Is basic industries a good career path
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Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path? Read This Now!

A career decision is one of the most critical decisions that one can make. This is because a single career decision one makes may make or Mar their future. Hence, it is always important to make a good evaluation before making any career move.

In a bid to make a career evaluation, most of our readers that want to go into basic industries have been asking us, “is basic industry a good career path?” “What are the main categories of basic industry?” And a lot of other questions

This is why we decided to prepare this article, to expose everything you should know about basic industry and how it can impact your career. This will include answers to questions such as; ” Is basic industries a good career path?”, “what are the main categories of the basic industry?”, “what are the jobs in the basic industry” and a lot of other questions that you might have had.

What Is A Basic Industry?

Meaning of Basic Industry

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the basic industry is a type of industry that produces materials that are supplied to other industries, and which is important in a country’s economy. 

In order words, this industry is “basic” simply because they provide raw materials which can then be used by secondary industries and then rounded up into marketable items by the tertiary industries.

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

Yes, the basic industry is a good career path. The industry is filled by a lot of educated and qualified persons who are well paid.

And in addition to that, it has a broadcast category in which we shall discuss some of it as well as a lot of other job opportunities involved. 

Main Categories of Basic Industries

Right from the Cambridge dictionary definition, which defined the basic industry as a type of industry that produces materials that are supplied to other industries, It should be clear that this important industry actually has categories under it as all these things are crucial to our  human existence. The chemical industry and the agriculture industry being one of such. Below are the main categories in the basic industry.

1. Agriculture Industry

First on our list is the agricultural industry. You see, this industry is very important and they play a big role in our food and economy. The agricultural industry is easily found in both the developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France as well the developing countries such as India, Nigeria, Kenya and others. 

This shows its importance to our daily live as humanities existence hangs on it.

2. Chemical Industry

Second on our list is the health industry.  Similar to the agricultural industry, chemicals are also important and they are mostly responsible for the production of products such as medicines, inorganic products, and other products. A lot of jobs can also be found in this industry. And this would be discussed later on in this guide.

3. Mining Industry

The earth is richly blessed with a lot of resources that even most of these mineral resources remain untapped to this day. Items produced in this category of basic industry are highly sought after by the secondary industries.  

4. Oil Industry

This is the oil or natural gas industry. Although they should be classified into the chemical industry, the oil industry is slightly different from the chemical industry in that the oil industry mainly specializes on petro products. A lot of other industries such as the cosmetic industry relies on it for raw materials.

Jobs Available In Basic Industry

Is basic industries a good career path

1. Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum geologists, like the name implies, are people who make use of their knowledge of geophysics (Geography – Physics) to locate and map out oil and gas reservoirs underneath the ground, right from the surface of the earth without having to dig through.

Using certain methods, these people will be able to locate these oil reservoirs before management gets alerted. They are most often the person in charge alongside the engineers during the drilling part. And during the process of drilling, they pass out information to the engineers regarding how to drill, when to start drilling, when to stop the drilling and a lot of other information that will be useful in the process. 

This career, which is under the oil industry, needs a lot of education and experience and most companies prefer BSc. holders for the job. In the United States, the average Petroleum geologist takes home about $90,000 monthly, and with more advanced people earning even more.

2. Agronomy

Second on our list of careers available in the basic industry is that of an agronomist. As an agronomist, your job involves you providing data on the agricultural industry. This will involve data regarding soil, plants, seeds, nutrients and a lot of others.

In addition to all these, agronomists also have the task of developing the best most efficient agricultural practices. Including the best farming methods, animal rearing and other scientific procedures. 

In the United States, the average salary of an agronomist is about $54,390 with the more advanced agronomist earning slightly more.

3. Steel Fabricator

A steel fabricator is one of the jobs or careers that exist in the basic industries. To be precise, it exists under the mining industry. 

As a steel fabricator, your job is to take the basic steel sections and converts them into various segments and shapes using various tools available to you. They mostly require educated and experienced people in the area. In the United States, an average salary for the Steel fabricator is $40,000.

4. Metallurgy

Metallurgy ia one of the jobs available in the basic industries and to be precise, the mining industry. Their primary job involved the extracting, processing and the shaping of metals. Their jobs are mainly done on the site. However, they can also do some consultation service.

In the United States, most of the average. Metallurgists earn around $68,500 although some of them even earn more.

5. Chemical Engineering

One of the jobs or careers available in the basic industry is chemical engineering. As a chemical engineer, you develop and design chemical manufacturing processes. And in the building process, apply the principles of science including chemistry, physics, math and even biology to provide solutions to problems that involve the usage of chemicals such as food, drugs and other chemical products. 

In the United States, an average Chemical engineer earns around $77015.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Salary Of Basic Industry Works?

In the United States, the average salary for most of these basic industry workers is $50,000. However, the more experienced and more solutions you are, the higher your pay. This makes the salary of most superiors in the basic industry pretty high.

What Is The Best Industry To Get A Job In?

Personally, the best industry to get a job is the basic industry. And this is due to the fact that the payment there is awesome.  However, this depends on what you can offer as an employee. 

Should I Go For A Job In The Basic Industry If I Need A Bigger Salary?

Yes, you should go for a job in the basic industry if you need a bigger salary. However, a few other industries such as the tech industries have a higher salary as well.


The basic industry is also known as the primary industry and it is a great choice if you are considering changing your careers. In this article, I have shared with you everything that you need to know about the career in the basic industry. Answering questions such as “is basic industry a good career path”, ” what is the best industry to get a job in” and a lot of others.

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