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Walmart Money Services: [9 Financial Services Offered By Walmart]

Walmart is regarded as one of the biggest retail stores not just in the US, but also in other parts of the world. It offers both grocery services, financial services, and a lot of others.

There are different kinds of financial services that Walmart offers to their customers, and that’s what we shall be discussing in this article.

The Walmart money service which is highly talked about by most of their customers is said to operate similar to a bank. And in this article, we will be sharing with you everything that you need to know about the Walmart money services. This will include a detailed look at the Walmart money services, What is  the Walmart money service hours, the Walmart money service fees and a lot of other information that you might find interesting. So, without further ado, let us proceed.

What Money Service Do Walmart Use?

Walmart uses the Walmart Moneycenter. The service works similar to a bank and it is offered by Walmart. Later on in this guide, I will be sharing with you some key information about this Walmart money service.

What Is The Walmart MoneyCenter?

The Walmart Moneycenter is an in-Walmart store service that works somehow similar to a bank, and offers different kinds of financial services. 

In a lot of ways, this Walmart Moneycenter is very similar to a bank in that you can make use of a lot of services which banks also do offer. Some of these services are prepaid cards such as the debit card or the credit card, cash checks and even money transfer. 

To use the Walmart Moneycenter, you will have to open an account with the Walmart Money Center, as the service is similar to a bank. However, to send cash to friends, you may not have to bother about opening a Walmart Moneycenter account just like you would not have to open a bank account before sending money to someone through a bank.

What Money Service Are Available At Walmart Moneycenters?

Walmart money services

There are different kinds of financial services offered by Walmart money center. Below are some of them.

1. Check Cashing

Check Cashing also known as Cashing a Check simply means to get cash in hand from a check. While cashing a check, you will be given your cash after the check has been found to be valid. At Walmart Moneycenters, you can cash checks and this will include individual checks, government checks or checks given to you by friends or anyone. 

However, this is always for a fee. And the minimum fee one has to pay for cashing a check at a Walmart Moneycenter is $4.

2. Bluebird Card Services

Bluebird was launched by American Express, in partnership with Walmart. The Bluebird card is a prepaid card that can be used anywhere American Express is used. 

At the Walmart Moneycenter, Bluebird card holders can deposit  money, check cash and perform any other transaction on their account.

3. GO2Bank Services

Go2Bank is licensed by Visa, and it’s also allowed at Walmart Moneycenters. You only need to inform the Walmart associate that you want to pick up cash and then follow their procedures. However, the minimum fee for a Walmart GO2Bank is at $3.

4. Walmart Moneycard

Issued by Green Dot and in partnership with Walmart, the Walmart Moneycard is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard or Visa card that can be used for paying bills, to deposit checks and perform a lot of other transactions via the Walmart Money service . While shopping at Walmart, the Walmart Moneycard offers lot of cashbacks to their customers with some going as high as 3%

5. Billpay

Bill paying is one of the services available at Walmart. Like the name implies, you can use it for payment of bills. It lets customers pay more than 20,000 persons.

6. Capital One Walmart Reward Card

Basically, the Capital one Walmart reward card was made to be used anywhere MasterCard can be used. And since MasterCard can be used at Walmart, these cards can also be used at Walmart Moneycenters.

7. Walmart2World Transfer

Made possible using the Ria Money transfer service, one of the services available at the Walmart Moneycenter is the Walmart 2 World transfer. Via this service, you can send money right from any Walmart store in the US straight to any person across over 150+ countries in the world via Ria. Transfer fees are usually from $4 to $16.

8. Walmart2Walmart Transfer

Walmart2Walmart is also one of the services that you can get at the Walmart Moneycenter. This type of transfer only enables you to send cash from one Walmart account to another Walmart account in the US and Puerto Rico. Fee range from $2.50 to $500.

9. Moneygram Money Transfer

Moneygram money transfer will let you send money online or in person via any agent of the money transfer company. This includes – Ria, Western Union, or even Moneygram.

What Are The Walmart Moneycenter Hours Of Operation?

The hours of operation for all Walmart Money Centers are usually from 8AM to 8PM on Monday to Saturday. And from 10AM to 6 on Sundays.

How Much Does It Cost To Pick Up Money From Walmart?

There is no charge for picking up money from Walmart as the company has made pick up free. Only the sender gets to pay fees for the transaction. However, there are still some requirements to pick up money from Walmart.

Are Walmart Moneycenters Services Worth It?

Yes, Walmart money services or, the Walmart Moneycenter services are actually worth it. They provide a convenient way to send money and give the customer options to use for sending cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walmart To Walmart Same As MoneyGram?

No, a Walmart 2 Walmart type of transaction is not the same as Moneygram. A Walmart to Walmart transaction only works for transactions between two Walmart accounts.

Can I Pick Up Money From Walmart Online?

Depending on the type of transaction that was made, if you want to pick up money from Walmart, you will have to go to their store. However, there are exceptions such as a Walmart 2 Walmart transfer.

Can You Get A Cash Back Using The Walmart Money Services?

Yes, you can get cash back while using any of the Walmart money services. One of such Walmart money services that you can get cash back on is the Walmart money card.

Can I Cash A Check Via The Walmart Money Services?

Yes, you can cash a check via the Walmart money service. It is one of the services that they offer.

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