Apps that pay instantly through cash app
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9 Apps That Pay Instantly Through Cash App

Cash app has become one of the mainstream ways of making payment in the United States as well as in Puerto Rico. Due to its popularity, top earning apps have adopted the cash app as one of the earning methods through which they can pay money to their users. 

Increasingly, a lot of people have been asking to know what apps pay you instantly through Cash App? Or the game apps that pay instantly to a cash app. And in this article, I will be sharing with you everything that you need to know about most of these apps that pay instantly through Cash App as well as introducing them to you.

9 Apps That Pay Instantly Through Cash App

Apps that pay instantly through cash app

 1. Cash ‘Em All

Launched in the year 2020, Cash ‘Em All is a mobile app that pays instantly to Cash App. It is a mobile application that claims to pay you some cash by doing some task on their mobile app. These tasks involved discovering and playing new games.

Surprisingly, the mobile app is not really popular. And although it makes instant payment into PayPal, it also pays via Cash App and gift cards as well. 

 2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a mobile money earning app which pays you basically for answering survey questions. InboxDollar is one of the mobile apps that pay instantly to your Cash App if you request for payment to be made via that payment method.

Although, apart from Cash App, they also have a lot of other payment methods such as PayPal, gift cards and Skrill which they are quite renowned for. Payment on the platform ranges from $5 and could go as high as you work for.

3. Banatic

Third on our list is a mobile application known as Banatic.

Banatic has not been around for a pretty long time though, and you could definitely tap into the online earning platform by making some cash off it. 

The online earning platform gives their users an opportunity to play online video games for cash as well as win prizes into their Steam wallet, Amazon account, Paysafe card  csgo skins, cd keys for games, as well as get cash into their PayPal account and instant money into their Cash App account. 


Despite sounding more like a website name than that of a mobile app, is a mobile app that pays you for performing some tasks on their mobile application. They work together with companies that will want to advertise their apps, get surveys and product reviews.

Although this is mainly the task which will be completed by the user. One of the tasks that could be given in the mobile app is to download a mobile app (mostly a game), play the game and then go as high as a certain level which will be revealed (mostly level 4 or 5).

On the earning app, you can get paid via bitcoin, gift cards, PayPal cash or via cash into your Cash App account instantly.

5. 21 Blitz

Powered by Skillz, a popular eSport platform that is known for running a lot of mobile and video games  where you can earn some free and real cash and get rewards, just for playing video and mobile games.

21 Blitz was created by Tether Studio and it is known for having the Solitaire game. 21 Blitz makes payment to their users via different methods which some of them are; PayPal cash, Cash App, Apple Pay, and credit cards. Before 2021, the mobile app was mostly known for making payment via just PayPal alone.

6. MyPoints

This is probably one of the mobile apps that you should check out for when looking for mobile apps that pay instantly through Cash App. 

MyPoints is an online earning mobile application that pays you for performing some tasks on their platform as well as gives you Cash for daily logins. Some of the tasks that you can perform on the platform are; online and in-store shopping, answering paid surveys, discovering or creating content, dining out and a lot of others.

You can make as much money as you want on the platform and payments are made via Cash App, PayPal, and via all sorts of gift cards.

7. Blackout Blitz

Similar to most of the other apps that pay instantly through Cash App on this list, Blackout Blitz also pays their users through Cash App although it has a lot of other earning methods which some of them include the likes of PayPal and even gift cards.

The mobile app, Blackout Blitz actually pays their users to perform some tasks on their platform. Of which this task does include playing online video games for cash. Apart from the normal payment, these Blackout Blitz users also stand a chance to win a lot of prizes. 

So if you are looking for game apps that pay instantly through Cash App, then Blackout Blitz is one of the game apps that should be high on your list.

8. Tapestri

Eight on our list of apps that pay instantly through Cash App, is a mobile app known as Tapestri. Although the name might sound somewhat close to an eatery, it is actually not an eatery neither does it have anything to do with food.

Instead, Tapestri is a mobile application whose service is allowed to run alongside the other mobile applications on your mobile phone’s background. According to the Tapestri’s official website, the company pays you Cash for letting them use your data.

9. Steady

Last on our list of mobile apps that pay to Cash App is an app known as Steady. Steady was initially released in the year 2018, and it is a web and mobile application that users can easily interact with. They actually let their users earn cash rewards by making some very smart financial decisions, as well as to also obtain some useful insights on how to earn more cash and also help them to qualify for some emergency cash loans.

The mobile app pays their through PayPal account as well as into their Cash App account.


A lot of the mobile apps that pay instantly to Cash App on this list are also suitable for making withdrawals into your PayPal account. However, all of them have a lot of payment methods and while some Cash App users have been known for making withdrawals into their PayPal account before transferring them into their Cash App account, you really do not need to do all those with these mobile apps as our team had carefully selected them for you.


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