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Top 20 best selling items on Zibbet

Looking for what sells best on Zibbet?
Then this article is definitely for you.
You see, Zibbet has grown to be one of the marketplaces where you can set up your online store and start making money. Though this platform may sometimes be quite difficult to find buyers to purchase your products especially if you are a newbie, you can still make good sales by channeling your energy into goods or products that are top trending on the platform, that is those items that buyers on Zibbet are always looking out for.

So, in this article, I’ll be showing you the top 20 best selling items on Zibbet that you can always put up and make great sales on the platform.

What Does Zibbet Do?

Zibbet market place

Zibbet is one of the online craft market where you can market your crafts as well as your handmade materials. The Zibbet marketplace is a platform where you will meet buyers who are willing to purchase your goods. It provides users with a great sales channel to make more sales and at the same time, charge them a fee for their burden. It is one of the best online online craft market for young entrepreneurs and young sellers to get into the craft business.

What Sells Best On Zibbet?

Knowing what sells best on Zibbet is very crucial if you want to sell your products fast on the platform.
Everyday, thousands of people, if not even more, go for Zibbet shopping. And if you can recognize what is top trending and sells best, you are likely to get some of these sales too.
Below are the top 20 items that sells best on Zibbet:

1. Vintage Shirts

High in demand, vintage shirts are one of the things you should consider listing on Zibbet. It is quite trending and bound to yield good profit for you too.

2. Trousers

Although not quite trending on Zibbet, trousers are a pretty good item that you should consider adding to your Zibbet online store.

3. Skirts

A great outfit on an official occasion and worn by a lot of Zibbet shoppers, skirts are one of the top selling items on Zibbet.

4. Blouse

Best selling items on zibbet

Forms a great combination with skirts, blouses are mostly worn for official events. Surprisingly, they are quite cheap on Zibbet and lot of Zibbet shoppers know this, they push in and purchase blouses most of the time.

5. Painting.

Handmade products such as paintings are highly needed on Zibbet.
Most of the time, they are kept at home. You can list your painting on Zibbet and watch it sell in just a short time.

6. Body Creams

Although not quite on a high demand, but on any top twenty Zibbet list, body creams will definitely make the list. Most buyers visit Zibbet to get their high quality homemade body creams.

7. Hair Creams

Along with hair creams, Zibbet buyers purchase a lot of hair creams. Although the demand is not quite high, it is still one of the best selling items on Zibbet.

8. Shoes

Although at a fee, Zibbet will provide you with a great place to make money selling your handmade shoes. On any list of twenty best selling items on Zibbet, shoes are understood as one of the best selling on Zibbet.

9. Bags and Purse

Zibbet is great place to sell your knitted home made bags and purses; bags and purses are quite fashionable and lot of Zibbet buyers want it. They are one of the best selling items on Zibbet.

10. Perfumes

Not all perfumes are made in a big and industrial scale, although not quite popular, Zibbet provides sellers with a great place to sell their handmade perfumes.

11. Bracelets

Helps to add more style to your dressing and lot of zibbet buyers understand it. Bracelets are highly wanted on zibbet and you have to consider selling them if you want to make profit.

12. Earrings

Things to sell on Zibbet

Similar to bracelet, earrings are for fashion and lot of Zibbet buyers are people who seek fashionable items. Made of beads or whatever products, earrings are one of the best selling items on Zibbet.

13. Necklaces

Along with bracelet and earrings, necklaces are in a high demand on Zibbet. Beaded necklace are highly sought after by Zibbet buyers. It is one of the best selling items on Zibbet.

14. Ceramics Cups

One of the most selling items on Zibbet is the ceramics cup. It is one of the things people plunge in to Zibbet to shop.

15. Ceramics Plates

Along with ceramics cup, ceramics Plates are in a high demand on Zibbet. It is one of the key things that buyers get in to Zibbet to buy and you need to have them in your Zibbet shop if you want to make sells.

16. Flower Vase

Along with ceramics cups and plates, flower vases which are quite made of ceramics, are one of the things that sells best on Zibbet. You should consider selling them if you want to get traffic to your online shop.

17. Toys

If you are wondering what to sell on Zibbet, then you should try toys. They are one of the best selling items on zibbet.

18. Rings

Although not on a high demand, but on a top twenty list of Zibbet fast selling items, you are definitely going to find rings on it. They are one of the best selling items on Zibbet.

19. Headwears

To complement our dressing, headwears are a great match.
Lot of Zibbet buyers recognize this, and are going all in to purchase it.
It is one of the top selling items on Zibbet.

20. Waistbeads

Zibbet encourages handmade items and in return, most users are available to purchase waistbeads on Zibbet.
It is about making the waistbead look great and watch it sell for you on Zibbet.

Zibbet Fees

To have your shop on the Zibbet marketplace, you have to pay a fee.
The Zibbet fee is $6 every month which equals to $72 at the end of the year. However, if you intend to go for the yearly zibbet fee, which is $5, you will pay $60 a month.

It is important to note that a minimum of 2 sales channel is required on Zibbet and that all Zibbet fees are billed in the US dollars.

For the Zibbet paid version, which is $60 annually and $6 monthly, you get the following opportunities:

Increase your reach
Grow your sales
Save your time
Streamline your business
Exclusive sales channels
Free resources

Zibbet Sign Up

Signing up on Zibbet is quite simple and not stressful at all.
Below are the steps involved in carrying out your Zibbet sign up:

  1. Visit the Zibbet official website at
  2. Click on get started
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click on submit
  5. you will be redirected to another page where you will be asked to provide the following –
    a) First name
    b) Last name
    c) Password
    d) Email address
    e) Shop name
  6. Click on Sign up

Your Zibbet sign up has been completed. Alternative, you can sign up on Zibbet via Google or Facebook.
Ensure that your zibbet sign up details are correct. They with be needed when you want to carry out your Zibbet sign in.

Zibbet Sign In

Just like the Zibbet sign up steps, carrying out your Zibbet sign in is quite simple. Below are the steps involved in carrying out your Zibbet sign in:

  1. Visit the official Zibbet website at
  2. On the homepage, click on get started.
  3. you will be redirected to a page where an electronic form will be shown to you, asking you to provide the following details
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  4. Click on log in

Zibbet Reviews

For me, Zibbet is a pretty cool place to sell your clothes or handmade stuff.
However, most other customers might feel different.

Zibbet is quite secure and provides sellers with a great place to sell their products. It is often advisable to make use of the 14 day free trial before deciding to put in your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zibbet Legit?

Zibbet is legit. It is a legit place to buy goods and not get scammed. The Zibbet website is regulated as well.

Is Zibbet Free?

No, Zibbet is not free. However, there is a free version of Zibbet which actually lasts for 14 days for all new accounts. Here you get to use zibbet for free for 14 days.

Can I Make Money On Zibbet?

Yes, you can make a lot of money on Zibbet as a seller by listing your crafted or other handmade items and making them available for sell.

Is Zibbet A Good Place To Sell?

Yes, Zibbet is a good place to sell.
As someone who owns an online shop, Zibbet is a great place to host your shop and sell all your handmade items, crafts and more.

Where Is Zibbet Located?

Zibbet is located in Australia. However, it is accessible globally.

Who Acquired Zibbet?

Zibbet was acquired by A.C Moore on November 13, 2017. It was one of the biggest ecommerce site acquisition in the year 2017.

Is There Something Similar To Etsy?

Yes, there are lot of ecommerce sites that are similar to Etsy and will serve as an Etsy alternative.
Below are a few site that are similar to Etsy:

  • Zibbet
  • Big Cartel
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay

What Is The Cheapest Website To Sell?

There are a few cheap website to sell your stuff for free or at a very cheap and affordable fee. Below are a few of them:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Zibbet
  • Craiglist


Giving sellers great opportunity to make money off their skills by producing homemade items, Zibbet provides buyers a great opportunity to purchase beautiful homemade items. It is important to understand that most of the best selling items on zibbet are based on trends, season and other factors. And we try to put together by even bring the yearly trends to you.

Which best selling do you think we missed out? Let me know by commenting it below.


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