Investment lessons by Christiana Chidinma
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Biggest Lessons I Have Learnt On My Investment Journey As A Startup – By Chidinma

When I reminisce back to my initial days of my investment in mutual funds and stocks, I would remember tracking my growth every day. Sometimes, I spend hours reading books on investment and where business startup can invest their money in Nigeria.

Even after a year, the returns on my investment were not so great. One day, out of anxiety and frustration, I told my friend, “I have laboured so much, carried out research and invested in good stocks, but they are not giving a good return. I think it is time to take out my money.”

That day, my friend taught me the best lesson of my investment journey, which I will share, plus other things I learned along with it. Read on with me.

Investment lessons by Christiana Chidinma
Christiana Chidinma

The Best Story on my Investment Journey as a Startup 

I must confess that I had a special reservation, skeptical attitude, and insufficient knowledge before I started investing in the stock market. Stock is volatile in nature, we all know that, but there is a lot owning a business has done for me and what it has done for people. So I felt that I have learnt it all.

On that fateful day, I was having a discussion with my friend on business pitfalls, you should know as a startup and how I am tired of investment and need my money back. She sat me down and asked, “Do you like Orange”? And I was surprised, and I said: “Yes, I like oranges”. In fact, I love oranges because it’s one of my favourite fruits.

He asked again, “Can I buy you an orange?” I was more surprised and asked him why she was deviating from the topic and she immediately called her sister to get an orange across the street. As the orange arrived, she asked me how long did it take for the orange to arrive and I answered, “It took around 20 minutes”, what is the point?

She continued by saying that it takes an average of 7–8 years for the orange seed to start growing oranges. The farmer needed to nurture it with air, water, and light before bringing it to the market to sell. Your investment is just like planting an orange seed. If oranges can take 7–8 years, how can you expect your investment to give you a return in a few months? You need to wait for your investment to grow before it starts giving yields. Once it starts giving yields, you ‌realize that the wait was worth it.

What you need to know about Investment

Foremost, you need to know that investments are long-term ventures. Besides that, it is filled with substantial risks or volatility. Which you need to know about before investing.

You need to also know that stock market investing is only for expert business individuals. It must be daunting as the stock market requires extensive financial knowledge and experience. This is not the first time you are hearing this. Keep abreast with all the knowledge the experts know or you can get an expert to help you with your investment.

However, the truth that startups and ordinary people can take part in the stock market makes no difference when an expert is in trading. All you need to do is have patience, the knowledge and all it takes to go through the phase of that investment and grow your business.

Two years ago, I put my money into a friend’s business. Today, instead of keeping the money in the bank, I bought stocks from my friend’s business. I am now a shareholder of the company. This is the difference. But you need to be smart about your investment. Know that there are ponzi scheme hooking startups here and there.

I must say stock market investing as a startup is a great learning experience. So, let me share with you what I have learned from my investment journey as a startup. If you have been investing for a long time, I am sure you can add some to the list.

What Are The Biggest Lessons I Have Learnt As An Investor

The biggest lessons learned from a startup investment journey are like a roller coaster ride. It is full of ups and downs, some unexpected turns and more than a few U-turns. This section is dedicated to the lessons I have learnt throughout my startup journey.

1. Patience

From the early days, I was investing in startups in the non-tech sector. I had no patience. I wanted an immediate return. All I was looking out for was to see my profit here and now. 

In my journey also, I saw a lot of red in my portfolio and investment skills, which drained my brain and emotion. Sometimes stocks are down and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

However, I started reading, researching and asking questions. This was beyond my control. I never knew that all I needed was to see the value of patience and learn to ride the difficulties of the market. As a new investor, you just need to have patience and ask questions and carry out deep research on where to invest your money and then keep investing regularly no matter what.

2. Understanding The Value Of Time

As a startup and a newbie investor, I have seen the value of time in investing. Once I realized how precious time is, I wouldn’t waste it. 

If I had known this ahead of time, I would have started my journey in investment sooner.

3. Carrying Out Deep Research On How To Invest And Removing All Procrastination

In my opinion and from the lessons I have learnt over time, procrastination is one of the greatest enemies of achieving your financial goal as a startup. Therefore, use your time wisely and effectively.

Consistency and compounding interest will give you all you need at the right time. Over time, you will reap what you have planted a long time ago. People planning to start investing and those yet to start should do so, as time is so precious.

4. Learning From My Mistakes And Trusting The Process

I have learned so much about ‌building my startup that it’s hard to fully appreciate it. I have spent most of my early career learning from mistakes and experience firsthand how to build something great with limited resources. 

My advice is this: never give up. Remember that there’s always a way to get things done, even if circumstances are against you.

5. Finding A Great Mentor Or An Expert In Investment 

Before venturing into knowing what business is, investing in knowledge will pay the best interest. There is wisdom in finding a mentor and educating yourself before you invest in every endeavor you do.

As for when I wanted to start a small business for my mother, I learnt about the fast moving small scale business in Nigeria and also when I needed a proposal; I learned how to write a business proposal for investment as a startup.

In addition, I don’t have to worry and look at my investments and trades as I used to. While other investors are worrying so much during this crisis, I am confident that my mentor and experts will remind me that this crisis is a great opportunity to earn more.

6. Learning to Manage Risks

Every investment opportunity in the world has potential risks involved. Whether you have invested in the best business, saved money in the bank, or you have invested in a stock market, investment is always associated with a certain level of risk.

The journey of the startup is not a straight path. There are ups and downs, challenges and challenges. You will face failures and success. But this is the journey that you have to go on if you want to be successful in your dreams as an entrepreneur. 

The best part of this journey is when you manage the risks well and start seeing results, people will notice your efforts and will congratulate you for what you have achieved so far.

7. Have Discipline

In my journey as a startup, I am often tempted to spend my hard-earned money on things that are unnecessary. Discipline is crucial for you to develop the habit of investing.

So when I started investing, I looked beyond the present. With discipline and consistency, I reached my first six-digit investment in one year. However, you need to discipline yourself and be consistent in funding your online portfolio to achieve your financial goals.

Important Takeaways

Investment is an asset or stock gotten to build more wealth or gain additional funds over a period of time. The Biggest Lessons I have Learnt on my Investment Journey as a startup are:

  • Patience .
  • Understanding the value of time.
  • Carrying out deep research on how to invest and remove all procrastination.
  • Learning from my mistakes and trusting the process.
  • Finding a great mentor and an investment expert
  • Learning how to manage risks, in real life and stock market
  • Have discipline in my life.


I have been investing for about one year now. I have learned a lot through this journey and wanted to share with you all the hard work that I have put in. While investing involves volatility, if you manage it properly, you will surely gain potential returns in the long run. Risk and Reward are the two sides of a coin.

There is always a chance that these lessons might not apply to you, but I still think they can be useful to anyone who has invested in or is considering it!

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