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Top 20 Best Selling Items On Mercari In 2022 [Updated]

As a seller on Mercari; to sell more, faster and make more money, you have to understand what sells best on the platform. You need to always list those items that customers are always looking out for, on the platform. This is one the best secrets of selling faster than other sellers on mercari.

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What Is Mercari And How Does Mercari Work?

Founded in the year 2013 by Shintaro Yamada, Ryo Ishizuka and Tommy Tomishima, Mercari is a Japanese ecommerce company which has a global marketplace app with which sellers can sell any of their used items ranging from jewelries to clothings and even to electronic items.

The company’s stocks, Mercari Inc is traded at the Tokyo Stock Exchange also known as the Tosho or TSE/TYO.

In the US, upon signing up as a seller, the seller can send any of the item which is ordered by a buyer on Mercari to either of FedEx, UPS or USPS and then the goods get shipped to the location of the buyer.

Top 20 Best Selling Items On Mercari

If you have been wanting to make more sales on Mercari, then you may consider listing the items discussed in this section.

1. Smart Phones

Smart phones are a good item for full time Mercari sellers who wants to make sells on the Mercari marketplace app. The average price range of a smart phone on Mercari is usually $150

2. Camera

Cameras are a great item to sell if you want to make sales on Mercari. A lot of buyers on Mercari are ready to purchase electronic items like camera and you could make a lot of sales to them if you have camera’s in your Mercari store.

3. Speakers

Speakers are a worth selling items in any online store, especially sites like Mercari. This is due to how high it is for most buyers. They are one of the top selling items on Mercari.

4. Headphones

Headphones are another fast selling item on Mercari. Old or new, they are a good addition if you want to make fast sales on your Mercari marketplace.

5. Earphones

Just like headphones, earphones are also a fast selling item on Mercari. A lot of buyers flung in to Mercari just to purchase earphone’s.

6. Smart Watches

Smart watches are one of the best selling items on Mercari. Won by a lot of people for its beauty and for fashion, smart watches are one of the items that you should consider adding to your Mercari store.

7. Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles are one of the top item that sells on Mercari. It is advisable to have them in your Mercari store if you want to amass profit.

8. Game Pads

Game pads are a good item to sell on Mercari. They are mostly sold at a cheaper price. However you will still be at a profit if you do it properly. They are one of the best selling items on Mercari.

9. Pillows

If you are looking for what sells best on Mercari, then you should consider pillows. They are one of the most wanted items on the Mercari marketplace.

10. Movies

You can sell your old movies on Mercari and make some profit off it.
People spend lot of bucks to buy movies on Mercari. They are one of the best selling items on Mercari.

11. Ceramics

Like most other ecommerce sites, Mercari buyers have a lot of admiration for ceramic materials like flower vase, pots and others. Mostly used for ornamental purposes, ceramic materials are one of the most selling items on Mercari.

12. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a great designers. A fine wallpaper when listed on Mercari might not even last three days. They are one of the best selling items on the ecommerce site, Mercari.

13. Trousers

Also one of the best items to sell on the Mercari marketplace and make good profit, you can list trousers on mercari and get guaranteed of good sales on them.

14. Shirts

Won along with trouser or skirts, shirts are one of the top selling items on Mercari. Especially if they look attractive, you are bound to make a lot of sales from them.

15. Polo

Just like shirts, polo are one of the best items that sell on Mercari. They are bought by all gender, whether male or female.

16. Shoes

Colorful shoes and designers are top selling on the Mercari marketplace. With brands such as adidas and puma, buyers on Mercari will be holding out to buy from you if you have them in your Mercari store.

17. Ties

Mostly worn with shirts, a beautiful tie is an high demand item on the Mercari marketplace.

18. Perfumes

Although not quite a top selling item on Mercari. However, they are still an item to list in your Mercari store to boost some sales.

19. Rolond

A lot of buyers order their body care products such as rolond from Mercari. Listing a body cream such as rolond on Mercari, you are likely to increase your sales rate on Mercari marketplace.

20. Powder

Another body care products that is on a high demand is powder. They are one of the best selling items on Mercari and pretty good for new sellers on the Mercari app.

Best selling items on mercari

How To Sell On Mercari Fast

To sell on Mercari fast, there are a lot of Mercari secrets with which one must apply as a fulltime Mercari seller. Below are a few tricks on how to sell on Mercari fast:

  1. Take great photos of your items before listing, and post the best photo on your Mercari store.
  2. Have great title and description for your Mercari item.
  3. Have great reviews from your Mercari customers. This will help new customers to know how you treat old customers or how your Mercari buyers are always satisfied with your item.
  4. Go for the top trending item on Mercari if you want to make fast sales.

How Do I Get Paid On Mercari?

As a seller on Mercari, you can easily withdraw your earnings at anytime. And one interesting thing is that Mercari has introduced a new feature that let’s sellers get their money instantly, within 30 minutes or less. No more need to wait for 3 to 4 days before getting your money, after requesting for withdrawal. 

To get paid instantly on Mercari, you may go through our guide here on how to set up Mercari Instant Pay.

What Brand Sells Best On Mercari?

One of the key brand that sells best on Mercari is Adidas.

What Can Be Sold On Mercari

Any legal items such as electronics, home decor, gaming items, shoes and a lot of others can be sold on Mercari. This totally depends on the rule and regulation of that particular country.

What Can Not Be Sold On Mercari

Illegal items such as drugs and narcotics cannot be sold on Mercari. And along with that, medicinal items are not allowed to be sold. Mercari might close your account if you try listing any of these items on their platform.

How Long Does It Take To Sell On Mercari?

The average time frame with which an item takes to be sold on Mercari is 3 days after listing. However, in most cases, the item may last four days or more depending on how trending the item is.

What Is Mercari Processing Fee?

The Mercari processing fee is the fee which Mercari charges the buyer for acquiring the goods on their platform as well as its burden during shipping. The Mercari processing fee is at 2.9% and $0.30, which the buyer has to pay to Mercari before shipment starts.

What Is The Best App To Sell Stuff?

There are a lot of apps available for you to sell stuffs online. Below are a top five of them:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Bonanza
  • Etsy
  • Mercari

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Selling On Mercari

Yes, selling your products on Mercari is worth it. As well as providing with a place to sell your old items, you also make profit off them. However, Mercari still has some Pros and Cons.

Is Mercari Good For Selling Clothes?

Yes, Mercari is one of the best sites to sell cloths. Just like several ecommerce sites like eBay or poshmark, you can sell clothes on Mercari.

Does Mercari Sell Used Items?

Yes, Mercari also sells used items. These used items may range from phones to clothing and even to home decors.

Is Selling On Mercari Hard?

No, selling on Mercari is not hard. However, you will need to get the secrets involved in selling on the Mercari marketplace app if you want to be successful in it.

Is Mercari In The US?

Yes, Mercari is in the US. In the year 2014, the Japanese ecommerce company had set up their office in the US.

Who Pays Shipping On Mercari?

In most cases, it is the Mercari buyer that pays for the shipping. These buyers usually have to pay for the shipping upon checkout. However, there are cases where by the sellers may also pay for the shipping.

What Do Likes On Mercari Mean?

It means that buyers are interested in your item. In most cases, this could mean that buyers can not make an offer for your products but are only interested in them.

How Do I Ship Large Items On Mercari?

Shipping large items on Mercari is quite simple. Below are the steps involved in shipping large items on Mercari:

  1. Select the pack and shipping option available when listing the item.
  2. Cost of large items weighing over 5Kg is $20
  3. When the item has been recorded as sold on the Mercari marketplace app, you can take it to a shipping company such as UPS or USPS.

The most popular items are designer clothing’s and electronic items.

How Do You Get The Most Money On Mercari?

You can get the most money on mercari by taking it as a full time business or being serious with it and knowing how to sell to your products on Mercari. This is the Mercari secret available, if you want to be a top earner.

What Is The Best Time To Post On Mercari?

Based on a report by SaleCycle which was published in the 2021, the best time to post an item on Mercari is Wednesday and Thursday.

What Sells Fast On Mercari?

There are quite a lot of items that sells fast on Mercari. And they are mostly the trending items.

Is eBay Better Than Mercari?

No, eBay is not better than Mercari. However, while eBay is more of a big and more popular ecommerce platform, Mercari is more beginner friendly than eBay.

Is Mercari Or eBay Safe?

Both Mercari and eBay are safe. You are less likely to get scammed on both sites. And both website are secured with the SSL certificate, thereby making your details inaccessible to third parties.

Is Mercari Or Depop Better?

While Depop may be better than Mercari in some cases, Mercari is more beginner friendly and more focused than depop.

Which App Is Better Poshmark Or Mercari?

The Mercari app is better than the postmark app. This is because it is easy to navigate and easy to navigate, unlike the poshmark app.

Can Mercari Be A Full Time Job?

Yes, Mercari can be a full time job for you if you are committed to the sites and wants to become a pro seller on it.

Why Is Shipping So High On Mercari?

The reason for the high shipping price on Mercari is due to the Mercari shipping protection which is quite like an insurance.

Is Dropshipping Allowed On Mercari?

Yes, dropshipping is allowed on Mercari. However, while there is no clear cut rule by Mercari that allows dropshipping, you can still go ahead to list items on Mercari and have it shipped to the customer through the manufacturer.

Is There Local Pickup on Mercari?

Yes, there are quite a number of UPS centers around. UPS, USPS centers acts as local pickup stations on Mercari.

How Many Listings Can You Have On Mercari?

You can have about 10 listing limits on Mercari in 24 hours. And also, a single item on Mercari can be promoted once every 24 hours.

Does Mercari Use Paypal For Sales?

No, you can not use PayPal for sales as a seller. The only person on the Mercari marketplace that is allowed to use PayPal is the buyer.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On Mercari Sales?

Yes, all sellers must pay taxes on every sales that they make on the Mercari marketplace. This tax are paid to the tax authorities.

Can You Sell Candy On Mercari?

No, sales of candy is prohibited on Mercari. This is due to the ban placed by the FDA.

Can You Sell Fake Items On Mercari?

No, sales of fake products or items on the Mercari marketplace is not allowed. Such items will be automatically removed by the Mercari management upon review.

Why Do Seller Cancel Order On Mercari?

There are a lot of reasons why a seller on the Mercari might decide to cancel theit order on Mercari. One of such reasons is mainly that the goods or product had been damaged or they are not able to ship the orderm

Does Mercari Have A Phone Number?

Yes, Mercari has a phone number which is (888) 325-2168. This phone is mostly used to report cases of fraud. However, it can also be used for reporting any criminal activity on the Mercari marketplace.

What Sites Should I Sell Clothes On?

There are quite a number of site to sell clothes on. Below are a top five of them:

  • Mercari
  • Bonanza
  • Vinted
  • Etsy
  • Folksy


Knowing the top items to sell on Mercari is important as you look to grow your sales rate on the app. You cannot just list any item you like and expect to sell fast; you have to research for those trending items that buyers are always looking out for on the platform.


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