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Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay? Read This Now!

Apple pay is a virtual wallet and mobile payment service created by Apple Inc. The Apple pay technology allows users to make financial transactions with the help of their Apple watch, iPad, iPhone and even the Mac. The Apple pay is secure as it makes use of two factor authentication through the help of the Touch ID, Face ID, Passcode or pin.

Cards such as credit cards, debit cards or any bank cards, airline tickets, membership tickets or any digital documents of that sort are stored on the Apple pay, and can be used to make purchases at supported stores.

One of the benefits of using Apple Pay is that it helps you to manage your Cards virtually in just one wallet, without having to be moving about with them. However, users may want to know if they can also get cash back whenever they shop with their Apple Pay, we are going to find out in this article.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Getting cash backs from Apple pay

With Apple pay, you can perform financial transactions without needing your debit card or credit card. You will only need your Apple pay app. You can also get your card benefit just like you were to use them physically. To get started, you will need to add your card to the Apple pay app on your iPhone, Mac or whatever iOS device that you are using.

However, what matters most is your Apple card balance as you can still perform financial transactions on Apple pay despite not linking your card. This is done when you have had someone to send some money to your Apple pay account or Apple pay wallet.

Can You Get Cash back On Apple Pay?

Yes, you can get cash back on Apple pay, whenever you shop with the wallet.

Cash backs are incentives that are given to customers for purchasing a certain product. Unlike most cash backs or rewards, Apple pay cash backs are withdrawable and serve as real cash in the Apple pay wallet.

However, to get cash back from Apple Pay, there are certain requirements you need to meet, and we are going to explain that below:

Requirements For Getting A Cash Back At Apple Pay

1. Use Cards That Give Cash Backs

Using a card that give cash backs is important if you want to get cash backs on Apple pay. Although there are a lot of such cards available, Apple Card is one of such cards that give up to a 3% cash backs on Apple pay. Other cards like the Titanium card also offer cash backs too.

2. Make Purchases At Stores Or Shops That Give Cash Backs

Not all stores that accept Apple pay, offer cash backs. However, stores like Walmart, UberEats and even Walgreens offer cash backs to their customers whenever they use their Apple pay card to make purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Apple Pay Without A Debit Card?

Yes, you can use the Apple pay service without a debit card. However, you will need to have someone who has funds in his or her Apple pay account to send some funds to your own Apple pay wallet.

Can You Take Cash Out Of Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, you can not take cash out of Apple pay. However, you can make purchases at stores that accept the Apple pay payment service or visit banks who can let you withdraw money from Apple pay using the ATM.

Does Walgreens Do Cash Back With Apple Pay?

Yes, Walgreens give cash backs on Apple pay. With the Apple pay service, you can get up to a 3% daily cash at Walgreens. That is, 3% of your of your spending or purchase for any item at Walgreens will be returned to you if you paid using Apple card through Apple pay.

In summary, assuming you spent $100 at Walgreens, you can get a cash back of $3, which is 3% of your spending.

Does Walmart Do Cash Back With Apple Pay?

Yes, Walmart does cash backs on Apple pay. With the Apple pay service, you get a 2% cash back on all your Apple card spendings on Walmart. That is, if you spent $100 on your Apple pay at Walmart, you get $2 back.

Does TJ Max Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, TJ Max accepts Apple pay. As a matter of fact, since 2019, TJ Max has joined the list of stores that accepts payment for products through the Apple pay services.

Does Dollar Tree Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Dollar tress now accepts Apple Pay. In addition with Apple pay, dollar tree accepts Google pay, MasterCard and Visa as means of payment for orders.

Can I Use Apple Pay At Target?

Yes, Target accepts Apple pay. You can now use Apple pay to purchase products in any Target stores and this is done by choosing the RFID symbol during checkout. Along with Apple pay, they also accepts Google pay as well as Samsung Pay.

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