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Top 20 Cheapest Dropshipping Platforms & Their Pricing

To run a dropshipping business, it’s either you set up your own e-commerce website from scratch or you set up your online store on an already established dropshipping platforms like Spocket, Shopify, and so on. This is where you would be selling your products.

Registering on most of these dropshipping platforms always come with a subscription fee (monthly or yearly); the fee depending on the dropshipping platform, though some of them still have free trail for a particular period of time.

The subscription fee of these dropshipping platforms are never the same, while some are very affordable, some are very expensive to afford especially for beginners in dropshipping business.

As a beginner in dropshipping business or one who is trying to cut down expenses in your dropshipping business, you may really wish to go for the dropshipping platform that is very cheap, and still delivers quality service.

This has being a major question we have been getting from our readers, and that’s why we have decided to reveal to you the top cheapest dropshipping platform you can try out, to save more while still making money in your dropshipping business. These dropshipping platforms are not just cheap, they also delivers the same quality services you need for your dropshipping business.

What Is Dropshipping Business

Cheapest dropshipping platform

The dropshipping business is a type of business whereby direct deliveries are made from the manufacturer to the customer through the retailer. The retailer makes some money or profit for being the link or point of contact between the manufacturer of a products and the customer.

Here is simple illustration on how the dropshipping business works: The manufacturer is person A; The retailer is person B And the customer is person C

Now, person B seems to have an online store, person C request for a particular products from person B, person B in return, sends the order along with the shipping address of person C (which is the customer) to person A (Which is the manufacturer).

Person A (which is the manufacturer) in return, sends the products directly to person C (which is the customer) without passing through person B (which is the retailer) anymore.

Now, here is the best part. Person A (manufacturer) listed the products at $5 each, meanwhile person B ( Retailer) takes those particular products and list them at $7. Person C (customer) buys the products at $7 while the retailer (person B) only sends $5 to the manufacturer (person A) and makes a profit of $2 from that particular order.

Top 20 Cheap Dropshipping Platforms

As you could see, the dropshipping business is a very profitable one and there are quite a lot of cheap dropshipping platform or dropshipping website that can help get you started in the business.
Below are the top 20 of them:

1. Spocket

Founded in 2017 by Saba Mohebpour Tom Hassen, Spocket is located in Canada. They are an international dropshipping company which dropships products to all parts of the world. They mainly have fashionable items.

Spocket has a lot of items ranging from apparel and style to gadgets and technology, automobile components and home toys, home and garden items. These items are available for buyers to purchase when they sign up on the spocket app. The app is open for buyers who want to get goods and sellers who wants to drop ship goods.
You can search for any item of your choice on spocket using the keyword search bar.

  • Spocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world.
  • With 80% of their dropshipping suppliers based in the US, UK; Spocket helps you discover dropshipping suppliers with fast, reliable and effortless shipping.
  • It helps you to connect your online store with ease, and fulfill your orders with one click.
  • Spocket can easily sync with your online store and all orders automatically appear in your app.
  • Spocket integrates with all your favorite eCommerce platforms, including: Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, and so on.


  • Free trial available
  • Starter: $24 monthly
  • Pro: $49/ month, $396/yearly
  • Empire: $99/monthly, $828/yearly
  • Unicorn: $299/monthly, $1980/yearly

2. Oberlo

Looking for which dropshipping platform is best for dropshipping and you have not considered Oberlo, then you are missing out. Founded by Andrius Slimas and Tomas Slimas, Oberlo is now owned by popular dropshipping app, shopify.
They are one of the best dropshipping platform.


  • Starter plan – free
  • Basic plan – $29.99
  • Pro plan – $79.90

3. Toptenwholesale

Located in Los Angeles, United States of America, and with offices in numerous places such as China, Toptenwholesale is one of the best dropshipping companies and they are also cheap and affordable.
They have a free plan which of course, dropshipping business newbies can benefit from.


  • Starter: free
  • Basic: $99 per year
  • Premium: $425 every six months
  • Premium Saver: $799 per year

4. Big Buy

Located in Europe, Big buy is an international dropshipping website that ships products globally.
They have a free plan which you can take advantage of as a newbie to dropshipping platforms. They are one of the best dropshipping company that are also cheap.


  • Starter: free
  • Marketplaces: registration fee of €90, €99 monthly for monthly payment, €82 monthly for half a year and €74 monthly for one year
  • eCommerce: registration fee of €90, €69 monthly for monthly payment, €58 monthly for half a year and €51 for monthly for one year.
  • B2B: registration fee of €45

5. Printful

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. Printful is an international dropshipping website that is cheap and therefore affordable for every dropshipping business newbie to start out from. Below are their fees:

  • Free plan: $0
  • Printful Pro: $49 per month
  • $539 per year

6. Aliexpress

Besides being part of the famous Alibaba group, Aliexpress is one of best dropshipping platforms for newbies to start from. The dropshippings company is a great place to find Chinese manufacturers or Chinese dropshipping suppliers. It is located in Hangzhou, China.


Payment for plans on Aliexpress is different.
The fun thing is, there is no payment at all.
However, sellers or dropshipping retailers only pair about 5% to 8% for each products that they sell.

7. Bagzone Ltd

Specializing in the sales of handbags, bagzone ltd is one of the best dropshipping platforms when it comes to handbags. The dropshipping company is located at Manchester, United Kingdom. Below are their fees:

  • Basic: $15
  • Premium: $45
  • Lifetime: $95

8. Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands was founded in the year 1999 by Chris Malta and with the headquarters at Maitland, Florida,United States. Although they do not have a free plan which is quite unlike most dropshipping platforms on this list. However, their plan is not so high and it is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in 2022.
Below is their membership fees:

  • One time fee of $299
  • Or a recurring plan program with $99 down and then 2 payments of $110.

9. CJ Dropshipping

CJ dropshipping is located in China. It was founded in the year 2000 by Andy Chou and his team. However, they have offices in many countries including the United States and Spain.


Based on products being shipped.

10. Banggoo

Founded in 2006 by Aaron Chen. Banggood is one of the best dropshipping platforms as they ship to lot of countries in the world including Nigeria and India.


Fees depend on shipping

11. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is one of the best dropshipping companies that are based in China. They have a lot of dropshipping products on their list which include: jewelries or anything fashion.


  • Monthly VIP; $4.50
  • Yearly VIP: $71.95
  • Free trial is also available

12. Sellvia

If you are looking for which platform is best for dropshipping, then Sellvia is just one of them. With their headquarters in California, United States of America; Sellvia is one of the best dropshipping websites that dropshipping newbies should consider starting out from.


  • Monthly plan : $39
  • Yearly plan : $399

13. B2B Grifatti

Located at Padua, Italy and founded in the year 2017, B2B Grifatti is one of the best and cheapest dropshipping platforms for newbies.


Free trial is available
Fee is based on shipping products.

14. ChinaVasion

Located in Shenzhen and founded in the year 2004, Chinavasion is one of the dropshipping platforms for electronic products and gadgets.


Based on your sales after the 14 day free trial.

15. DropWow

Located in Hong Kong, DropWow is regarded as a top dropshipping website. They have a lot of products ranging from electronic to fashion and lot of others.


Charges are placed on orders to be shipped

16. Modalyst

Founded in the year 2012 by Mr. Alain Miguel and Jill Sherman, Modalyst is one of the top dropshipping platforms. It is based in New York and focused on fashionable items.


  • Hoby: free
  • Start up plan: $35 per month and $30 per month every year
  • Pro plan : $90 per month and $67 monthly for a year

17. Salehoo

Founded in the year 2005 by Simon Slade. With the headquarters at Christchurch in New Zealand. Salehoo is regarded as one of the best dropshipping platforms that have retailers for all niches.
It is a pretty good place for all dropshipping newbies to start up their dropshipping business.


  • Basic: $27
  • Premium:$97

18. Wholesale 2B

In 2019, wholesale 2B was ranked fourth in the list of best dropshipping platform. The company is located in the United States and they deal on all type of products.


  • Free trial
  • Import to existing store: $29.99
  • Import to marketplace: $37.99
  • Create a store: $49.99

19. Doba

Doba was founded in the year 2002 by Jeremy Hanks, Brandon Williams, David Gray. Doba dropshipping company is a child of organization, Crov Global Holding Limited. The dropshipping company is located at Utah, United States.


  • Start ups: free
  • Business plan: $359.88/yearly, $98.97/quarterly and $49.99/ monthly.

20. Sunrise Wholesale

Located in Washington, United States. Sunrise wholesale is one of the top cheapest dropshipping platform in the world.


  • Free trial available
  • Monthly plan: $29.95
  • Yearly plan :$99

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Platform Is Best For Dropshipping?

From my experience, Oberlo is the best platform for dropshipping, especially for newbies in dropshipping business. It has a great customer care as well a surprisingly little fee for the benefit it offers.

Yes, dropshipping is very legal. However, there are regulations placed on it. These regulations are meant to confirm that prohibited goods are not brought into the country.

Can Dropshipping Make You Rich?

Yes, dropshipping can make you rich. However, just like every other business, you need to understand everything involved including the risks.

Do Dropshippers Pay Tax?

Yes, dropshipper pay tax. However, the amount being paid in tax for dropshipping is dependent on the country which the goods is dropshipped to.

At What Age Can You Start Dropshipping?

There is no age requirements when it comes to dropshipping business. This simply means that age does not matter whether we start dropshipping or not. However, some dropshipping websites have their own rules and this is totally set by them.

Is Amazon A Dropshipper?

Yes, Amazon is a dropshipper. They are one of the top dropshipping companies in the world.

Can Shopify Make You A Millionaire?

Becoming a millionaire through dropshipping business is totally based on your dedication, discipline and consistency in the business.

Is Oberlo Free With Shopify?

Yes, Oberlo users have free access to shopify. And not just shopify, Oberlo users also have access to Aliexpress which is also intergrated with shopify.

Can I Use Oberlo With Wix?

Yes, you can use Oberlo with Wix. After your sign on Oberlo, you can use Wix alongside any of your Oberlo product.

Is Oberlo Only For Aliexpress?

No, Oberlo is not only for Aliexpress. However, Aliexpress is one of the marketplaces similar to Shopify that is used by Oberlo.

Can I Sell On Wix For Free?

Yes, you can sell on Wix for free.
However, you can still go ahead to upgrade on Wix using any of the Wix premium plans.

Is Aliexpress Good For Dropshipping?

Yes, Aliexpress is very good for dropshipping. With a wide range of products, users can find anything of their choice.

Is Doba Good For Dropshipping?

Yes, just like Aliexpress, Doba is also good for dropshipping. In addition to that, it has a great customer care as well as a lot of dropshipping suppliers to help get you started.

Is Dropshipping Against eBay Policy?

Yes, dropshipping is allowed on eBay’s policy. However, there is a little complication. eBay is against the dropshipping retailer listing their items or products on eBay’s marketplace and then going ahead to purchase the products from the manufacturer or another retailer who will then have the goods shipped to the customer. eBay wants the wholesaler to fulfil their orders rather than bringing in a third party in to the business.


Getting a cheap dropshipping platform to start your dropshipping businesses as a newbie is one of the best things you should consider as you are just getting to test the waters in the business.
In this article, I have revealed the top 20 cheapest dropshipping companies you should consider setting up your online store. Do you know any other dropshipping company that has a lesser fee?
Let us analyse and see how it will help the newbies.

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