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How To Start Selling On Vinted Right Now And Make Money

One of the questions our readers usually need answers to is regarding how to sell on Vinted. Based on the research made by our team, will will be showing you the secrets that you need to know on how to sell on Vinted, what sells fast on Vinted as well as answering lot of questions that you might have had regarding how to sell on Vinted.

What Is Vinted?

Founded in the year 2008, Vinted is an online marketplace based in Lithuania in which users can buy, sell or exchange their new or second hand items such as clothing’s, shoes, body accessories and a lot of others, usually for male, female and children.

It runs a peer-to-peer market system. 

That is, a market system whereby users buy and sell to each other without having to buy directly from Vinted or sell directly to Vinted or any fashion company.

How Does Selling On Vinted Work?

The process of selling an item on Vinted is pretty simple. Below are a few things to know regarding how selling on Vinted works:

  1. You choose the item you consider selling on Vinted.
  2. You list the item on Vinted. This includes giving a good photo of the item to be sold as well as adding a description and other key and relevant information about the item. You also boldly state the price of the item.
  3. You could run ads to boost the visibility of your item.
  4. A buyer spots your item and declares their interest to purchase or buy the the item.
  5. Payment is made by the buyer and you have to take the item to a Vinted pick up station near you.
  6. After some time, buyer gets to receive the goods and notifies Vinted that they have received the item and that they are satisfied with it.
  7. Vinted pays you for the item and then charge you a fee, which depends on the amount of product you sold. The sale’s process has been completed.

What Can You Sell On Vinted?

There are many kinds of items you can sell on vinted, ranging from used clothing materials, shoes, and so on. You can check HERE to see more items you can sell on vinted.

What Can You Not Sell On Vinted?

On vinted, you are not allowed to sell food items like tomatoes and the likes. Also, it is strictly prohibited to sell cosmetic items that have been used or tried, even once.

What Do You Need To Start Selling On Vinted?

Unlike most other online market places that usually have strict requirements to use their platform, vinted is not like them. 

Vinted is very easy and free to use. You don’t need any much requirements to sell on vinted. There is no serious or official document required from you, there is no subscription fee required from you; everything is just free.

The only thing you need to start selling on vinted is the understanding of how the platform works, so you can make good success from the platform. And the good news is that all the secrets you need to succeed make good success on vinted have been revealed in this article. Just open your mind and read to understand.

How To Sell On Vinted

How to sell on vinted
  • To start selling on vinted, you would first need to check what sells best on vinted, and compare them to the items you have for sale. For you to make better success selling on vinted, you really need to go for these items that customers are always looking out for.
  • After you might have made your decision on which items to sell on vinted, you can now go ahead and download the Vinted mobile app, and create your seller account.
  • Remember that you would need to verify your account, so make sure you use the email account you have access to, so you would know when your account is verified, because the notice will always be sent to your email.
  • Once your account is verified, move over your “About me” section, and write a captivating description about yourself.
  • The next step is to upload the articles. These must have a photo (at least 5) and a description as complete as possible. When publishing, the app gives you the option of highlighting the articles or promoting them for reasonable prices; but if you don’t want to pay anything, you can skip this.
  • Get an item trending on Vinted or the item you want to sell.
  • Take a detailed and professional photo of the item you want to sell on Vinted.
  • Make an honest description of the item you wish to sell. This also helps to great trust between you and your customers which of course will be important in future sales. We recommend that you make a video of how you do it, and the condition of the item, to avoid problems.
  • Promote your Vinted items.
  • Now you just have to wait for a buyer to contact you or buy the item from you to be able to pack the product and send it to them.
  • Once a buyer contacts you for any item, You will only have 5 business days to send the package.
  • When the buyer receives the package and indicates that everything is fine, Vinted releases the payment. That means that if the package does not arrive, or the buyer complains, you may not receive the money.

What Sells Fast On Vinted?

For you to sells more and faster on vinted, the best secret is going for items that are always in high demand.

There are variety of items that that sell very fast on vinted, and we have already talked about that in our previous article. You can check it out HERE.

How To Sell Faster On Vinted; 5 Secrets!

  • Get more followers on vinted
  • Always make the photos of your items very attractive.
  • Set affordable prices for the items.
  • Always write a well detailed description of your items.
  • Focus on a single niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Free To Sell Anything On Vinted?

Yes, it is free to sell anything on Vinted. That is, for any item that you sell on Vinted, Vinted will pay you upon confirmation by the user.

Can You Sell Anything On Vinted?

No, anything can not just be sold on Vinted. Food items such as tomatoes are not allowed to be listed or sold on the Vinted marketplace.

Is It Easy To Sell Anything On Vinted?

Not exactly. Selling anything on Vinted is not pretty much as easy for some people although most people sell with ease there.

One needs to have built their account and sell trending items on the marketplace.

Do I Need To Run Ads To Sell On Vinted?

No, you do not really need to run ads to sell on Vinted.

As a matter of fact, running ads does not even mean that you will sell the item.


 Vinted is a very good platform whereby one can put out their old items for sell. In this article, I have revealed everything that you need to know on how to sell on Vinted as well as revealed some key secret regarding how to sell on Vinted.

I have also answered lot of questions that you may had about the Vinted marketplace. I have written a list of item that you can sell on Vinted.

You can check them out here….

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