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Zabira Sign Up: How To Register & Trade Bitcoin On Zabira

Looking for a place to trade your digital assets like Bitcoin and gift cards? Look no further, all you need to do is fill the Zabira Sign up form and then fill and submit the Zabira login form too to trade, buy and sell gift cards, bitcoins, airtime, data top-up as well as make bill payments.

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Since the advent of cryptocurrencies in the year 2012, its significant surge in price across the years has made more and more people get into the blockchain industry. With many people becoming millionaires or billionaires in not less than two years, via the cryptocurrency world.
Nigerians have not been left out of the industry.

As the saying goes; “Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future”. However, earlier this year the central bank of Nigeria CBN had restricted the usage of the digital currency in the country with an immediate effect.

However, this does not mean that Nigerians can’t get into the digital currency trade. This is now done by a transaction type called ” P2P” known in full as peer to peer.

Nigerians are still very much involved in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto trading site; binance published data claiming that most of the people who engage in the cryptocurrency market are Nigerians. And that most of its clients are Nigerians. This shows how active Nigerians are in the growing industry. Some Nigerians own digital assets like bitcoins, gift cards, and at Zabira, you can easily trade them for money as well as carry out your daily transactions there.

In this article, we will address the key thing about Zabira.

About Zabira

Zabira sign up

The Zabira app allows users to make financial transactions involving digital currencies or assets. The digital assets may be coins or cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, gift cards and it even allows you to purchase airtime, data top ups, and make your bill payments.

Dubbed as the grandmasters of instant payment, Zabira is the first and most trustful automated cryptocurrency platform that exchanges currencies like Bitcoin and gift cards to instant cash directly to your Nigerian local bank account. Formerly known as IzikjonLogin, Zabira is Nigeria’s leading world-class financial technology platform. It is over a year old.

Digital Assets To Trade On Zabira

At Zabira, you can trade all types of gift cards including:

  1. Amazon gift card
  2. eBay gift card
  3. Google play store gift card
  4. Apple play store gift card

And a host of other gift cards are also accepted. You get your money delivered straight into your local bank account without any time-wasting.

Now you know the key things about Zabira, you should be asking yourself about the Zabira sign-up procedures and how you can create an account for your digital assets.

Zabira App

The Zara app is fundamental for your usage of the Zabira platform. However, it depends on the device you are using to access the Zabira platform. Zafira apk download is suitable for phones and not for laptops or desktops.

You can easily get their app on the app format if you search Google by the query “Zabira apk download”. However, you will need to install the app manually instead. To escape this, you can get the app on the Google play store or Apple play store. Click on install, then after a while, the Zabira app will be installed on your phone

Zabira Sign Up

To create an account on the Zabira Nigeria platform is a very simple procedure. Despite a financial technology platform, Zabira does not charge a dime for all people who are interested in signing up and old users who might be interested in creating another Zabira account for some reasons despite already having a Zabira account.

To create an account at you will be required to provide all of the following:

  1. Enter your A valid Email address
  2. Enter your Name
  3. Put in your preferred Username
  4. Select your Gender
  5. Select your Address
  6. Select your Date of birth
  7. Create your Password
  8. Put in your Phone number
  9. Click on sign up

You are to correctly fill in all this information as Zabira won’t be responsible for an error if any of the details you gave is wrong.

You are also advised to thoroughly go through the Zabira terms and conditions before completing the signup.

After you are done with all the Zabira sign-up procedures, an electronic mail (Email) message will be sent to the Email address you provided while filling the Zabira sign-up form.

You are then to submit the code back to the website as this will help the Zabira artificial intelligence (AI) to verify that it is you and the Email address you provided is valid and accessible by you.

You can sign up via the Zabira official website or via their app. We will discuss how you can get the Zabira app and the procedures involved in the Zabira apk download.

Now that you are done with creating a Zabira account, you will need to log into the account you just created and we will address this in the next section.

Zabira Login

Similar to the Zabira sign-up, the Zabira login is a very simple process. Before this point, you must have filled the form, submitted it, and then gotten a one-time password (OTP) sent to your Email address, which you will use to verify your Email address. However, a one-time password is also given for verification of phone numbers too and the same rules involved in verifying your Email address also apply here.

There are two ways to login into your Zabira account. One of them requires the usage of an Email address while the other requires the usage of a phone number. However, both demands that you fill in the password you used to register your Zabira account.

  1. Visit the Zabira official website or the mobile app
  2. Put in your email or phone number
  3. Put in your correct password
  4. Click on login

After the Zabira login is completed, you are now ready to place your trades. You can go ahead to secure your Zabira account by adding two-way authentication. However, this is mainly done with the Zabira app.

Zabira Account Verification

Once you sign in to your Zabira account, you can then verify your account.

Documents needed for Zabira account verification are:

  1. Proof of residence (Utility bill or Bank statement)
  2. Proof of identit (National Identity card and passport)
  3. After you are done here, you can go ahead to add your account number to make your first deposit and get your withdrawal.

Zabira Rate

Zafira charges very low on its transactions. It usually changes N550 for 1-10000000 BTC transactions.

You can purchase. You can purchase your airtime or data bundles there as well as pay for your TV subscription at an even cheaper rate without locating any agents. As a Zabira user, you can check the rate Zabira charges for transactions using the following steps:

  1. Click on the navigator bar at the top left. You will need to go to the dashboard first before this is done.
  2. Click on the menu bar
  3. You can now see the rates Zabira charges on all its transactions.

Zabira is transparent and does not have any hidden charges. Its charges are all made public when you visit the rate section of the platform.

How To Send Bitcoin On Zabira Wallet

Sending Bitcoin on the Zabira wallet is very easy. You only need to have the recipient’s barcode or the receiver’s Bitcoin address to receive the Bitcoin properly. To send Bitcoin you can scan the person’s barcode or paste the recipient’s Bitcoin address. Select the amount you will send the Bitcoin.

To send Bitcoin via the Zabira app or site, you will need to make sure the following are available.

  • Sufficient Bitcoins in your wallet
  • The receivers Bitcoin wallet address
  • A barcode can also help if you do not have the Bitcoin wallet address to post.

To send the Bitcoin, you will need to go through the following steps.

  1. Click on send Bitcoin
  2. Scan the receiver’s barcode or paste the Bitcoin wallet address.
  3. Type in the amount of Bitcoin you will need to send.
  4. Click send

Your receiver will receive the Bitcoin wherever he or she is located. You can do these to pay for goods or services so far the receivers are comfortable with it.

How To Receive Bitcoin On Zabira Wallet

Receiving Bitcoin is just like receiving a fiat currency such as Naira into your local bank account. You need to give the sender your account number and your bank name to get your payment.

However, in this case, your bank name and account number are not necessary and since your Bitcoin wallet address I gave to you by Zabira, so you will be receiving the Bitcoin in your Zabira wallet. Below are a few steps.

  1. Log in to your Zabira account
  2. Click on Bitcoin wallet
  3. Click on receive Bitcoin
  4. A Bitcoin address will be shown to you and you can then simply send it to the person who will be sending the Bitcoin. This is similar to giving someone your account number.
  5. You can also show the sender your barcode for a better transaction, here the sender has to scan the barcode.
  6. Click send, once you click to send the sender will be alerted that the Bitcoin address has been credited.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Zabira accept other currencies apart from Bitcoin?

No, apart from Bitcoin, Zabira does not accept other cryptocurrencies. This is because the company is relatively new and still developing. Maybe in the long term, the Zabira app will be updated and it will contain a lot of digital assets that are different from Bitcoins, which may be Tron, Ethereum, litecoin, and all other altcoins. The company also gives you the user the ability to trade naira too.

Zabira Review: Is Zabira Legit

This is one of the frequently asked questions people who are new to Zabira and don’t want to be a victim of scams. Zafira is registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

They are highly transparent and trustworthy. Their office is located in Abuja. So you can go there if you feel a transaction did not go well or you want to lay any other complaint.


The Zafira is very simple and trustworthy where you can do all your transactions. The Zafira sign-up and Zabira login are all simple stuff that the platform has made simple. Zafira is a nice platform where all your Bitcoin transactions should be made.

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