Common Instagram scam
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In 2022, Be Aware Of These 5 Common Instagram Scams

Instagram scams are now popular among online scammers as a means of duping people. Due to social media, it is simple for strangers to gain your trust by mimicking famous individuals or brands. Before perpetrating their deception, these con artists may talk with you for several weeks. Therefore, you must be aware of scam warning signs if you want to prevent losing your money or identity.

What are Instagram Scams?

Common Instagram scam

Instagram scammers use several techniques to force you to become the target of a theft or an assault. These online scammers typically have a lucrative target, such as cash or sensitive data. Some people might even try to use you as a conduit to disseminate dangerous code to close friends or colleagues.

The app and its users are constantly being exploited by social media scammers who steal money, accounts, and other valuables. Learn how Instagram scams operate so you can take precautions.

The Development of Instagram

When it first launched, we had no idea how integral Instagram would become to our daily lives in 2010.

What once began as a straightforward photo-sharing and social networking software has evolved into an indispensable platform for most organizations and enterprises. The platform has also led to the rise of “influencers.”

Instagram continuously updates and introduces new features, such as direct messaging (DMs), reels, promos, stories, and more, which helps it stay current with users. Nowadays, individuals use Instagram for more than just posting photos; they also sell goods, conduct business, and connect with people.

Unfortunately, some scammers and fraudsters utilize Instagram’s numerous features to deceive unsuspecting users into disclosing personal information or paying them money.

The most typical Instagram scams

Some of the most common examples of  Instagram scams range considerably in design and tactic. They are as follows:

1. Phishing emails using Instagram

Every online site has its share of phishing scams, and Instagram is no exception. Scammers can “phish” your personal information in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular methods is to send an email that appears to be from Instagram.

These Instagram email scammers often demand that you click on a link to reset your password or enter your login information after claiming that your account is locked or that you need to authenticate it to continue using the service. But, of course, the email is a scam, and the link directs you to a malicious third-party website that steals your personal information.

2. Instagram DM scams

Instagram phishing is more prevalent than email phishing. Scammers enter your DMs to fool you into disclosing personal information. Even during chats that appear to be genuine, they may try to extract data from you by using bots.

3. Instagram money scams

Many Instagram scams attempt to trick you into sending money someplace under pretenses. For instance, false influencers promise to have the key to investing your way to quick wealth. They will ask you to deposit money with them while promising returns that are too good to be true, then they will vanish with your money. 

In Bitcoin Instagram scams, this is typical. Alternately, con artists can attempt to deceive you into believing that all you need to do to claim the prize is submit your credit card or bank account information since you’ve won some giveaway. They then utilize this information to defraud you.

4. Instagram catfish scams

Catfish scams are a type of romance scam on Instagram in which the con artists pretend to be actual people and use authentic images and information taken from another website to entice you into falling in love with them. They start requesting money from you when you let your guard down to pay bills, give gifts, or for other purposes. But, of course, you’re not speaking with the person you believe you are, and the con artists will keep stealing money from you until you realize what’s happening.

5. Instagram ad scams

On Instagram, there are many reputable ads and products for sale, but con artists con you into buying things that never show up. For instance, you can see a lot of advertisements for a “clearance” sale on a fashion brand, and since it seems like a good deal. But when you click on the advertisements it often takes you to a different online store.

If you order clothing from the website, it never arrives, and there is no way to seek a refund by contacting customer support. These scams are also referred to as Instagram Promotion scams. If anyone falls for this scam they can approach Instagram scam recovery companies to reclaim their funds.

Who Falls Prey to Instagram Scams?

There are so many prevalent Instagram scams that just about anyone can become a victim of one. For instance, if you use the platform for purchasing, you can be duped by an Instagram ad scam. Or, if you’re using Instagram for dating, you risk being conned by a romance fraud or being catfished. However, individuals unaware of the warning signs of Instagram scams are the most at risk. Below are some guidelines to help you stay safe on Instagram.

Staying Safe on Instagram

To stay clear of Instagram scams, remember to:

  • Avoid clicking on any dubious links (even from friends or family).
  • Never pay money to someone over Instagram.
  • Avoid unverified business accounts.
  • Never reply to messages sent by someone purporting to be from Instagram.
  • Never trust a link in an email asking you to validate or unlock your budget.
  • Never provide money or personal information to claim a prize.
  • Never rely on data from posts or communications containing spelling errors.
  • Any promises or offers that seem too good to be true should be avoided.
  • Make it private if you don’t want strangers to see your account.
  • If you receive a strange message from someone you know, call them to determine if they have been hacked.


It’s an entirely safe platform if you keep your wits about you and don’t blindly believe every account you contact on Instagram. It’s essential to be aware of dangers and to know what to look out for if you want to avoid common Instagram scams. To keep yourself safe, watch for warning signs and adhere to the preceding advice.


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