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3 Simple Ways To Invest In Real Estate In Nigeria With Little Money

Real estate business has been known to be one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria today, but the problem had being that a huge amount of money is always required before one can invest in the business.

Normally, investing in real estate in Nigeria is always a very costly business that may be demanding millions of Naira.  This seems to have really created a general believe that real estate business is for the rich; hence has always scared young entrepreneurs away from the business.

Many young entrepreneurs have really been missing out in the great opportunities offered by real estate business, without knowing that it is possible to invest in the business with little money.

The good news is that it is possible to invest in real estate in Nigeria with very little capital and still make your huge returns at the appropriate time. You must not necessarily have millions of Naira before you can invest in real estate.

What Is Real Estate Business?

Invest In Real Estate In Nigeria

Just as the name implies, real estate comprises of physical properties that are mostly meant for generating wealth. These properties could include popular things like: lands, buildings, natural minerals/resources, and many kinds of properties you can think of.

So, real estate business is the type of business that involves buying, selling, management, acquiring or investing in real estate properties as mentioned above; usually with the aim of making money.

How Does Real Estate Business Work?

Just as it is always said that change is constant; the value of real estate properties is always changing and increasing over time due to development.

Seeing that Nigeria is a developing Country, I would then say that real estate properties are the best assets that would hardly depreciate.

The value of real estate properties in Nigeria are always increasing from time to time. This always gives room for real estate property owners to have higher and increasing chances of turning their properties into a great source of wealth.

For example, you may buy a land in a particular remote area for about N500,000; if after 2 years the place becomes more developed such that a new market or school is built closer to it. Then you may be surprised that the land you had bought for N500,000 would suddenly increase to a value of over N2 million.

Not only this, you may even decide to develop the landed property more by erecting some buildings for rent; and the kind of wealth this may bring for you would really be overwhelming.

3 Ways To Invest In Real Estate With Little Money

Just as I have said, time has passed when one must have millions of Naira before they can invest in real estate in Nigeria.

As an entrepreneur who really wants to invest in real estate business but doesn’t have much money yet, there are really some effective ways through which you can still invest in real estate with that little amount you have and still make your money. Below are some of the ideas that would help you:

1. Invest With Friends

You may not really need to have millions of Naira before you can invest in real estate, as you can actually start this business in partnership with your friends.

Though partnership business sometimes may be very hard to manage, but there may still be some of your friends that you trust a bit.

Look out for them and introduce the idea to them; then checkout for nice real estate properties that worth investing. The price for buying this property would really determine the number of your friends that you may involve.

For example: If the price for buying the property is just about N1 million, and you have just N300,000; then you can look out for some of your friends that can contribute to make it up to the required amount.

Once the property appreciates and you people decide to sell it out; then the profit realized would be shared based on agreement you people reached in the first time; or based on the amount contributed by individuals.

I know some people may be afraid of what may happen in future if they invest with their friends, but it would be wise to know that we are now in a modernized world.

There is no really any need to fear about investing with your friends, as you people can easily backup your agreement in the law court before making your contributions for the investment. In this, nobody can default the agreement of sharing your ownership rights or profit, since your agreement is already in the law court.

2. Start From Your Region

It is always established that the best places to invest in real estate in Nigeria are places like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and so on. Investing in real estate in these cities always require millions to billions of Naira.

So, as a young entrepreneur that really want to own a real estate property, but doesn’t have enough capital yet. You may not really continue to wait to make millions before investing.

Since there are many places especially your community that you can buy lands at a very cheap rate, then why not start from there.

There are some villages/communities that a plot of land is still being sold for N200,000; meanwhile these places have a high chance of developing in few years. Then investing in this kind of places would really be a nice idea.

I remember one of my friends that went to his nearby village and bought about 3 plots of land for just N400,000. These plots were together and situated close to main road.

It was really very fortunate to him that the place started developing rapidly after 2 years, such that there was no more available land for sale along the main road.

Then one rich man needed to build a powerful filling station along the road where my friend has his landed property. The surprising thing is that he later sold two out of the three plots of land for N2.5 Million; just imagine the huge profit, and was still having one plot of land left for him.

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3. Use Investment Platforms

Seeing how expensive it is to invest in real estate in Nigeria, many online investment platforms have started coming up to make it very easy for young entrepreneurs to invest in real estate with little money.

With these online real estate investment platforms, it is now possible to invest in real estate in Nigeria with even N5,000 and still be making good returns. They provide ranges of levels that entrepreneurs can operate, and be making their money depending on the amount of money they are able to invest.

Once you sign up/register on any of the platforms, you just invest the little amount you wish to start; and you would start earning your monthly/annual interest from your investment.

Some of most popular online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria are:

  • Rise Vest
  • Coreum

a. Rise vest

RiseVest is one of the online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria. With this platform, anyone can invest in real estate in Nigeria with just little amount of money without having to wait to have millions of Naira.

Rise vest buys US properties, improves these properties, and sell them out at very higher rate. Whenever Rise Vest acquires any property, it divides the property into 10,000 investment units, with each unit placed at the cost of $10.


In this, you can buy any number of units you can afford; this means that with the minimum of just $10, you can easily invest in real estate in Nigeria through Rise Vest.

b. is another online real estate investment platform, though it also deals on other things like: treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds in addition to real estate investment.

There are two ways to invest in real estate in

  1. Fractional Property

This option allows you to join hands together with other investors and invest in any real estate property available on the platform.

  1. Shares Of Real Estate

In this option, you can buy shares of real estate properties which you can afford single-handedly.

In, there are many real estate properties you can invest, such as: commercial and residential properties like offices, shopping centers, student housing, even warehouses, and so on. pays about 18.7% for fractional real estate investment.

c. Coreum

Unlike Rise Vest and that deal on some other forms of investments, Coreum is known to deal only on real estate investment.

If you have been wishing to invest in real estate in Nigeria but you think you don’t have enough money, then Coreum would really be a nice option for you.

It is one of the online real estate investment platforms that makes it possible for young entrepreneurs to invest in real estate in Nigeria with just little amount of money.

With just a minimum of N5,000, you can start investing in real estate through this platform, and be earning up to 7.1% to 15% return on investment (ROI).


Real estate is a very lucrative business which may require a huge capital to venture into. However, one must not necessarily have a huge capital before they can invest in real estate. If you would love to invest in real estate business but doesn’t have enough capital to get started, then you can simply partner with your friends or use any of the known online investment platforms.

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