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How Much Are Buzzballz At Walmart? Find Out Now!

Buzzballz comes in different shapes and sizes. With different Buzzballz flavors, one might be forced to ask how much are Buzzballz at Walmart, especially considering the fact that they have a very great taste and contain some necessary ingredients such as alcohol.

In this article, I will be sharing with you everything that you need to know regarding Buzzballz and how you can buy Buzzballz at Walmart. This will include how much are Buzzballz at Walmart, how to buy Buzzballz at Walmart, the various types of Buzzballz flavors at Walmart and a lot of other information that you need to know regarding the Buzzballz and where you can find it around you.

Where To Buy Buzzballz Online

Ever since Buzzballz made its rounds on social media platform –  TikTok, a lot of people have taken it upon themselves to taste the amazing cocktail, known as Buzzballz. Most of these people are wondering where to buy Buzzballz online or which site that they can purchase it from. Below are a few site where you can buy Buzzballz online.

  • Out Back Liquors
  • Wine Online Delivery
  • Buzzballz official website
  • Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell Buzzballz?

Yes, Walmart is actually one of the stores that sell Buzzballz. They make the cocktail – Buzzballz, of every flavour available to their customers who can then purchase it on their official website or in their store.

How Much Are Buzzballz At Walmart?

The price of most Buzzballz at Walmart are within the range of $3 to $3.99. 

The price for Buzzballz at Walmart is not fixed. Sometimes, it could skyrocket to about $16 or even more depending on the size of the Buzzballz and the Buzzballz flavour.

There are a lot of Buzz Balls at Walmart with each of them having different prices, one from the other. And this could depend on the Buzzballz flavour or the size of it.

Types Of Buzzballz You Could Buy At Walmart

How much are buzzballz at Walmart

There are various types of Buzzballz available on the Walmart store or on the Walmart official website. These Buzzballz are all based on their flavour and can be found at Walmart.

Below are the various types of Buzzballz that you could buy at Walmart.

  1. Buzzballz tequila Rita
  2. BuzzBallz Strawberry ‘Rita
  3. BuzzBallz lime Rita
  4. Buzzballz Lotta Colada 
  5. Buzzballz Espresso Martini
  6. Buzzballz Peachballz
  7. Buzzballz Choc Tease
  8. Buzzballz Forbidden Apple 
  9. Buzzballz Horchata

And a lot more 

How To Buy Buzzballz At Walmart

As you already know, Walmart is one of the few places that you can buy a Buzzballz. However, knowing how to buy these cocktail drinks will help save your time and energy.

Below are steps on how to buy Buzzballz at Walmart.

  • Visit the official Walmart website at
  • Log into your Walmart account or create an account if you do not have one
  • On the search bar, search for the Buzzballz that you want
  • Click on the Buzzballz
  • Add it to your cart
  • Click on the cart
  • Proceed to Check out
  • Enter any coupon code if you have any to get a discount
  • Choose the payment method. You can use your Walmart gift card if you have it
  • Make the payment
  • Your Buzzballz will be mailed to you in just a couple of minutes. 

With these steps, you can actually buy Buzzballz at Walmart online.

What Other Item Can I Buy At Walmart?

Aside Buzzballz, there are other items that you can actually buy at Walmart. Besides cocktails, you could buy food items, groceries and a lot of other items at a Walmart store or order it online on their web store.

How Much Alcohol Is In A Big Buzzballz?

There is up to about 15% ABV in a big Buzzballz. ABV simply refers to Alcohol by Volume and it is a measure of alcohol strength. With it, one can know how much alcohol is in a big Buzzballz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Purchase Buzzballz At Walmart?

Yes, it is very safe to purchase Buzzballz at Walmart. You can purchase this Buzzballz without being afraid that they are fake or that they have been manipulated or that they probably might have had storage issues. And also, Walmart keeps your details secure and also ensures that you get the Buzzballz in a good condition.

Do Buzzballz Come In Packs?

Yes, Buzzballz does come in packs. They usually come in a pack of 35 although you can also choose not to get in it packs.

Can You Buy A Case Of Buzzballz?

Yes, you can buy a case of Buzzballz. This is usually sold on the Buzzballz official website and they often come in a case of 24.

Where To Buy Buzzballz Near Me?

Depending on your location, there could be a number of places where you could buy these Buzzballz. One of such places is Walmart or Amazon if you want to make an in store shopping rather than an online purchase.

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