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Top 20 Best Selling Items On Bonanza In 2022

Having an opportunity to sell your items is one of the things which most people especially entrepreneurs are always on the look out for. One of the top sites to market your products is bonanza and amazon. Bonanza has grown to become one of the top rivals of amazon in recent years. Therefore knowing how to sell on bonanza as well as understanding the best selling items on bonanza is very important if you want to make money on bonanza.

In this article, I will be showing you the top 20 items to sell on bonanza and make more money. And in addition to that, I will be revealing some key information about bonanza, information’s such as – what is bonanza and how does bonanza work? as well as answering questions related to bonanza.

What Is Bonanza And How It Works?

Created in the year 2007, Bonanza is an online marketplace or platform where sellers can market their products in their “booths”. The platform provides the seller with customers or traffic to their stores and at the same time, charge them a commission for their fees.

Just like every other marketplace, bonanza works similar to other platforms like eBay, Amazon and lot of others. Upon signing up on bonanza as a seller, you can then go ahead to list your items on the bonanza marketplace.

Top 20 Selling Items On Bonanza

1. Shirts

If you want to make more money as a seller on bonanaza, then you should consider adding shirts to your bonanza booths. Shirts are one of the top selling items on bonanza.

2. Trousers

Trousers are also one of the best selling items on bonanza, you can list trousers on bonanza and get guaranteed of good sales on the bonanza marketplace.

3. Skirts

Worn mostly for official occasions, skirts are one of the fashionable items that are easily sold on bonanza. You should consider adding it to your booth.

4. Blouses

Mostly worn alongside the skirts, blouses are a great item to sell on bonanza. You should add them to your bonanza marketplace if you want to make sales.

5. Ties

Mostly worn along side shirts and trousers, ties are a great item to sell on bonanza.

6. Televisions

Televisions are one of the highly bought items on bonanza. You can add it to your bonanza booths and make a lot of sales from the business.

7. Gaming Headphones

Although not quite on a high demand, on a list of top ten selling items on bonanza, gaming headphones are one of them. There are one of the top items to sell on the bonanza marketplace app.

8. Tables

If you are looking for what sells best on bonanza, then you should consider tables. Especially wooden tables are one of the most wanted items on the bonanza marketplace.

9. Chairs

Along with wooden tables, wooden chairs are the most wanted items on bonanza by buyers. You should consider adding them to your booth.

10. Ceramic Flowers Vase

Usually used along with tables, ceramic flower vase are one of top selling items you should add to your booths.

11. Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are also used to complement, that is, to add more beauty to the home or office. There are one of best selling items on bonanza

12. Ceramic Plates

Just like amazon and other marketplaces, you can list sell ceramics plates on bonanza and make a huge lot of sales on it. They are one of the top selling items on bonanza.

13. Body cream

A lot of buyers order their skincare products such as body cream from bonanza. Listing a body cream on bonanza, you are likely to increase your sales rate on the bonanza marketplace.

14. Hair cream

Just like body creams, hair creams are one of the best selling items on Bonaza that you should list to your bonanza booth. They are one of the best selling items on bonanza.

15. Eye Pencils

Makeup items like eye pencils are one of the top items you should consider adding to your booth if you are in the skincare niche.

16. Powder

Just like eye pencils, powders are one of the mostly sold items on bonanza. As much as the powder is great and does not react negatively to the skin, you are bound to make lot of sales from it.

17. Perfume

Just selling items like perfumes, you are bound to make more sales on the bonanza marketplace as they are one of the top selling items on bonanza.

18. Knife

All sorts of knives are found on the bonanza marketplace. However, they are not considered a top selling item on bonanza, but there are still cool if you want to make money on bonanza.

19. Jugs

Ceramic jugs or plastic jugs are highly wanted on bonanza. With ceramic jugs mostly used for decoration purposes and plastic jugs mostly used at home. They are still a great item to add to your bonanza marketplace.

20. Cups

Similar to the jugs on bonanza, cups are one of the great items to sell on bonanza with it being used in offices and at homes. They are one of the top selling items on bonanza.

How To Sell On Bonaza

To sell on Bonaza, all you have to do is to sign up on the platform and start listing your items for sale. Always make sure to take a quality snapshot of the items you want to list for sale on Bonaza.

Bonanza Sign Up

Carrying out your Bonanza sign up is quite a simple process.
Below are the steps involved in creating a bonanza seller account:

  1. Visit the official bonanza website or bonanza app
  2. Click on sign up
  3. An e-form will be shown on your screen, asking you to enter the following details –
    a) Email address
    b) Password
    c) Bonanza booth username
    d) Bonanza booth title
    e) How you heard about bonanza (optional)
  4. Click on continue set up
    Your email address will need to be verified.

Bonanza Selling Fees

For every item that is sold or bonanza, bonanza charges of 3.5%. This is the mandatory fee that all sellers have to pay to bonanza.

How Do You Make Money On Bonanza?

On bonanza, the only way to make money is through selling of items.

How Do I Get More Sales On Bonanza?

There are a lot of tricks and secrets to getting more sales on bonanza. Below are a few of the secrets to get more sales on Bonanza:

  1. Give great and quality pictures to your bonanza listed items
  2. Have proper description for your bonanza listed items
  3. Be nice to your old customers and get reviews from them.

How Do I List An Item On Bonanza?

Listing a new item on bonanza is a very simple process. Below is a guide to help you on how to list an item on bonanza.

  1. Open your bonanza dashboard
  2. Click on “add a new item”
  3. Enter the new item description, price and every other details that is relevant to the new item to be listed )
  4. Click on “save the changes”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bonanza Be Trusted?

Yes, Bonanza can be trusted. The online selling company is one of the best online selling company in the world and they are free of scam.

Who Owns Bonanza?

The owner of Bonanza is Mr Bill Harding. However, the cofounder of the company was Mark Dorsey who eventually decided to sell his shares in the company and left the scene.

Is Bonanza A Chinese Company?

No, Bonanza incorporated is not a Chinese company. However, it is open for even Chinese to have their own stores and make sales on the bonanza marketplace.

Where Is Bonanza COM Based?

Bonanza incorporated is based in Washington, United States of America. However, they have their offices in many places in the world.

Is Selling On Bonanza Free?

No, you can not sell for free on Bonanza. You have to pay the selling fee on bonanza.

Is Bonanza Good To Sell On?

Yes, Bonanza is one of the best online sites to sell your items on. Using the bonanza marketplace, you do not really have to push yourself by sourcing for buyers because they are already on the bonanza app.

Is It Hard To Sell On Bonanza?

No, it is not hard to sell on bonanza. However, this question is relative and that is, based on different sellers though. But if you play your cards well, you will discover that is is very easy to sell on Bonanza.

Do People Make Money On Bonanza?

Yes, a lot of people make money on Bonanza by selling their handmade items at a profit.

How Many Items Can I List On Bonanza?

75,000 items. You are not allowed to list more than 75,000 items on the bonanza marketplace.

How Many Active Users Does Bonanza Have?

There is a lot of active users on Bonanza and over 40,000 sellers on the bonanza marketplace. However, more than half of them are going to be active users. And according to bonanza, they have about 5 million visit to their sites every month. Which of course, averages down to about 150,000 every day.

Does Bonanza Use PayPal?

Yes, Bonanza uses PayPal. Along with other means of making payment such as Amazon stripe and others, payment through PayPal is accepted by bonanza.

What Percentage Does Bonanza Take?

For every sales that is done on the bonanza marketplace, a base fee of 3.5% has to be paid.

Does Bonanza Have An App?

Yes, bonanza has an app. The bonanza app is available for download on the Google play store for android devices and the app store for iOS devices. With this, you can operate your bonanza listings through your mobile app.

Does It Cost To Sell On Bonanza?

No, it does not cost to sell on bonanza. As a matter of fact, Bonanza has one of the best rate when it comes to online marketplaces. With just 3.5% charges you can sell on Bonanza, which is better than the 10% to 15% most marketplaces charge.

How Long Does Bonanza Take To Ship?

With the free standard US shipping on Bonanza, any order which needs to be shipped will not last more than 12 days. However, in most cases, you can expect your bonanza shipped items to get to you in less than seven days.


Bonanza provides you with a great opportunity to sell your old items as well. And in this article, I have shown you the top 20 best item to sell on the bonanza marketplace whether old or new items. However, it is important to note that the picture of your items are crucial on how to sell fast on Bonanza.


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