How to get payforce POS machine
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Payforce POS Review: How To Get Payforce POS Machine

Ever since people noticed that POS business is one of the most lucrative Business in Nigeria, there has always being a high demand for POS machine. The demand for POS machine has risen to the extent that I would exaggeratedly say that demand is almost higher than supply.

However, there are now many POS companies in Nigeria today that have come to make the supply of POS machine always available to complement the demand. In this, Payforce POS Machine is one of such companies.

Though there are many POS machine providers out there, that are always ready to give out POS machines for business purposes; People are always searching for the best POS machine in Nigeria that would give them what they want, especially in maximizing Profit.

When we talk of best POS machine in Nigeria, we are talking about POS machines that have good service, functionality, customer care, and most importantly, low charge rate. These are what customers are always looking out for, whenever they are in demand for POS machine.

The most important thing that POS customers are always looking out for is the POS machine with low charges, that is why most of our readers have kept asking us for the cheapest POS machine in Nigeria, that is, POS machines with low cost and low charge rate. This is because the profitability of POS Business is also affected by the POS machine charges.

There are actually many POS providers that offer cheap POS charges, but the issue is that it is mostly very difficult to get POS machine from most of these POS companies. It always involve very rigorous processes.

In our study, we have found out that payforce POS machine is one such POS machines that meet most of the customers’ requirements, especially the charge rate. Meanwhile, it is very easy to get payforce POS machine than most other POS machine companies.

So if you would love to try out the payforce POS machine for your POS Business or any other need, read through this article as we have provided a very easy-to-underetand guide on how to get payforce POS machine, and become payforce POS agent.

About Payforce POS Machine

Payforce is a mobile money agency for online payments or transactions. It is just like most other mobile money companies like Opay, Monipoint, and so on. However, payforce POS machine makes payment very easy, from anywhere.

How to get payforce POS machine
Payforce POS Machine

The most interesting thing about Payforce POS machine is that their services are also available in other African countries. This means that even while outside Nigeria, you can still make payments or use the payforce POS machine for your transactions; as long as it’s still within the supported African countries.

Services Offered By Payforce POS Machine

As one asking for how to get payforce POS machine or how to become a payforce POS agent, another thing you would also love to know is the services that payforce POS company offers. Whether there are many services you can render to customers if you become a payforce POS agent. This is because, the higher the service you provide as payforce POS agent, the higher profit you make. So below are some of the service that payforce POS offers. You can use any or all the services to make cool money as a payforce POS agent.

  • Mobile Subscriptions
  • PHCN Bill Payments
  • Cable TV Subscription
  • FundTransfer
  • Cash withdrawal

How To Get Payforce POS Machine

Just as I have said earlier, getting payforce POS machine is very easy, compared to most of other POS machine providers. Below is the guide on how to get payforce POS machine.

1. Register As A Payforce POS Agent

Just like most other POS machine providers in Nigeria, before Payforce would give you their POS machine for at reason, you would first of all have to register as their agent. That is, you must be a verified payforce POS agent before you can apply for payforce POS machine.

So, to register as payforce POS agent, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to Google or Google Play store
  2. Search for “Payforce POS Machine App.” This will bring the mobile app for you to download
  3. Click on install, to download the app
  4. After downloading the app, click on “create account”. this will require you to supply the following details:
    (a) First Name
    (b) Last name
    (c) Email
    (d) phone number
    (e) username
    (f) password
    (g) confirm password
    (h) PIN
    (i) Bank Verification Number (BVN)
    (j) Select your state of residence
    (k) select your local government of residence
  5. accept the terms and conditions
  6. Click on “create account”

After you have successfully submitted your registration, you would have to wait for them to review your registration and activate your account.

Once your account has been activated, payforce POS agency is going to send you activation message, to let you know that your account has been activated, and you are now a certified payforce POS agent.

You can now login to your account through the payforce mobile app, and start making transactions.

2. Apply For The Payforce POS Machine

Being verified as a payforce POS agent doesn’t mean the company is going to give you their POS machine automatically, you must have to apply for the pos machine before they would give you.

So, now that you have been verified as payforce POS agent, you are now qualified, and can now proceed to apply for the Pay Force POS machine.

To apply for the pay force POS machine, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to Google or Google Play Store and search for the “Beta Version” of Payforce App.
  2. Register on the app to update your account and provide all necessary information required. 
  3. After registering on the beta version of payforce mobile app, log in to payforce app.
  4. Click on “Settings”
    5.Click on “Request POS Terminal”
  5. Fill out the Google form that will be provided for you.
  6. Click on “submit”.

PayForce POS Customer Care Contact

If you have any reason to reach out, and you want to know how to contact payforce POS, then the good news is that they are always reachable.

You can contact always contact payforce POS through the following means:

  • Phone: 09083841742
  • Email:
  • Contact Address: Plot 265, S.E Asebe street, Mabushi, Abuja

Payforce POS Charges

Payforce POS charges is one of the cheapest POS charges in Nigeria. Below is a breakdown of their charges.

  1. N25 for all deposits.
  2. N30 for withdrawals between N0 to N5,000
  3. 0.6% for withdrawals between N5,001 to N16,500
  4. A flat rate of N110 charge fee for withdrawal between N16,501 to N100,000
  5. 0.11% for withdrawals above N100,000.

Payforce POS Machine Price

payforce POS machine is totally free, when gotten from the company. But you would have to apply for the POS machine before you can get it.

However, if you prefer to buy POS machine than going through a long process of applying for free ones; then you can check out guide here on where and how to buy cheap POS machines in Nigeria.

Payforce POS Office

Payforce has established its offices in some parts of Nigeria. The most popular payforce offices are in Abuja and Lagos. You can check below to know where payforce office is located in Abuja and Lagos.

Payforce Office In Abuja

In Abuja, Payforce POS office is located at: Plot 265, S.E Asabe Street, Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria.

Payforce POS Office In Lagos

Currently, our research has not been able to figure out where payforce office is in Lagos, or whether they really have office in Lagos. However, you can always reach them out on customer care contacts to know more about this.

Payforce Website

Though payforce POS has a mobile app, they also have a website where you can still access most of their services. To visit payforce website, head over to:

PayForce Android POS

Payforce has both Android app traditional POS machine. To get the payforce Android POS, you have to register as a payforce agent, and apply for the pos machine.

Payforce aggregator

The payforce agregator is the Payment Terminal Service Aggregator (PTSA).

The PTSA is an agency which ensures the technical and operational standardization of all deployed POS devices through terminal. This is to assure the constant availability and uniform functionality of the terminals and devices in the Industry.

The PTSA also enables Value Added Services on POS (i.e. POS VAS).

Payforce Loan

Currently, we have not been able to ascertain if payforce gives loan or not. However, we are going to update you once we find out information about this

Payforce Login

Before you could perform any transaction on payforce account, you would have to login first.

To login to payforce account, you can either use the payforce website or the payforce mobile app. However, you can click HERE to login to your payforce account.

PayForce (Beta)

Payforce Beta is the version of payforce mobile app where you can apply for the payforce POS machine. After you have registered and verified as payforce POS agent, you can proceed to download the Beta version Payforce mobile app, where you will you will have the provision to apply for the pay force POS machine.

How do I get PayForce POS?

To get Payforce POS machine, you have to download the payforce mobile app and apply as payforce POS agent. Once verified as payforce POS agent, you can now download the beta version of the payforce mobile app, and apply for the pay force POS machine.

Payforce POS Review

According to our research, we have found that payforce POS machine is one of the best POS machine in Nigeria, which would satisfy your business needs. The payforce POS charges is one of the Cheapest POS charges in Nigeria.

Additionally, payforce POS is known to have good network and functionality.

We have gathered a lot of good reviews about Payforce POS machine, on Google play store. However, despite the good reviews, there are still few payforce POS reviews that are somehow discouraging.

You can read some payforce POS reviews of customers from Google play store, below:

Payforce POS reviews

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