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How I Was Able To Resolve AdSense Ad Limit Within 24hrs

Though Adsense is never the only means of making money in blogging, it has always remained one of the major hope of monetization to majority of newbies going into the blogging world.

Having heard so much about how lucrative Adsense is, newbies always believe that once they get AdSense approval on their blog, boom… they have achieved everything, and have made it in life. But the bitter Truth is that there are always few challenges associated with AdSense, which always appear disappointing to the newbies that depend only on AdSense for monetization.

Adsense ad limit is one of the most disappointing and most unexpected challenges that most newbies usually encounter in their blogging journey. Ad limit is always a nightmare to them, as majority hardly expect that.

You can imagine how joyful it feels to get AdSense approval for the first time, but ad limit is always the joy killer. When ad limit sets in, it always appears that all hope is lost. That’s when you start hearing victims ask different questions like: How do I get rid of AdSense ads limit? Why is my ad limited? How do you solve ad serving is limited the number of ads you can show has been limited for details go to the Policy Center? How do I appeal limited monetization? How do I remove ads from limited learning?

The truth is that I was also faced with the same issue of ad limit at the first time I got AdSense approval. I was almost depressed because of the situation, but I was able to discover a secret that worked like a magic for me. And that’s the secret I will be sharing with you in this article; I will be showing you my secrets on how to remove AdSense ad limit on your site within in less than 24 hours.

But before we move ahead, let’s first of all reveal all you need to understand about AdSense ad limit.

What Is Ad Limit In AdSense?

Google Adsense ad limit is a situation where Google AdSense limits the number of ads that can show on a particular website, YouTube, or the likes.

Inasmuch as showing too many ads on a site is not advisable for good user experience, having very few ads on a site would greatly reduce the revenue of that site, as there won’t be enough ads that visitors can click.

The reason Google places ad limit on sites is to maintain an ads ecosystem that protects advertisers, publishers and users from fraud and bad ad experiences.

Types Of Ad Limit

There are majorly two types of ad limit that Google may place on an AdSense account. in other words, I can say that there are major two reasons that may result to AdSense ad limit; they are:

  1. Account being assessed
  2. Invalid traffic concerns

1. Account Being Accessed

This condition is always very common to new AdSense accounts especially one with very low or no traffic yet. The reason for this is that Google is trying to evaluate your site to understand the major source of your traffic, to know if your traffic is genuine or not.

This is not usually a serious case, as Google may lift the ad limit automatically when they are done, evaluating your traffic source. But the truth is that it sometimes takes time before Google can lift the ad limit; sometimes more than three months, depending on some factors.

When you are faced with this kind of ad limit, all you have to do is to continue creating quality contents, working for more traffic (majorly organic traffic), while also complying with AdSense policies.

2. Invalid Traffic

This kind of ad limit results when Google notices any invalid activities in an AdSense account. Invalid activities could include: clicking on your ad, bots traffic, encouraging your friends to click on your ad, and so on.

When this kind of ad limit happens, all you have to do is to monitor your account and avoid any form of invalid traffic in your site.

How I Was Able To Resolve Ad Limit In Less Than 24 Hours

Just like you felt the first time you got AdSense approval, I also felt lively and enthusiastic the day I got AdSense approval for the first time. I even felt that I had made it in life, not knowing that there were more to having AdSense approval a lone.😂

It was very surprising to me that I had only 8 (quality) articles on my blog when I got AdSense approval. The most surprising thing was that I got the AdSense approval within just 7 days, meanwhile I was not even having any traffic yet.

While I was still being happy, jubilating and announcing it to my friends that I have finally got AdSense approval, I was hit by ad limit exactly the same day I got the AdSense. Imagine that I got AdSense approval by 3:00am that day, and got ad limit by 2:00 pm the same day.

I just opened my AdSense account and found the heart-breaking message, “the number of ads you can show has been limited For details, go to the Policy centre.” When I checked the reason for the ad limit, I saw that Google said they were reviewing my traffic source, and would lift the ad limit automatically when they are done reviewing my traffic.

I had no option than to wait for Google to review my traffic source. I kept checking everyday to know if Google had removed the ad limit, but nothing of that nature ever happened. I thought it was a child’s play until it was getting to two months, and the ad limit was still serving on my site. Then I noticed it was no longer a joke.

Seriously, I was totally demoralized, my joy was ruined, and I felt all hope was lost. Then I started searching for the way forward. I read many articles on how to resolve Ad limit just the way you are doing now. I applied different strategies as suggested by many articles I read online, but it was unfortunate that none of them worked out. I waited for more than 3 months but the ad limit was not removed, even when I was already having good traffic (purely organic traffic).

I tried many tricks but to no avail. On two occasions, I removed all ad codes from my site, cleared all ad units and allowed it for 7 days. After 7 days, the ad limit always disappear from my AdSense dashboard. But once I connect my site again, the ad limit would come again within few hours.

After I battled with this for long, I decided to take a different approach, which initially seemed very risky to me. But it was a surprise that it worked for me, and for over 8 months now, I have been using the AdSense without ad limit or any problem.


  1. I focused only on organic traffic (getting traffic from Google alone); avoiding social media traffic, and other forms of traffic.
  2. closed my AdSense account
  3. Went back to my site, and fixed
    everything well to be sure it still complied with AdSense policies.
  4. After fixing everything on my site, I went ahead to apply for AdSense again but using a different Gmail address
  5. To my greatest surprise, I was approved in less than 24hrs. I applied at about 9pm, and got approved at 2pm the following day.
  6. After approval, I then moved my AdSense to the initial email which I was using.

Till date, I’m using my AdSense smoothly without any problem.

NOTE: After approval, if you want to move your AdSense to another email, make sure you do that before verifying your AdSense account.

How To Move AdSense Account To Another Email Account

To move the account to your previous account.

  • First delete the previous payment profile. By visiting >> settings >> close account.
  • Now login to the new Adsense account >> account >> access & authorize >> invite new user.
  • Now input the previous email and invite it.
  • Then now go to your email to accept the invitation.
  • Once the invitation accepted, login to Adsense (the new account) and change the previous email role to admin.
  • Now login to your Adsense account through the previous email and remove the new email.
  • So to make the previous email as the payment profile, you have to delete the the new email payment profile. Once you delete it.
  • Login to Adsense with your previous email, you will be asked to setup payment profile. That’s all.

What You Should Know Before Applying For Adsense

Newbies are always eager to apply for AdSense once they launch their site, without first of all doing the needful. I noticed that one of the major things I got ad limit on my site was because I was not having any single traffic when I got AdSense approval. I was too desperate to get AdSense approval without knowing that there were more to just having AdSense approval alone; I would have grown my organic traffic first before thinking of Adsense.

So, if you are currently facing ad limit or planning to apply for AdSense, and you don’t have enough organic traffic; I would advise you focus more on growing quality traffic first. Try to start having at least 100 organic visitors daily before thinking of applying for AdSense.

There is no even a need having AdSense if there is no traffic yet. AdSense without good traffic is as good as not having AdSense at all. To even earn manageable revenue on AdSense, you should be having at least 500 organic traffic daily. So focus more on building quality traffic first, avoid invalid traffic/activities, before thinking of Adsense. With this, you won’t have problems with your AdSense, and can start earning immediately once approved.

How Long Does AdSense Limit Last?

There is no specific time duration that ad limit can last; it all depends on many factors, and how able you are to do the right thing on time.

How Do I See AdSense Invalid Clicks?

To be on a safer side, there is a need you check to know if you are having any invalid traffic in your AdSense account. To see this, all you have to do is to:

  • Go to your AdSense dashboard
  • Click on payment
  • Click on view transactions
  • If you are having two traffic, you will see two options:
  • (a). Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Contents.
  • (b). Earnings – AdSense for Contents.

The invalid traffic will show you how much you earned through the invalid traffic you had in your site within a particular month.

So if you noticed any invalid traffic, there is a need to try to fix the sources of invalid traffic in your site.

How Do I Fix Invalid Traffic On AdSense?

How do I stop invalid AdSense clicks in WordPress?
There are many sources of invalid traffic, which may range from: clicking your ad, asking your friends to click your ad, bots traffic, and so on. To stop invalid traffic, whether you are using WordPress, blogger or any other platform, all you need to do is to identify the source of the invalid traffic. Once you identify this, you would have a clue on how to go about fixing it.

How Do I Appeal Limited Monetization?

Most times you would find out that you have done everything necessary in your site/AdSense account, complying with all AdSense policies; yet ad limit has refused to be resolved.

In this condition, a better option is always to appeal to AdSense to resolve ad limit on your account, as you are complying to all AdSense policies. To do this:

Go to your AdSense dashboard
Click on Feedback
Write a very polite appeal message for AdSense in the box provided. Tell them that you have been complying with AdSense policies, yet your account is still serving ad limit. You may also include a screenshot if there is any.

How to Appeal for AdSense ad limit


In solving most problems, whether AdSense related or any other kind of problems; you should always understand that not everything that worked for everyone must work for you. Not everything that worked for “Mr. A” will work for “Mr. B.” But sometimes, it may be possible.

I had tried every possible tricks that were believed to always work for others, but none worked for me. Until I discovered the secret that was meant to work for me.

All I have shared here is purely out of my personal experience, and never what I read on any place. I just decided to share it, as I believe it may still help others that may be going through what I went through.

So, if you can take what seems to be a risk, then you can try it out!👍 But remember I never said there is guarantee that it would work for everybody. Feel free to share your thoughts or experience on the comment section

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