How long is orientation for Walmart
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How Long Is Orientation For Walmart? (2022 Update)

How Long Is Orientation For Walmart? This is a focus question we shall be addressing in this article.

As one of the biggest companies in the United States and in the world, Walmart has a lot of job applications submitted by persons who would love to work for the company. This of course, is one of the reasons why the orientation process in the company is probably at it today.

Fortunately for you, you got a job at Walmart and as a human being, you are curious to know how long is Orientation for Walmart; so you know how to manage your time, especially considering the fact that you are probably having a tight schedule throughout the day.

In this article, I will be sharing with you everything that you should know regarding the Orientation at Walmart. This will include how long is Orientation for Walmart, what to expect at Walmart Orientation, how to prepare for Walmart Orientation, what to do even if it is your second day of Orientation at Walmart and lot of other questions.

What Is Walmart Orientation?

How long is orientation for Walmart

Before we talk about how long is orientation for Walmart, let’s first know what the exercise is all about.

Basically, Walmart Orientation is a kind of training given to applicants/newly-employed, in preparation to work at Walmart. It is basically a kind of training that a person must undergo before they become a full time Walmart staff. Here they get to receive orientation about what is obtainable working with Walmart, and how to discharge their duties.

Walmart orientation is a day set aside by Walmart for orienting new applicants, and it’s usually known as “Orientation day”. 

What Do You Do At Orientation For Walmart?

At Walmart Orientation, you are not yet a Walmart staff and as such, you cannot really do much at the Walmart orientation other than listening and paying attention to the lectures and participating in what is being done at the orientation.

What Should I Expect At Walmart Orientation?

As stated earlier, the Walmart orientation is meant to prepare you for your Walmart job. And as such, it is pretty normal to have expectations about this. 

However, at a Walmart orientation, you will be given a Walmart badge, shirts as well as other instructions regarding Walmart. These are the key things that you should expect at Walmart orientation.

How Do I Prepare For A Lengthy Walmart Orientation Process?

Your preparation for the Walmart orientation is very important regardless of how long is orientation for Walmart. That is, no matter how long the Walmart orientation process is. 

However, below are several ways that you can prepare for a Walmart orientation process.

  • Dressing appropriately.
  • Getting some knowledge about Walmart.
  • Preparing for what you will say at the orientation.

How Long Is Orientation For Walmart?

Walmart orientation usually lasts for 8 hours daily. However, the length of time for an orientation at Walmart is usually not fixed, it may vary sometimes.

How Long Will It Take For Walmart To Call Me For Orientation

Now that you have known How Long Is Orientation For Walmart, let’s know how long it may take for Walmart to call you.

The time which it takes for Walmart to call you for an orientation is not usually fixed. And as such, it depends on the time that your application has been severally reviewed, the position that you are applying for and the location of the Walmart store.

Where Do I Go Walmart Orientation?

The Walmart orientation is usually held at the Walmart store. A space is usually set aside for the orientation before the new persons are fully employed. 

What Hours Do Walmart Orientation Start?

Walmart orientation usually starts at any time in the day. However, it is open between business hours. Usually between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Will I Be Paid For Attending Orientation At Walmart?

Yes, at Walmart, you will be paid for attending the orientation. The Walmart orientation is usually seen as a work time and the company pays at an hourly rate. 

What Do I Wear For Walmart Orientation?

You can wear anything that you want or are comfortable in for a Walmart orientation, as long as it’s looking fine or corporate. However, it is advisable that you are officially dressed as this will speak volume regarding how professional you are.

What To Do Even If It Is Your Second Day Of Orientation At Walmart 

On your second day at Walmart, what you will be taught by others about Walmart is usually different as you have already acquired the basic knowledge about Walmart. However, for your second day of orientation at Walmart, you still have to dress appropriately and also, pay attention to the lectures and tutorials being done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Start Working Right After Orientation At Walmart?

No, you will not start working right after the Walmart orientation. However, you are likely going to start working in less than a week or less after your Walmart orientation.

Will You Be Paid For Orientation At Walmart?

Yes, as I had stated earlier, you will be paid for orientation at Walmart. However, the amount that you will be paid will actually be based on the position that you will be applying for at the Walmart store.

How Long Should Employee Orientation Last?

An employee orientation should last within 6 to 10 hours although this usually depends on the employer.

How Long Is Walmart Orientation For Stocker?

This process of orientation at Walmart for stockers usually lasts for about three days or in some cases, even less. And these days, you have to be available.

Does Orientation Mean You Are Hired?

No, orientation does not directly mean that you are hired. But it means that you have been considered and the odds are now in your favour for you to get hired. But nevertheless, at the orientation, you may still be rejected, if you are not lucky.

Does Orientation Mean That You Have That Job At Walmart?

Not exactly, going for an orientation at Walmart and even staying till the end does not automatically mean that you have gotten the job. Rather, it simply means that you have been considered by Walmart, although they will still pay you for coming for the orientation.

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