. To start this business, you might not even need fundings up to 30K.

16. Phone Accessories

Yes, it is one of the most profitable business to start with 30k. While most prefer keeping their goods at home, it will better to get a kiosk and then stock your phone accessories like chargers, USB cords, ear pods, batteries and others. It is advisable to also take the business online too.
It is one of the most profitable business to start with 30K in Nigeria.

17. Soap Production

Your business is to make bathing and washing soap without the help of the big companies. To get started, you will need to get chemicals and brand your product in a colorful way. Some supermarket can help you exhibit them to their customers. You will need items like good water, mixer, soap, containers to brand the soap as well as nylon to package the soap.

18. Plantain Chips Business

A lot of people eat plantain chips and you can start by packaging it and making them look attractive. You can also get people you’ll be supplying the chips to. The business does not even demand you to get a shop and can be done comfortably from your home. You will need to get a slicer, plantain, a gas cooker or stove as well as to fry the plantain.

The business needs a disciplined person who can meet target when the suppliers demand them in bulk.

19. Recharge Card Distribution Business

Your primary work is to sell the already produced recharge cards. Most people tend to use bicycles to sell these recharge cards. The cost of purchasing a bicycle is not high. With trust of the producer and a bicycle, you can join the business and be make huge commissions depending on how much you sell.

20. Sales Of DVD/ CD Business

Even if you are not a fan of Nigerian movies, foreign movies must be what fascinates you. Whatever it is, the CD seller will still sell it to you. Did you know that in Alaba international market, those CD you buy at N200 or N150 actually cost about N50. However, the seller will have to deduct transport, he/she will still go with huge profit at the end of the day. It is one of the most profitable business with low capital one can start in Nigeria.


While most of these businesses may not involve much risk, some of them such as poultry, fast-food businesses and others, require care and attention. However, some of them might need big capital to see good returns.


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