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Top 13 Businesses That Run Themselves (Most Profitable)

In the present world, a lot of people are trying hard to build their networth by doing a lots of businesses together at the same time. Some people run as much as four businesses that demand a lot of their time, not letting them get even five hours of sleep a day.

The concept of wealth says that to build real wealth, you need to create wealth that keeps creating wealth. If you wish to build real wealth, then you need to establish a business that can keep creating wealth on its own.

There are a few ways to do this. There are businesses that run themselves right from the start, while some others require a lot of dedication and investments for a couple of years before they can stand. 

If I start a dry cleaning company and run it all by myself until it becomes big, prompting me to get employees, it becomes one of the businesses that do not need my presence, necessarily.

For many wealthy billionaires, they created their wealth using a chain of businesses, all under one entrepreneur. To create this kind of wealth, you can start with one business. Establish another one when you have enough profit and then another. 

If you work on the three for years, they grow into large companies, all owned by you. One of the businesses could get acquired by an investor or another company, but it all adds to your networth and the value of your companies.

In summary, while doing some other jobs to create wealth, you need to try your hands on businesses that run themselves, needing little or none of your presence. Are there businesses that run themselves?

This article will help you with how to start businesses that run themselves, the types of businesses that do not need your presence at all (if there are any) and other tips about starting a business.

How Can A Business Run Itself?

You probably still think it is too good to be true that there are businesses that can run themselves. You are half correct, because there is almost no way to start a business that does not need your presence. However, there are still businesses that run themselves.

How is this? Most businesses that run themselves were actually run by someone months or years behind. The difference is that you are buying the business, so you are doing almost nothing and you get returns on it. To start a business that does not require your presence, you need to invest a lot of money as you will need machines to handle the jobs, like car washes and others. The next part of this article explains some of these self-running businesses.

List Of Businesses That Run Themselves

Business that run themselves
  • Laundromat.
  • In-Bay Automatic Car Wash.
  • Vending machines route.
  • ATM Machine Route.
  • FedEx Route Business.
  • Bread Route Business.
  • Bounce House Business.
  • Blogging (Affiliate Marketing and other monetization ways).
  • Property Leasing/Rental.
  • Bakery.
  • Schools.
  • Parking Lot.
  • Billboard Rental Business

1. Laundromat

A laundromat is a terrific business that runs itself. After all, the machines do the labor of laundry and drying the garments (with your customers doing the work of loading and unloading the clothes).

The process is usually machine-driven, however not fully. There are things you may have to be compelled to do to have this business run itself successfully.

Running a Laundromat gives you a great ROI, something that not many businesses can say. To start the business, you also do not need a lot of physical stuff. You can easily manage the business because there are not large expensive machines required. Unlike a lot of other businesses, a Laundromat does not depend on seasons or weather.

Your Laundromat business runs the same way in all weather conditions, because whatever happens people have to wear clean clothes. You may get a business boost in the dry season though, as clothes get dirty more often.

You also do not need a lot of employees to start a successful Laundromat. This is why a Laundromat is considered a business that can run itself, not needing much of your presence.

2. Automatic Automobile Wash

In-bay automatic automobile washes are machine-driven as you’ll be able to get the hang of everything without you being present once it involves a automobile wash. 

These varieties of automobile washes are without attendants and you must have seen some of them at  stations, convenience stores and other places. You just need to buy their price tag, pull their automobile into the bay and allow the machines do the work. You get paid wherever you are since everything is automated. This is also a nice business that can run itself.

3. Vending Machine Route

Owning a slot machine route is an excellent business that can run itself. The whole concept is that you simply place a bunch of marketing machines in locations that are populated and earn cool cash whenever somebody buys one thing from your machines.

The only a part of this that needs some work is restocking and collection cash from the machines, however you’ll be able to simply source your machine.

You will additionally need to fix your machines with modern technology which will help you to run your business remotely and can keep you updated about your machine anytime.

AI helps to keep track of each penny that goes into the machine, therefore you’ll be able to rent route runners without concern such a lot regarding them skimming off the highest.  

4. ATM Machine Route

This business is popular among people who are looking to invest some money and keep it safe while also getting returns on it.

Just like vending machines, this sort of business involves you putting ATMs in locations that are populated and receiving a fee/commission whenever somebody makes a withdrawal.  

But it’s even less complicated to control than a slot machine route. You do not need to worry regarding getting snacks and drinks and pitching them around in your van.

5. Blogs

This is really one of the best businesses that run themselves. If you have a lot of money to invest, blogging is a business that does not need your presence.

Blogging involves providing news and information to people, using platforms like websites and social media platforms. The best one is using a website alongside social media.

You can either start a blog or buy a blog; starting a blog costs way more less, because you will have to invest tons of money before you can make money from it.

To start a blog that can run itself, start by creating your website. Check the best hosting company and purchase a domain name. Your domain name is the name if your website.

After this, host your website and install wordpress. If you cannot do all of these, try visiting Youtube or hiring someone to help you design your website. You may reach out to us, we can help design your website for you.

The most important thing on your website is the content, so hire writers to fill your site with relevant content. Do not do all of these without guidance or you will lose all your money instead.

It will take about one year before you start making any significant income from your website.

If you think all of these will take your time, head to and purchase a website. It is already a business that can run itself. You just need to maintain it (low funds required) and earn from it. You can earn all of the money you used to purchase the website before two years and then your real income starts.

However, we have prepared a full course on how to start a successful Blog and make cool money. You can access it free and get every guide you need about blogging business.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Are The Easiest Businesses To Run?

If you are looking to start a business and you want businesses that are easy to run, your business may not grow much because of that mentality. However, here are some businesses that are easier to run, compared to other businesses:

  • Pet Sitting.
  • House Cleaning.
  • Lawn cleaning.
  •  Delivery services.
  • Scrapbooking.
  • EBay Selling, etc… 

Can You Run A Business By Yourself?

Yes. You can run a small business on your own. Building on your own will result in slower and less growth, of course. You cannot run large businesses all on your own, though.

What Is The Highest Paying Business To Own?

It is difficult to select the best paying businesses as everything depends on your monetization strategy. However, a few of them are:

  • Accounting Firm.
  • Auditing Firm.
  • Consulting Firm.
  • IT Company.

What Are Small Businesses That Can Run Themselves?

Here are some small businesses that can run themselves:

  • Bread Route Business.
  • Billboard Rental Business.
  • Bounce House Business.
  • Blogging (Affiliate Marketing and other monetization ways).
  • Property Leasing/Rental.
  • Bakery.


If you are trying to build some real wealth without having to stress yourself much, try your hands on some businesses that run themselves. You will need to monitor the business, but you need to dedicate only little time to them.

This article lists businesses that can run themselves and also gives tips on how to start them.


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