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How To Get Moniepoint POS In 2022

While reading this article, a lot may be going through your mind. You might be confused and searching for what to do at this point of your life. You stumbled upon this article and you take interest in the Moniepoint POS business. Or you intentionally searched for it on the web.

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Well, this article is for you. It will help direct you on how to start up your life as a moniepoint POS agent, providing you with in depth knowledge and the do’s and don’t in Moniepoint. This article will help direct you on; “about moniepoint”, “how to get moniepoint POS”, “how much is moniepoint POS”, “moniepoint POS price”, “moniepoint POS machine”, “how much is moniepoint POS machine”, “moniepoint POS login”, “benefit of Moniepoint POS”.

To make it even much better, this article has divided into sections and these sections are stated above. You might be asking, what is Moniepoint? This section will be answered shortly.

About Moniepoint

Moniepoint is just a fintech company (Financial technology) like Opay, Dotpay, Palmpay and a whole lot of others. It is just a mobile money merchant that makes use of POS (point of sale) machines, just like Opay, Kudi, Dotpay, Palmpay and a whole lot of others. Now that you know what Moniepoint POS is, you may be asking yourself, how can i get moniepoint POS?

HOW To Get Moniepoint POS

Moniepoint POS
Moniepoint POS Machine

How do you get moniepoint POS?
To get the moniepoint POS, you need to either sign up via their official website or you contact their agents by visiting any of their offices nationwide.
You can sign up via their official website using the link:
You are to fill the form given. And below is a guide on how you get it done:

  1. Visit the official site
  2. Fill in your personal information. This will include your name, Email, address, Gender,phone and your password so that you can sign in next time.
  3. You can also submit the code of any other moniepoint POS merchant you may be working with (if there is any).
  4. With a maximum of two days, the leader of a group of moniepoint agent will contact you (provided the information you filled were all correct).
  5. You can alternatively visit their office at Lekki phase 1 and you’ll be quickly mapped to someone that will help guide through the process.

Documents Needed For Moniepoint POS Application

Just like other financial institutions in Nigeria; there are important documents that would be required from you while applying for Moniepoint POS machine.

After signing up online, to verify your moniepoint pos account, you have to submit your KYC (know your customer) informations and this includes:

  • A valid Identification Card (International Passport NIN, Voters’ Card, or Driver’s License) for identity verification.
  • Utility Bill (waste bill, electricity bill, land-use charge, water bill, or tenancy agreement) for proof of residence.
  • CAC documents (if it is a registered business brand)
  • BVN
  • A standard account number in any commercial bank.
  • After submitting the KYC document. You will be contacted that your account has been verified.

You can also submit the KYC document by giving it to the agent allocated to you.

Now that you know how to get your moniepoint account verified, you may be asking how much is moniepoint POS.

How Much Is Moniepoint POS

Getting a moniepoint POS is totally free of charge for all their agents. So, as long as you are their agent and verified one, you will get your Monie point Pos free from Moniepoint. However, this is one of the advantages moniepoint pos agent tend to have for choosing moniepoint. However, this should not be confused with the price and machine cost as I will address that later.

Moniepoint POS Price

It is key to note that we haven’t talked about the price of getting a moniepoint pos yet. Relax! The price is not on the high side. As a matter of fact, it is totally free (as opposed to other fintech companies). You don’t need to pay a dime apart from the machine fee. However, there are some “prices” you will have to pay which I will address in the next two sections and they are Moniepoint POS machine cost and it cost.

Things You can Do With Moniepoint POS Machine

Getting a moniepoint POS machine is not that hard as you might have imagined. However, in this section I will stress on the characteristics of the moniepoint POS machine. With the moniepoint POS machine, you can easily perform the following tasks:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Fund Transfer
  • Instant Settlement
  • Payment of Utility Bills
  • Check customers account balance with their just their ATM

It is also key to note that the Moniepoint POS machine is very easy to maintain and it is even user friendly.

How Much Is Moniepoint POS Machine

The cost of getting a Moniepoint POS machine is not on the high side. With just 20,000 you can walk into their office and buy one for your self instead of waiting for long process to get the free POS machine. However, it is important to note that this money is just a precautionary and may serve as insurance in case the machine develops fault in your hands.

On free POS machines, the company (Moniepoint) reserves the right to collect back their machine if they find you to be unproductive. The company will help you by giving you the basic guidelines concerning the POS machine and your task is to stick to them.

In the next section, we will deal on their charges. By now you have realized that Moniepoint POS is your choice. But you are still curious as to how much they do charge. Note that Moniepoint does not have any hidden charges. Although this charges are subject to fluctuations by banks, transaction volume but when all conditions are normal, moniepoint charges a flat rate of 20 naira on transfers and they also charge 6.8 naira for their minimum withdrawals. Which is one of the reasons why their customers prefer their withdrawals.

Moniepoint Minimum Withdrawal Charge

Moniepoint minimum withdrawal charges is very low. It is at 6.8 naira flat rate. Along with the good withdrawal charges. A minimum withdrawal is a sum of 5000 naira. Moniepoint also gives you the following commission for airtime subscription:

  • MTN 3% commission
  • Glo  4% commission
  • Etisalat  4.5% commission
  • Airtel 4% commission

And for TV subscriptions, Moniepoint gives:

  • DStv 2% commission
  • GOgtv 2% commission
  • PHCH 2% commission
  • Startime 2% commission

Moniepoint POS Login

After signing up on their official website, you want to see your moniepoint POS dashboard.

You can simply do this by visiting their website or by downloading their mobile app and logging in on it.

To login your account, you be asked to provide your password and your phone number or email.
All this are done at zero cost.
And only require a strong internet connection in order to connect the moniepoint POS server.
The sign in is very simple and you can ask your guide or anyone assigned by the company to help you out.

It is to note that sign up is very different from sign in. You are required to fill in your KYC after sign up to verify your Moniepoint POS account. Meanwhile, you are only required to fill in a few details when you want to sign in.
After signing in, you can use your Moniepoint POS account to do some bank transactions like deposits, transfer and payment of bills. However, the few things that can not be done are to check account balance and withdrawal as this process can only be done using the customers’ Bank ATM card only.

Benefits Of Moniepoint POS

Moniepoint POS has proven to have one of the best networks in the Fintech world. They can even help you reverse your transactions in case the customer made a mistake and wants to corrects it. The company is known for their transparency in the POS industry.


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