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Scooper News Registration: Sure Way To Make Over $200 Monthly On Scooper News

Many people who have heard about scooper news, might not really know how to go about the registration. So, in this article, I will be taking you through a very easy step on how to go about your scooper news registration.

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What Is Scooper News?

Scooper News Registration
Scooper News

Scooper News is a writing platform where entrepreneurial writers can write and get paid monthly by the platform.

The platform pays her writers $0.8 for every published article. in Nigeria, the dollar exchange rate as set by scooper is at N360 per $1.

The platform covers many varieties or kinds of articles, ranging from: politics, societal news, entertainment, sports, lifestyles, and many more.

In this, during scooper news registration, writers are always required to select one category of writing and stick on it.

This means that if a new writer selects politics as his category during scooper news registration, he must always write about politics in his write-ups; he should never write or submit any article that is not political oriented.

If a writer submits an article that is not within his selected category during scooper news registration, the platform would always reject such article, and would not publish it. Meanwhile, repeated rejections of articles may lead to your account being banned by the platform.

Requirements For Scooper News Registration

One interesting fact is that there is no cost involved in scooper news registration; registering on scooper is totally free.

The only things required of you during scooper news registration are just:

  • Your Email address
  • Your active phone number
  • Your original PDF file or Video link of your previous content

Categories Of Articles On Scooper News

Just as I have said earlier, you would be required to select a category during scooper news registration. This category is just like a niche where you would always focus your articles.

If you select politics during scooper news registration, it then means that you are totally a politics writer; and would never be allowed to publish articles outside political field.

So, below are some categories you may see during scooper news registration:

  • African
  • Africans
  • Animals
  • Boko haram
  • Books review
  • Business
  • Career
  • Car reviews
  • Celebrity
  • Crime
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Fraud Cases
  • Football
  • General Political news
  • Health
  • History
  • International news
  • International politics
  • Kidnapping
  • Local news
  • Local politics
  • Movie Series Review
  • Music Reviews
  • News headlines
  • Opinions
  • Parenting Tips
  • Religion
  • Relationship
  • Religion Scandal
  • Sports
  • Technology, etc…

9 Easy Steps To Scooper News Registration

Scooper news registration is really very easy, as it may not even take you up to 10 minutes to complete the whole process.

So, if you are ready to start your scooper news registration; all you have to do is just to follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Visit The Registration Link

You can access scooper news registration form form HERE (

Step 2: Fill in your name

this should be your legal name as used in your Bank account. If you use a name different from your bank account name, then you may not really be paid by the platform.

Step 3: Select your country

Once you click there, you will have a list of counties supported by the platform; just select the right country you belong.

Step 4: Put your phone number

This must be your most used and active phone number. Make sure you put on your phone during scooper news registration so that you would be able to get confirmation code to enable you continue the registration.

Step 5: Put in your email address

This must be your active email address so that you can easily get notifications or updates about the platform.

Step 6: Selected your career/job

You may choose anything here as your career during the scooper news registration, but it’s advisable you use “content writer” as your career.

Step 7: Application Type

There are two major application type here: Video and Article Writer.

But since you are applying as a writer, the right one to select here “article writer.” You would need to select “Video Creator” only if you are applying to be creating only videos on the platform.

Step 8: Describe Your Experience

Here you are expected to upload a good and convincing sample of your work; this would always determine if your application would be accepted or not.

Since you are applying as a writer, you would need to upload any of your written articles on your selected category; and upload either in PDF form, Word form, or Text form.

But if you are applying as a video creator, then you would need to upload a sample video that you have made.

This section is always aimed to show and convince the platform that you are really qualified to be accepted in regards to your application.

This is always the major factor that would determine if your application would be accepted or not.

Large number of people apply on the platform on dialy basis, but only few are always accepted; it’s always due to their ability to provide a good convincing sample of experience.

Step 9: Submit Your Application

Once you have reviewed the information you provided and they are correct, then proceed and hit the submit button.

Scooper News Registration
Scooper News Registration
Scooper News Registration
Scooper News
scooper news registration form

It would always take some hours to days before you get feedback from the platform, about your status.

If your application was accepted, you would get a congratulatory message that you have been accepted on the platform. They would also send you a guide on how to get started.

You may watch the video below to see how you can go about your scooper news registration.

scooper news registration

Make Over $200 Writing On Scooper

Having known that the platform pays $0.8 for each article you are able to publish on; it may really be clear that you can make over $200 monthly by just writing on scooper.

Before now, there was no limit of articles you can publish on the platform; but currently, the platform has set the limit to about 10 articles in a day.

This means that you may be able to publish only 10 articles in a day; once you have published up to 10 articles in a day, then you would have to wait till the next day before you would be allowed to publish again.

But even with the 10 articles daily, I think you can still be able to make over $200 monthly on scooper.

Below was a revenue earned by a writer on scooper, with just few articles:

Scooper News Registration
Scooper news earning

Having known that there is average of 30 days in a month; then if you are able to maintain publishing up to 10 articles everyday, it means you would be having up to 300 articles published at the end of the month.

Using the fix exchange rate in Nigeria (N360 per 1$) as set by scooper, then your 300 published articles would be giving you: 300 × $0.8 = $240

This means that, you would be making up to $240 in a month if you are able to maintain publishing up to 10 articles everyday.

Meanwhile, writing 10 articles everyday is as easy as eating your meal everyday; some people even use to complete the 10 articles early in the morning before even leaving your bed.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we mostly receive about Scooper News:

Is Scooper News Legit?

Scooper News is very legit; earning on the platform is very real, and many people are already making dollars writing on the platform.

How much does Scooper pay their writers?

Scooper pays her writers $0.8 per article published on the platform.

 What Is The Minimum Withdrawal On Scooper?

The minimum amount of money that Scooper can pay a writer is $10. This means that you must have up to $10 in your account before you can fill payment form.

Must I Add A Video On My Scooper Articles?

for your article to be published o Scooper, you must add a YouTube video that is related to the topic you wrote. You can just search on Google and get these videos.

 How Many Images Should I Add On My Scooper Articles?

For your article to be published on Scooper, there must be up to 5 images evenly distributed on the article.

 What Is The Minimum Number Of Words I Should Write On Scooper?

For your article to be published on Scooper, it must have a minimum of 300 words

 Where Do I Get Scooper Payment Form?

Scooper News always send the payment form to writers; usually close to payment time.

 How Does Scooper News Pay?

Scooper News pays directly into the bank account provided by the writer. Meanwhile you would always need to fill payment form every month, and failure to fill the form, may deny your payment.

When Does Scooper News Pay?

Scooper news usually start their payment from 15th of every month. (This is usually payment of the revenue earned in the previous month).

 How Many Articles Can I Publish On Scooper In A Day?

Currently writers are allowed to publish maximum of 10 articles in a day

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