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Top 9 Best Logistic Companies in Lagos & Their Addresses

Lagos is considered to be the busiest city and the economy hub of Nigeria and probably one or the biggest in Africa. If you have been there, then you will understand how important it is, to use Logistics for most of your business needs and personal needs. Logistics will help to save you from a lot of stress of battling with the Lagos traffic, as they will always deliver your goods/items at your doorstep.

There are a lot of Logistic company in Lagos which are there to serve your logistic needs, but people are always finding it difficult to identify the best among them. Just as you know that people are always looking out for the best while opting for any service. This is why we decided to make our research, to find the best among the Logistic Companies, that we can recommend to our audience.

So, in this article, we are going to analyze and show you a list of the best Logistic Company in Lagos, which we can recommend to anyone who would need some logistic services in Lagos.

What Do Logistics Companies Do?

A logistic company is a company that offers logistic services. They store, transport and deliver products such as cars, trucks, documents, food, phones, beds and even sensitive items; from one place to another, or specifically to those that ordered for the goods. Logistics can even deliver goods directly to the owner’s doorstep if required.

Some of these companies may be international or local; with the international meaning that they offer their logistic services within and outside the country. 

9 Best Logistics Company In Lagos

logistic company in lagos
list of best logistic company in lagos

 1. DHL

First logistic company on our list of logistic companies in Lagos is DHL. The company, DHL International GmbH is a German courier, parcel and mail delivery service. They are a part of the delivery service or logistic company in Germany known as Deutsche Post DHL. 

They offer a delivery service in Lagos and they are globally recognized as one of the leading brands in the Logistic business. They have their offices set up in Lekki, Cowbell Road Isolo, Awolowo road and a lot of other places in Lagos State alone. 

According to the logistics company, they have been able to employ over 380,000 people across over 200 countries including workers in Lagos State.

 2. FedEx –

Considered by most persons to be a rival of DHL in Lagos State, FedEx is one of the go to companies that offers delivery services in Lagos. 

The company, FedEx is an American delivery services company that is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx was founded in the year 1971 by Frederick W Smith and since then, they have grown to become one of the best logistics companies in Lagos. They also offer logistics which also involves the usage of bikes to make the process even much easier. 

The company claims to have employed over 400,000 employees in the world and this figure includes its staff in Lagos State. Their offices in Lagos are at 284 Herbart Macaulay Way, Ojojo Drive and also at Ikeja. 

 3. Courier Plus Services Limited

CourierPlus is a logistics and delivery services company that was founded in 2009. Their company offers one the best logistic services in Lagos.  Which includes an express courier and logistic support solutions including a domestic service, international services, custom business solutions, mailroom management and warehousing, local and international ecommerce delivery to its customers in Lagos State and other places in the country.

Currently, the company has a total of about 400 employees in the world with some out of that figure working in it office at Lagos State. However, in 2012, the company “Courier plus services limited” was acquired by the company, Superflux International Limited. Although the new company had decided to maintain its name so as to save the brand. The are currently based at 42 Concord Way off Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

 4. GIG Logistics

Fourth on our list of top logistic companies in Lagos is the company, is GIG Logistics. The company is regarded as one of the best logistics companies not just in Lagos, but also in Nigeria. They do not just offer their services to Lagosians but also to persons living in other part of Nigeria. They allow for easy logistic services between Lagos state and other places in the country. This include a delivery service such as Lagos to Calabar, Lagos to Uyo, Lagos to Aba and lot of other places.

One of the things that make their services a top choice of most persons is that they are affordable and offers quality and professional delivery services.  Also, with GIG Logistics, you can also ship to over 220 countries in the world. They have a mobile app known as the GIGGO mobile app which you can use to track your package. They have an office at Sunday Ogunyade Street, Gbagada Expressway, beside Mobil Fuel Station, Gbagada Lagos.

 5. AB Logistics

With one of its offices at 53 Muritala Muhammed Airport Way, Ikeja, Lagos. AB Logistics is one of the biggest Logistics companies in Lagos.  They offer both local and international shipping, which includes shipping services to other countries such as Germany, Canada, United States Of America, Ghana, South Africa and lot of other countries of the world. Their local shipping covers State to State shipping such as Lagos to Uyo, Lagos to Calabar to Uyo, Lagos to Kaduna and a lot of other local shipping. 

The company is also known for their outstanding low fee yet quality shipping. In fact, with as little as N1,200 they can deliver a door to door delivery or shipping to you, anywhere in Nigeria. One of their Lagos office is at Ajao Estate 15 Fatai Irawo Street, Off Airport Rd, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

6. Fortune Global Shipping

Fortune Global Shipping company is a logistics company that does not just operate in Lagos state alone but also in other places in the country. They provide shipping services for companies, organizations, businesses, and even for individuals.

They are internationally recognized and provide shipping services internationally such as shipping from Nigeria to Ghana, Nigeria to South Africa, Nigeria to Kenya, Nigeria to the United State, Nigeria to France, Nigeria to Spain and other European countries. 

Apart from just deliveries, they also offer a wide range of services which include courier service’s, clearing and freight forwarding from domestic or local to international logistic services. 

7. Zenith Career

the seventh in our list of logistic companies in Lagos is Zenith Career.  The shipping company, Zenith Career is an international company that provides both local and international shipping services. They currently boast of having about 40 centers in Nigeria including several numbers of them in Lagos State alone and the rest spread across the country. They provide delivery services for Lagos to Uyo, Lagos to Calabar, Lagos to Onitsha and lot of other cities. 

Currently, Zenith Career is located at 57, Murtala Muhammad Int’l Airport, Ajao estate Ikeja, Lagos, and their service center at 43, Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos.

 8. Valuehandlers

Valuehandlers has its Lagos office located at 12, Joseph Odunlami Street, Off Thomas Salako Street, Ogba Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos. The company offers logistic services in Lagos and a lot of other places in the world. This includes the usage of the fast and swift bike delivery service.

With Valuehandlers, you are sure of having your item shipped to anywhere in Nigeria and also, anywhere in the world. They have a low cost of shipping and some of the materials that they ship are; items, packages, heavy machines and heavy equipment, sensitive goods, dangerous materials, vehicles such as trucks and cars as well as a lot of other materials.

Their local logistic services include the inter Lagos type of delivery as well as the Lagos to Uyo, Lagos to Calabar, Lagos to Enugu type of deliveries. 

9. Aerologistics

A top logistic company in Lagos, Aerologistics is a top professional haulage company that also offers its services in Lagos.  The company moves and relocates goods and services from one place to another and this includes moving or relocating goods within the city of Lagos, and also, from Lagos to other major cities in Nigeria. Their services include logistic services from countries to countries including Nigeria to Canada, Nigeria to the United States, Nigeria to the UK as well as other European countries.

Aerologistics also ships heavy and sensitive materials or goods, vehicles such as cars and trucks, personal items such as documents, phones and all others. The company has their office at Suite C 247 Ikota Business Complex, Victoria Garden City, lekki Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Company Needs Logistics Services?

Any company that deals with the movement of materials from one point to another will need the service of a logistic company to help them.

Do These Logistic Companies Have Jobs That One Can Apply For?

Yes, most Logistics companies do have jobs that you can apply for if you feel you are suitable for the job. One of such jobs is that of the parcel man.


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