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How To Stop Sokoloan From Accessing My Contacts

There has been a serious issue of concern on how some loan apps in Nigeria take actions against loan defaulters. The worst of some of their approaches is calling and sending messages to the contacts of the loan defaulter, and telling them that the person borrowed money from the loan app and have refused to pay. Some loan apps will even go as far as telling the contacts that the defaulter is a thief, and being wanted by the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission).

Though it’s never a welcome idea to take a loan and don’t pay at the due time; before you take a loan, you should make sure there is a means of getting the money to pay back even before the due date. But the act of some loan apps calling the contacts of loan defaulters has been seen to be a serious bridge in people’s privacy, and and a big embarrassment.

This has possibly beign the reason most people are now afraid of taking loans from online loan apps. Some that still have the courage to take loans from them are always looking for a way on how to stop loan apps from accessing their contacts.

This issue is also posed with Sokoloan users; they are also looking for a way to stop Sokoloan from accessing their contacts. Though it may not mean that Sokoloan is one of the loan apps that call your contacts in Nigeria, but the users are just being afraid of the bitter experience from some other loan apps. So they want to take caution by stopping Sokoloan from accessing their contact; possibly because they took a loan from them or they are yet to take the loan.

Whatever may be the case, we are going to show you how you can simply stop Sokoloan from accessing your contacts. And once that is done, they won’t be able to see any of your contact, not even to call them.

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Why Does sokoloan App Access Your Contacts List?

Are you wondering why the loan app had access to your contacts? Well, remember when you are applying for the loan, you were not requested to bring any form of Guarantor or physical collateral. Your contact list simply serves as your guarantor and collateral, when giving you the loan.

They having your mobile contact list has given them assurance that in a way, they must get you to pay the loan even if you try to play smart. Which they can do by reaching any of your contacts.

To enlighten you the more, Sokoloan app doesn’t only have access to your mobile phone contacts but also your phone messages, media and so on. That is why they will be able to even access your pictures.

From time to time, we see people that are being called by loan app to tell their friends, relatives or colleague to pay them their loan. This is the major reason why the app access your contact list.

Some times we see WhatsApp messages from unknown person soliciting us to tell our friend to pay up their loan or face legal action from them. All these are from loan apps, and they do that only when a customer refuses to pay back their loans.

How Do Sokoloan App Have Access To Your Contact List?

When you download the sokoloan app on your phone, and you open it to create an account with them, Sokoloan app automatically downloads all your contact list and images to their data base.

They also use an artificial intelligence bot (Ai) to sort out the contacts according to related family names or frequently called numbers.

The reason your frequently called numbers is sorted out is because they know if they talk to those persons, they will help them in convincing you to pay your loan.

Is It Legal For Sokoloan App To Invade Your Privacy?

This must be the question running through your head most times. Well it’s not legal for a loan app to invade your privacy by downloading your contact list to their data base, it’s only legal when Sokoloan app invade your privacy with prior consent from the customer. That is why the loan apps will always ask for your permission before accessing your contacts. For Sokoloan or any loan app to have access to your contacts, you must have given them the access, because they will always ask you before doing that.

How You Can Stop Sokoloan App From Accessing Your Mobile Phone Contacts

how to stop Sokoloan App From Accessing Your Mobile Contact list

If you don’t want to allow Sokoloan app to have access to your contacts and gallery, then you may follow the simple guide below: However, this procedure can only work for those using Android phone only.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Double click on app and notifications.
  • Scroll down to locate app permission.
  • From the app permission interface select sokoloan app.
  • Click on deny access to your contacts, image gallery and storage.

Once you are able to follow the above procedure, you have successfully denied Sokoloan access to your contacts, and they won’t be able to access them again.

DISCLAIMER: Please we are not in anyway, saying you should take a loan and refuse to pay. Mind you that it’s illegal to take a loan without paying back; a legal action can be taken against that. So, we always advise that before taking a loan, make sure you have the source of paying back even before the due date. To avoid embarrassment, please never take a loan if you don’t have a any hope of getting the money to pay back before the due date.

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