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Top 20 Best Selling Items On Folksy In 2022

Are you thinking of how to sell your handmade crafts online?
Well, here is a online platform known as folksy. In this online site, you can sell your handmade crafts or items such as paintings, photographs, ceramic materials and lot of others at a profit.

In this article, I will be showing you the top 20 best selling selling items on folksy as well as addressing a lot of questions that you may have had regarding folksy. Questions such as; what can I sell on folksy, how do I link my Instagram account to folksy will be addressed as well. So, without wasting of time, let us see what folksy is.

What Is Folksy And How Does Selling On Folksy Work?

Founded in the year 2006, Folksy limited is an online marketplace where you can buy or sell handmade crafts made by British sellers. The company or brand, folksy is operated by James, Camilla, Kim, Doug and Clare who have formed a little team that is meant to facilitate the folksy market place.
To sell on folksy, you must be registered on folksy and have read and understood the terms and conditions of the platform folksy. As well as understanding the fees attached to selling an item on folksy.

Tip For Selling On Folksy

Selling on folksy might be a hard task for some people. However, after knowing the simple tricks and tips for selling fast on folksy, you are likely to make great profit.
Below are five basic tips for selling on folksy:

  1. Find the top selling items on folksy
  2. Advertise your folksy products
  3. Develop great titles, descriptions and have great and beautiful photos of your folksy products.
  4. Collect review from your folksy item buyers
  5. Make profit from your folksy product.

Top 20 Best Selling Items On Folksy

Knowing a top selling item on folksy is crucial if you want to make lot of sales on the platform.
Below are top 20 best selling items on folksy:

1. Drawing and illustrations

With most drawings and illustrations on folksy being sold £20 and more, they are one of the highly wanted folksy art items that are high in demand. If I am asked regarding what sells best on folksy, then drawing and illustration are my answer anytime and any day.

2. Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are one of the hightly sought after items on handmade. You can list a ceramic pot on folksy and get sales on it very fast. Prices for ceramics ranges from £5 to even £30

3. Ceramic Cups

Just like ceramic pots, ceramic cups are one of the top selling items on folksy. Folksy sellers have made it so fashionable and beautiful to behold that it can even be given out to people as gift.

4. Ceramic Flower Vase

Flower vases helps to complement or add beauty to the household. And on folksy, buyers are ready and willing to purchase handmade items from the folksy sellers. They are one of the items that sells fast on folksy.

5. Necklace

Most of the buyers on folksy are quite fashionable people and are willing to spend a couple of bucks to purchase necklace to add to their outfit.
Necklaces are an example of a great item to sell on folksy

6. Anklets

Worn on the feet’s, anklets are a really fashionable item that you should consider selling on folksy. Buyers on folksy are highly in need of it.

7. Bangles

Bangles are a great item to sell on folksy. They are one of the top handmade items to sell on folksy if you want to make sales on the folksy marketplace.

8. Pendant

Usually worn with necklace, pendants are one of the items that you should consider listing on your folksy store. Buyers on folksy are in a high demand of it.

9. Earring

Folksy earrings are one of the highly sought after earrings. It is quality and usually quite affordable. They are one of the top items that you should consider selling on folksy.

10. Brooches

Worn by women, brooches are a great item to add to your folksy store. They are one of the top selling items on folksy.

11. Bracelet

Worn just like bangles, bracelet are a great items to sell on folksy. They are one of the top selling items on folksy.

12. Homewears

Homewears, which by definition, are clothings worn at home. On folksy, they are usually handmade cloths we wear at home. They are one of the top selling items on folksy.

13. Lingerie

Lingerie are a great item to sell on folksy. They are one of the top and high demanded items on folksy. Worn by women, lingerie are one of the items that you should consider adding to your folksy store.

14. Clothing

Although quite similar to homewears and lingeries, these are mainly gowns, trousers, skirts and a lot of others. Buyers on folksy are in high need of clothing and you should consider adding them to you folksy stores.

15. Shoes

Handmade shoes are highly sought after on folksy. Not all people fancy industrial shoes and they would turn to folksy for their handmade shoes.

16. Hair accessories

Hair accessories such as chemicals for hair and a lot of others are highly needed on folksy. Folksy buyers want to take care of their hair. You can help them out by selling this items and making a profit too.

17. Babies and Children Cloth

Babies and children cloths are also bought by folksy buyers. You can list or add these items on your folksy store and then make great profit from it.

18. Sleeves and Bags

Sleeves and bags which are usually handmade are one of the items you should consider listing on your folksy stores. They are one of top items that sells on folksy.

19. Laundry

Laundry items such as soaps and all things pertaining to laundy are also bought by a lot of folksy buyers. However they are not usually on a high demand, they are still a top selling items on folksy.

20. Photographs

Quite similar to drawing and illustrations, most folksy buyers are in need of photographs.

How Do You Get Sales On Folksy?

There are a lot of great ways to get sales on folksy and below are the top three ways to get sales on folksy:

  1. Promote your folksy shop by posting it on your social media account such as Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok
  2. Give your folksy products a great description and a beautiful listing picture.
  3. Get great review from your folksy buyers.

How Do I Pay My Folksy Bill?

Paying your bills on folksy is important if you still intend to use their services. Below are the steps involved in paying your folksy bill:

  1. Log in to your folksy account.
  2. Click on “pay fees”. To pay through PayPal, click on “pay using PayPal”.

Linking your folksy account to your Instagram account is really vital and you will be able to get a lot of sales to your folksy product there. Below are the steps involved in linking your folksy account to Instagram:

  1. Open an Instagram business account
  2. Have your folksy store data feed
  3. Set up an Instagram catalogue for your folksy shop.
  4. Wait for approval by Instagram

Folksy Reviews

Folksy is a very legit platform and they offer a very great customer care. They are considered the top marketplace to sell handcraft items in the UK.
Reviews of the platform are available on sites like trustpilot and on the app stores for users

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Sell On Folksy?

You can sell a lot of products on Folksy. However, the top products that you can sell on folksy are mainly handcrafted materials.

How Do You Get Sales On Folksy?

The simplest way to get sales on your product on folksy is by identifying the right and trending goods. You are likely to make more sales on folksy, trading products that are mostly wanted by folksy buyers.

How Do I know What Sells Fast On Folksy?

There are a lot of ways to know what sells fast on folksy. Below are a few of them:

  1. Search for any item on Folksy.
    The algorithm will show you the most sought after handmade crafts for sale on folksy. However, at times this may be affected by the order of alphabet as the algorithm is a bit complicated process.
  2. Go through the trending folksy items on this list

Is Folksy Good For Selling?

Yes, folksy is a really good place to sell handmade crafts. It is the best UK sites to sell handmade items online.

How Many Sellers Does Folksy Have?

Ever since the folksy marketplace or app was introduced, there have been over 10,000 sellers on Folksy.

Does Folksy Have An App?

Yes, folksy has an app. The folksy app is available on the Google play store for download on android device and apple app store for iOS devices.

Is Folksy Free?

Yes, folksy is free and open for sign up. They offer free listing to sellers upon their first three listings immediately after their folksy account creation. After that, they are charged.

Can You Sell On Etsy And Folksy?

Yes, you can sell your folksy art or any folksy item on Etsy. This is a new feature that is made available by folksy.

Does It Cost To Sell On Etsy UK?

Yes, it costs to sell on Etsy UK. However, creating an Etsy account and starting an Etsy shop is quite free. It cost $0.20 to list an item on Etsy UK.

Yes, folksy is a very popular crafts selling sites. Since it was founded in the year 2008 in UK, it has grown to become UK’s biggest site to sell handmade items online.

What Is The Best Place To Sell Handmade Items Online?

While there are a lot of sites to sell handmade items online, Etsy is the best of them all and with Folksy following it with quite a slight margin.

Do People Buy From Folksy?

Yes, a lot of people buy crafts and handmade items on folksy. According to a recent report by folksy, they have around 300,000 shoppers every month and during Christmas, the figure goes even higher.

Which Is Cheaper Folksy Or Etsy?

Etsy is cheaper that folksy. For every sale that you make on Etsy, you get charged a commission of 5% for each listing and also, an additional fee for shipping and gift wrapping. While Folksy charges 6% .


Knowing what to sell on folksy will be a great strategy for you if you want to sell faster and make more money as a folksy trader. And in this article, I have shown you the top 20 best selling items on folksy. These items are all worth it if you intend to make more money on folksy.
However, there are quite a lot of items to sell on folksy and still make some profit off them.
Which item do you think should have made our list?

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