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How To Transfer Vanilla Gift Card To Bank; Step-by-step Guide

Just like most other gift cards, it may not be possible to transfer a Vanilla gift card directly to a bank account. However, if you really want the get the gift card into your bank, there is still an indirect way to do this. This usually involves using a third party platform that are compatible […]

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List Of Registered Companies In Nigeria With CAC

One of the criteria for knowing a legit company in Nigeria, is if such company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The commission is a Government body which is responsible for giving a legal license for business operations. If a company is registered with CAC, it means that such company has been verified […]

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Full List Of PHED Prepaid Meter Codes in Nigeria

The PHED prepaid meter codes are different kinds of codes which are used to check the status or information regarding PHED prepaid unit, or to access some services on the prepaid meter. This may include borrowing of credits, recharging the PHED prepaid meter, checking of total energy consumed and a lot of others. The USSD […]

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23 Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Feet Pics And Make Money

You might have heard that you can sell your feet pictures for money, and may have wondered if this is real or a kind of false information. Well, this is not a false information, there are a lot of people, brands or companies out there that are always willing to buy the beautiful pictures of […]

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Fairmoney Loan App Review: 7 Things To Know About The App

FairMoney loan app is one of the numerous loan apps where you can access quick loans to sort your urgent needs. But before you get a loan from any loan platform, it is nice you do research about the platform and review every aspect you need to understand about the platform before making your decision.  […]

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How to Get a Business Loan With Bad Credit

Almost all banks or online loan companies that give loans require you to have a good credit score for you to be qualified to be given a loan. This is because they always assume that there is a higher risk in giving out loans to people that have a low credit score. If you have […]

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How To Transfer Money From FCMB To Kuda Bank

The same way you transfer money from your FCMB account to other banks, you can also transfer to Kuda bank easily, without a long process. To transfer from FCMB to Kuda bank, you can either do this through the FCMB transfer code, through the FCMB mobile app, or simply fund the Kuda account using the […]

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Top 5 Lucrative Business You Can Start Without Capital

Have you been wondering if there is any business you can start without capital in Nigeria? Then it would be nice to let you know that you are in the right place, as this article would reveal some lucrative businesses that may not need capital to setup. I could remember one of those days in […]

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Top 15 Untapped Businesses With Little Or No Competition

One of the important things to consider before starting a business is usually the competitive nature of the business, this is because the profitability of a business is usually greatly influenced by its competitiveness. It may not really be arguable that most businesses are highly competitive today, but the truth is that there are still […]

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Top 10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With 50k Or Less

The best approach to a successful business career is starting small and scaling up. Some people always think that they must have millions of Naira before they can start and run a successful business. This is not true, you can still start a small business and raise money from there to start a bigger one. […]

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