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Requirements To Pick Up Money From Walmart In 2022

Just like every other company you might think of, there are requirements to pick up money from Walmart. You see, over the years, Walmart has grown to being a top multinational retail corporation that has a chain of discount departmental stores, grocery store and hypermarket in the United States and other countries of the world.

How Does Walmart 2 Walmart Work?

Launched in the year 2014, Walmart to Walmart is a service through which Walmart users can send money from one Walmart store to another Walmart store in another location (internationally or locally). This includes sending to Walmart stores in the US including places like Puerto Rico and lot of other places.

Walmart is not just a shopping venture, it also offers different kinds of financial services, including direct deposit.

How Do I Pick Up A Walmart Money Transfer?

Requirements to pick up money from Walmart money
walmart money center

Picking up a Walmart money transfer is a simple process. All what you need to do is to visit a Walmart money transfer center. Luckily, every Walmart store available has a Money center or a money pick up center.

Most people know these places as the “Customer service center”. Tell the person at the counter (called the associate) that you want to pick up cash.

How to send money through Walmart2Walmart

Just like picking up money at Walmart, sending money through Walmart2Walmart is a simple process. Below are steps involved in sending money through Walmart:

  • Visit a Walmart store available or the one near you
  •  Meet the Walmart store associate.
  •  Pay the Walmart2Walmart transfer fees. All forms of payment including cash, debit card or credit card are allowed

In addition, you can also carry out Walmart 2 Walmart transfers using your Walmart mobile app.

Requirements To Pick Up Money From Walmart

Here are most needed requirements to pick up money from Walmart.

  •  A government issued ID. This may be an international passport, a driving license or any other ID as long as it is government issued.
  • A cash barcode that is generated from your account.

Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer pickup

You can pick up any money sent to you through Walmart to Walmart transfer within 10 minutes of the cash being sent. You can pick up the money at any Walmart store as far as you meet the requirements to pick up money at the Walmart pick up center.

Walmart Money Transfer Fees

With Walmart, you can send money online. The Walmart service is powered by Ria and the starting fee for sending of money on Walmart is $4.50.

You cab send money to numerous places such as the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and lot of other countries with $4.50 being the minimum or starting transfer fee.

Walmart to Walmart transfers of up to $50 have a transfer fee of $4.50 while Walmart to Walmart transfers of up to $900 have a transfer fee of $9.50.

It is important to note that this Walmart to Walmart money transfer fees are not fixed but actually depend on the transaction. But nevertheless, the $4.50 fee is the starting point.

Walmart to Walmart Transfer Limit

 Based on the recent Walmart 2 Walmart expansion, Walmart had increased the Walmart to Walmart transfer limit from $900 to $2500 for a single person. And of course, this transfer limit expansion has it own transfer fee which is $18 for $2500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need ID To Pick Up Walmart Money?

Yes, you will need an ID to pick up your Walmart money at the Walmart pick up center. You have to note that this ID must be a government issued ID.

How Long Do I Have To Pick Up Money Walmart To Walmart?

Every Walmart to Walmart transfer takes between 10 minutes to reach the recipient. So, after every transfer has been sent, the recipient has to wait for about ten minutes before they can receive their money at their Walmart pick up center.

Can I Pick Up Walmart To Walmart Anywhere?

Yes, you can pick up Walmart to Walmart anywhere, at any Walmart store. Just like I had stated earlier, you will need to meet the associate in order to pick up your cash in the Walmart store.

Can I Pick Up Walmart To Walmart Money Online?

Yes, you can also pick up a Walmart to Walmart money sent to you online that is if you want to receive it in cash. Every Walmart to Walmart money transfer has the same procedures. This includes cash sent physically and those sent online.

What Is The Maximum Amount I Can Send Through Walmart?

Currently and based on the 2014 change, the maximum amount that you can send through Walmart is $2500. This is for a single transaction.

Can I Link My Walmart Money Card To CashApp?

No, unfortunately you can not link your Walmart money card to CashApp.  CashApp does not accept Walmart MoneyCard. However, it does accept Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard debit or credit cards.

How Late Can I Get Money Order At Walmart?

Depending on how you want. Money orders usually do not have an expiry date and this is same with Walmart. However, just like all other lat pick up of money orders, an extra fee is charged for all late money order pick ups.


As you can see, picking up cash at a Walmart money pickup center is not a stressful task.

In this article, I have outlined te major things you need to know about Walmart including the requirements to pick up money from Walmart, how does  Walmart to Walmart work and a lot of others including questions regarding Walmart. Questions such as;  Can I pick up Walmart to Walmart money online, how late can I get money order at Walmart and lot of others.

What else do you want to know about Walmart tranfers?

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