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How Does Vinted Postage Work? Check It Out Now!

How will my items I order on Vinted get to reach me? This is a type of question most of our readers has been asking. And we believe it is high time to do justice to it by revealing how the Vinted postage process work and everything that you need go know about it. So without further ado, let us show you how Vinted Postage works.

What Is Postage On Vinted?

Postage on Vinted is the process of getting an item from the seller down to the buyer. This process involves the shipping of the “bought items” from point A down to point B where the buyer is at.

How Does Vinted Postage Work?

How does vinted postage work

Vinted postage process is very simple. When a seller lists a particular item on Vinted and a buyer is  interested, and then finally buys the item. The platform, Vinted will have to move the item from the seller down to the buyer in order for the sales to be completed.

Vinted will have the seller send the item to them by telling them to drop the item at a postage office within a particular time. After some time, Vinted picks the item and then based on the shipping or postage selected by the buyer, the Vinted marketplace sends the item down to the buyer.

During this whole process, the buyer will be charged a fee. However, the buyer will not be charged as normal on fees if they  select another postage means other than the default.

This process is much more simpler if the buyer and the seller are in the same city.

How To Select Postage On Vinted

The seller and buyer can change their postage or shipping options.

Below are steps on how it can be done:

  • Open your Vinted app o website.
  • Go to your Vinted profile.
  • Select settings.
  • Choose Postage.
  • Go ahead and turn on/off your chosen shipping or postage options by pressing on the toggle.

(As a seller, some postage options will be on default and you are not permitted to turn them off) 

Who Pays For Postage On Vinted UK?

On Vinted, the buyer gets to pay for the postage on Vinted. The seller does not get charged as they are only to drop the item at the Vinted station closest to them according to the instruction given to them by  Vinted.

This is unlike the buyer who will have the item sent to them across several places.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Seller Or The Buyer Pays For Postage On Vinted?

The buyer pays for postage on Vinted. The buyer pays for the postage of an item on Vinted upon checkout.

Is Vinted Shipping The Same As Vinted Postage?

Yes, Vinted shipping is the same thing as Vinted postage. Both of them involve the movement of a “bought item” from the seller of the item down to the buyer of that particular item.

Are There Delivery Companies That Work With Vinted?

Yes, there are delivery companies that work or partner with Vinted.

One of such is UPS.

Sellers on Vinted can drop the item that they have listed and a buyer have bought at UPS.

Can I Get Free Postage On Vinted?

Yes, you can get free postage on Vinted.

However, this is not an everyday thing but mostly part of a discount or promo made by Vinted.

But normally, there is no free postage on Vinted.


During the Vinted postage process, some items get damaged and the postage or shipping company bears the responsibility for that.

However, the shipping process is usually safe.

In this article, I have revealed everything that you need to know on what is postage on Vinted and also provided answers and explanations to issues like “how does Vinted postage work” as well as lot of others.

Have you ever sold or bought an item  before on Vinted?

How was your shipping experience?

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