Best coffee roaster machine for small business
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Top 10 Best Small Roaster Machine For Small Business

Who doesn’t love taking coffee or having it anytime they want? Day or night? If you want to start a coffee business and you need to know the best coffee roaster machine for small business, then this article is definitely for you.

Once again, I stress that if you are looking for the best coffee roaster commercial usage, then do not skip or scroll past this. This article is definitely for you.

What Is Coffee Roaster Business?

The coffee roaster involves the making of coffee from coffee beans. This is a business that is as old as the coffee itself. The coffee roaster business is highly profitable.

You can gain a good coffee roaster business experience if you stop buying pre-roasted beans. Your coffee can be tasty if you can roast it yourself from beans.

It is also preferable to use a small batch coffee roaster machine as compared to an electric roaster coffee machine.

In gas-powered, you gain control, and this matters in coffee roasting because of small changes in the roasting process, it can also bring about a big impact on a roasted coffee flavor.

You can also use one of the best small-batch coffee roaster machines which are technically designed for the coffee roaster business settings.

Gas-powered coffee roaster machines are rarely being used in the business. The idea of a computer controlling coffee roaster machine is not acknowledged by many just because the preset of roasting the coffee beans do not give a good flavor but rather, they prefer hands-on-operation roasting because it tends to produce a very good flavor as compared to roasted coffee beans, you will never get good results while using a preset on roasting coffee beans.

This is one of the reasons why the usage of a computer controlling coffee roaster is being shied away.

Even though the usage of a computer-controlled coffee roaster business is not recognized, a lot of people still want it. According to some of them, they prefer something that can at least help them prepare their coffee while they may be busy doing some other things.

Types Of Coffee Made During Coffee Roasting

Before we talk about the best coffee roaster machine for small business, let’s first of all understand some types of coffee that can be made during coffee roasting.

There are different types of coffee made during the roasting. Most coffee roasters give specific names for the roasted beans depending on the time roasted and other changes made after the roasting. We will address them later but here is a quick list of what they are.

  1. Light roast coffee
  2. Dark roast coffee
  3. Medium roast coffee

Light Roast Coffee

Its roasting aim is to balance the beans flavor and its characters which are determined by its geographical region.

They are usually light in color and are being preferred by people who like mild flavor. In this roasting the coffee beans are not being roasted for a long time for the oils of the beans to break to the surface.

Dark Roast Coffee

In this roasting, the coffee spends enough time because the coffee beans need to be heated. There are a variety of other names for dark coffee with different languages and these include:

  • France
  • Italian
  • Switzerland ( name of a country, not a language ).

There a numerous of them but these are the most popular dark coffee.

Medium Roast Coffee

the medium coffee aims to balance the flavor of the region. It features the same characteristic of light roast coffee.

In medium roast coffee, typically presents with a strong flavor profile. It is referred to as “American roast” because it is a really popular type of coffee in the United State of America.

If you prefer a mild coffee with a mild flavor, then the light roast coffee is perfect for you.

If you prefer the full-bodied coffee bitter taste of charcoal bean coffee, then the dark roast coffee is for you.

If you prefer mild coffee with a stronger flavor, then the medium roast is for you.

The coffee roast also affects the level of caffeine, acidity, and a lot more. Using different cups helps you identify or recognize the best way coffee roast satisfies your preferences and needs.

Now you know what is coffee roaster business is. Read on if you are still curious and might be having the question most people usually have which is “how can I start a coffee roaster business?”
Just read on because the next article will address that.

How To Start A Coffee Roaster Business

Coffee roaster business is one of the simplest businesses in the world and one doesn’t need too many funds to start it.

However, this depends on how big you will be starting the business as you will need one of the best coffee roaster machine commercial people to use. This machine varies in size, shape, quality, and numerous numbers of things too. But in as much as it can help you start your coffee roaster business, you are good to go.

If you are interested in knowing any or all of the best coffee roaster machine for small business then you just have to wait a little longer as this article will aim to address that.

Below are the following steps that you will need to take to set up your coffee roaster business.

1. Develop a Plan For The Business

Who starts a business without a plan except you are ready to fail. A business plan provides you with some ideas concerning what to do at every point of your coffee roaster business.

This will help you select and choose the best coffee roaster machine for small business.

A business plan also helps you stick to your business as it goes as far as providing your business with its goals, vision, and including mission. In some cases, it even goes as far as providing you with a good spot to cite your coffee roaster business, which type of roaster coffee you will be making, and it will also include your brand name.

In summary, the business plan will help you in the following ways:

  • Help select the choice of coffee roaster machine
  • Helps put the business on course by reminding you of your goals, vision, and even mission for the business.
  • Branding
  • Target market, and so on.

The key thing is, the role of a business plan in the coffee roaster business and even other businesses in the world can’t be stressed enough. Except you want to be a Santa Claus that is giving your product free or rather wasting them, then you need to develop a concise business plan.

2. Register Your Business

Now you want to be known by the government as well as your customers. At this point, you would start paying tasks only if you start production.

Register with the necessary authorities in your country. Follow the necessary procedures and get insurance.

3. Build an Online Platform

We live in the 21st century where having a website for your coffee roaster business will help make it credible.

You can also go as far as signing up on top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, this depends on your business plan.

Best Coffee Roaster Machine For Small Business

Below are the top ten coffee best roaster machine you should consider for your coffee roaster business. Most of them are small-batch coffee roaster machines.

1. Jianwanshun Electric Coffee Roaster

Best coffee roaster machine for small business

This might be a small coffee roaster and it might be small as well. It is a good place to start. Usage of it depends on how many customers you get at a time. It has a great body design and it ranges from 110 volts to 220 volts.

2. Gulmak Cr12 Series

One of the biggest on the list, this machine will be really useful if you intend to go for a large-scale business. You can order it online via Amazon. You can visit their website at

3. Pacrone PR5 Coffee Roaster

This machine is as big as the Gulmak. You can also order it online.

4. Fresh Roast 540

Good design and highly suitable both for your home as well as your small coffee roast business.

5. Behmor 1600 Plus

Used for its convenience. It is recommended for people who have prior knowledge of how a coffee roasting business works.

6. Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster Machine

This is the bigger size of the Kaldi personal coffee roaster. It is quite easy and recommended for people who are new to the business.

7. The Probation

This is a big face in the coffee roasting machine industry. Has a great size as well.

8. Sedona Elite 3200

Technically, they are one of the best. But they have a little negative review by its customers, for providing them with poor customer service and support.

Take care of the old ones you already have or you get a new one.

9. Mill City Machine Roaster

A good value for your money. It is engineered to provide its users with high capacity as well as consistent performance.

10. Artisan 2.5

Don’t be deceived by its position on this list. This list isn’t ranked based on performances, so you might find a machine at the number one position but it fairly behaves like others as the number eight.


The coffee roaster business has proven to be very profitable and the small-batch coffee roaster machine listed here is the best coffee roaster machine for small business. If you are interested in the coffee roaster business, then you need to check them out.

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