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5 Best US Stocks To Buy On Passfolio In 2022

Are you looking for the best US stocks to buy in 2022? Are you looking for the best stocks to invest on passfollio?
Then keep reading, cause in this article, I will be showing you the top 5 best United States Stocks to invest on Passfollio.

Quite some time ago when there was no Passfollio. Lovers of stocks like myself had a hard time trading or investing in the United States stock market. Especially for those that are not from the North America, they usually had a hard time making money off the United States.

With Passfollio, we no more have to imagine or just keep our analysis to ourselves but rather, implement it and make some bucks off it.

I usually have my analysis of the top best stocks I should get even ahead of a new year or month. And I can do all these with the passfollio app while I stay at my own house.

Right now, some of you might be curious regarding what Passfollio is and how Passfollio works. In this article, I will answer all your questions regarding Passfollio, and like I promised, I will tell you the top 5 best US stocks to invest on Passfollio, to skyrocket your earnig.

About Passfollio

Passfollio is a brokerage firm that is based in San Francisco, United States where you can buy, sell or invest in stocks. Founded in the year 2018, the Passfollio makes it possible for anyone to trade or invest in the stock exchange by just using their phone through the help of the passfollio app.

They are available in over 170+ countries of the world. Besides investing or trading of more than 1000+ US stocks, registered Passfollio members can now take advantages of the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) option, Real Estate Investment Trusts  (REIT) trading option and even the Foreign Exchange where the user will only convert his local currency or cryptocurrency to the US dollar in the hope that they will make gains.

Passfollio App

Trades are usually done on the Passfollio app. You can download the Passfollio app on the google play store for your android device and the app store for IOS devices.

Passfolio App
Passfolio App

Top 5 Best US Stocks To Invest On Passfollio

1. Apple Inc (AAPL)

With a market cap of $2.88 trillion, Aaple stocks is one of the best stocks to buy on Passfolio.

Known for their products such as  the  iPhone, iPad, Mac,  Apple Watch, Apple TV, and a lot of other software applications and services. The company has showed some great potential over the last few years. And with Passfolio, you can invest on the Apple stock from the New York Stock exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ.

As at the time of writing this article (January 13, 2022), the Apple stock was trading at $176.97 per share.

2. Alphabet Inc (GOOG)

Widely known for their products, the Google search engine. The search engine is quite popular and it operated by a top company known as Alphabet Inc. Known for their products, such as YouTube, Google maps, Adsense and a host of other software and services.
As at the time of writing this article, the Google share price is $2854 and it has shown great potential of even growing more and more.

3. Microsoft (MSFT)

Known right from when they were fully operated by former world richest man, Bill Gates, Microsoft is a tech company that is widely known for their windows computer. And of course, they have several other products. Microsoft is currently trading at $2.39 trollion and it is definitely one of the best stocks you should consider buying on the Passfollio app. They have a market cap of $318

4. Amazon (AMZN)

From running an ecommerce website to even venturing into the tech world, Amazon seems to be a very nice stock and it is one of the best US stocks you should buy on passfollio. They have a market cap of $1.68 trilion and they are currently trading at $3,304 per share

5. Tesla(TSLA)

TSLA is one of the best US stocks also available on Passfolio. It is one of the companies managed by the world richest man, Elon Musk. Tesla has grown to be really popular and this is due to their electric cars.

Tesla is definitely a promising US stock you should get on passfollio and this is due to the fundamentals. Joe Biden is in support of Electric cars as he holds the belief that gasoline operated cars have caused more harms in our environment. Tesla has a market capitalisation of $1.11 trillion and it is currently trading at $1,106 per stock

How To Buy US Stocks On Passfollio

Having know the best US stocks on Passfolio, let now know how to buy the stocks on Passfolio.

To buy any of these best US stocks on passfollio, you must convert your currency into the US dollar through the Passfollio financial limited,  irrespective of whatever currency you used.  You are then required to move the money from your main account into your brokerage account.
You have to select the US stock that you want to buy. Passfollio even makes it possible for traders to buy stocks in fractions.

Best US Stocks on Passfolio
How to buy stocks on Passfolio

Minimum Trading Amount On Passfolio

One interesting thing about passfolio is that you don’t need much capital to buy any stock or to start training on US stocks on Passfolio. With as little as $1, you can buy any of the best US stocks available on the platform.

Passfollio Fees

Like several other brokers which charge a fee for every stock that one buys, Passfollio does not charge any commission fee whenever its users buy a stock or an ETF. However, they charge fees from other sources such as interest from your main account or uninvested cash and payment for Order flow.

For example, when a deposit is made into your Passfollio account, Passfollio charges 0.5% based on the order amount. That is:

  • 1. $0.99 for orders that are not more than $10
  • 2. $1.49 for orders that are not more than $25
  • 3. $1.99 for orders that are not more than $50;
  • 4. $2.99 for orders that are not more than $200
  • 5. 1.5% for orders that are more than $200
  • 6. For crypto limit orders, a fee of 1.5% is charged for every order that one makes.

Passfollio Sign Up

Quite different from other stock brokerage firm, you can sign up on passfollio without visiting the Passfollio office. Through your phone or laptop, you can register on Passfollio. Below are the following steps involved in signing up on Passfollio:

  • 1. Visit the official Passfollio website at or use the official Passfollio app.
  • 2. Click on create account
  • You will be asked to enter the following details
  • a) Full name
  • b) Username
  • c) Address
  • d) Email address
  • e) Country
  • f) Phone number
  • g) Password
  • h) Referral code

Please ensure that all details are correct as it will affect you when you carry out your Passfollio withdrawal.

Passfollio Login

To login into your passfollio account, the following are required –
a) Email address
b) Password
Below  are the procesess involved in the Passfollio login

  • 1. Visit the official passfollio website at or use the official passfollio app.
  • 2. Click on login
  • 3. Enter your details as asked to be provided on the electronic form
  • 4. Click on log in

Passfollio Countries

There are lot of countries which Passfollio supports, and some of them are:

  1. United State of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Malaysia
  5. India
  6. South Africa
  7. Netherland
  8. Poland
  9. Nigeria
  10. Niger
  11. Ghana
  12. Brazil
  13. And a host of other countries in the world.

Passfollio Withdrawal

On passfollio, you can simply make your withdrwal without being charged a single dime. Below are the Passfollio payment methods which you can choose whenever you want to carry out a Passfollio withdrawal:

  1. International Wire withdrawals (SWIFT)
  2. Domestic wire withdrawals (For US only)
  3. SPEI
  4. Bank transfer
  5. ACH
  6. TED

Although there may be fluctuations on the price of the dollar, and maybe a few charges made by your local bank, Passfollio does not charge a fee for withdrawal.

Passfollio Review

Like I stated earlier, I love the stock market. Especially the United States stock market. And according to research, you can actually trade the American stocks on passfollio, even without being in America.

Passfollio is a very legit platform. Their customer service is awesome and this is evident even in the review of other people regarding them on sites like trustpilot and even on the google play store or the apple app store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Legit Is Passfollio?

Passfollio is a very legit stock brokerage firm. The stock broker is registered and they are fully certified. The company, passfolio is a registered member of the the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and also the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This speaks volumes regarding how legit they are.

What Is Passfollio Pro?

The Passfollio pro is a premium or paid subscription service that allows the user to get advanced features of the Passfollio app. This subscription grants us access to margin trading, stop orders or any new advanced that will be introduced in the app. Subscriptions for Passfollio pro are usually made monthly or yearly.

Who Is The Owner Of Passfolio?

Passfolio is owned by David Gobaud. The company is a registered member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Where Is Passfollio Available?

Passfollio is available in quite a lot of countries in the world. Ranging from the top countries in the world such as the United States and the United Kingdom to African countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe and even Nigeria. You can trade on passfollio wherever you are in the world.

How Do You Trade In Passfolio?

To trade in Passfollio, you must ensure that all your currencies are in the US dollar. However, if they are not in the US dollar, you can simply convert them to US dollar equivalent at the Passfollio Financial LLC. You are then to move the money into your brokerage account.

Select the stock you want and hold it for as long as you want, until your stocks appreciate in price. Trading the stock market requires patience, so you will need to be a little bit patient with the slow price movement.

How Do I Sell Shares On Passfollio?

You can sell your share on passfollio without making a loss or a profit.
To sell a share on passfollio, it must be among your portfolio or among the shares that you currently own. Below are the steps invlved:

  • Go to your asset or portfolio.
  • Click on the share you wish to sell.
  • Select the amount that you want to sell
  • Click on sell.

How Do I Deposit Into Passfolio?

Passfollio has made it easy for people to deposit on their platform. As a matter of fact, local currencies such as the Nigerian naira, Ghanian cedis, South African Rand can now be deposited into the Passfollio main account. You can deposit into Passfollio via bank transfer, card, PayPal or even crypto.

It is important to note that Passfollio accepts crypto as a deposit method.
To deposit on passfollio, you have to follow these steps:

  • Click on menu at the buttom of the screen
  • Click on transfer
  • Select the deposit method.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw From Passfollio?

The time or duration it takes to withdraw money on Passfollio varies based on the Passfollio withdrwal method that one chooses. For example, it might take 30 minutes or even less to get your money in the Nigerian bank account if you did withdrwal through bank transfer.

How Does Passfollio Make Money?

Passfollio makes money through the fees it places on customers. For example, the stock broker, Passfollio charges  $1.49 for orders that are not more than $25.

Is Passfollio In Nigeria?

Yes, Passfollio is available for Nigerians. Although they do not have an office in Nigeria, Nigerians can sign up on passfollio and then buy, sell or invest in one of the best US stocks right from their own home


Stock trading is very interesting and with the passfollio app, it seems to be getting more and more interesting and fun full. If you are planning to start trading on Passfolio, the best US stocks as listed in this article may be a good start.👍
What do you think about them?
Which other stock do you think looks quite promsing?

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