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4 Simple Ways To Make Money On Survey Junkie

Are you looking for a smart and legit way to make money online?
Then you should try out Survey Junkie.
On survey junkie, you simply get to make some cool cash for yourself while giving out your opinion on certain matters. Besides just answering some survey questions for cash, there are other ways of making money on survey junkie. And of course, in this article, I will be showing you the four simple ways to make money on survey junkie.

But before then, there are other things that i will be revealing in this article, such as, “what is survey junkie?” ,”How does survey junkie work?” Most importantly, I will also be answering questions such as “Is survey junkie legit”, “Is survey junkie safe for bank transfer” and I will also provide you with my survey junkie review; whether survey junkie is legit or scam.
So, without further ado, let us see the ways you can make money on survey junkie.

About Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is an online earnig site where users get to earn money for answering survey questions as well as performing other tasks. Survey junkie is owned by a company called DISQO, which of course is a consumer oriented market research agency.

What is survey junkie?
Survey Junkie

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

One of the things that make Survey junkie unique and to stand out is the fact that they reward in points and their payment can be made instantly.
Survey junkie works just like some other sites whereby you only need to sign up and then go ahead to make your money by answering surveys, as well as performing other little task.

Ways To Make Money On Survey Junkie

Just as I stated earlier, survey junkie is an online platform where you get paid to perform simple task. Some of these tasks are:

1. Downloading The Survey Junkie Pulse App

Not only does downloading the survey junkie pulse app makes you money, it also offers users a wider range of opportunities.

Survey Junkie app
Survey Junkie App

2. Answering Surveys:

One of the most important things in survey junkie is that it is mainly a survey site. Usually on survey junkie, you get $0.50-$3. However, most of these surveys on survey junkie takes about 10-20 minutes to answer.

3. Survey Junkie Junkie Sign Up Bonus

In order for you to get your survey junkie sign up bonus, you must have registered through a referral link, that is, an older survey junkie member must have given you their own specific referral link to use during your survey junkie registration. Just as stated earlier, one point on survey junkie equals to one cents. So, for your survey junkie sign up bonus, you are rewarded with 150, that is $1.50 instantly. However, you can go ahead and perform other task on survey junkie in order to raise it to $30.

4. Referrals

You too can make money or be rewarded some points on survey junkie by just referring someone. When someone registers on survey junkie using your referral link, you’ll be rewarded some points for your task.

Survey junkie sign up

Signing up on survey junkie is quite a simple task. You must have to register on survey junkie before you would be able to make money on the sites.
Below are the steps involved in signing up on survey junkie –

  1. Visit the survey Junkie registration page HERE.
  2. You will be asked to enter your personal details.
    There will include the following –
    a) Full name
    b) Username
    c) Email address
    d) Date of birth
    e) Address
    f) Country
    g) Zip code
    h) Password
  3. After you must have entered the above details, simply click on submit.
    However, you must ensure that this information is accurate and precise. The platform, survey junkie will not be responsible for any error, which of course may affect your payment.

Survey Junkie Login

Just like the survey junkie sign up, logging into your survey junkie account comes at no cost and is easy.
Below are the steps involved in logging into your survey junkie account –

  1. Visit the official survey junkie website or you open the official survey junkie app.
  2. Click on login
  3. Enter your survey junkie login details.
    Below are what you will need to enter into your survey junkie electronic form.
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  4. Click on submit
    Ensure that all your survey junkie login information are correct.

How Much Is One Survey Junkie Point?

Survey Junkie pays in points, which can be converted to cash (in dollar). One (1) point on survey junkie is equivalent to one cent. So 150 survey junkie points is equivalent to $1.5.

Survey Junkie Withdrawal

To withdraw your money on survey junkie, you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to the survey junkie dashboard
  2. Click on withdrawal
  3. Select amount you want to withdraw
  4. Select payment method
  5. Fill in your details correctly and then wait for some minutes.

Survey Junkie Withdrawal Threshold

While there is no maximum withdrawal on survey junkie, there is a minimum. You can not withdraw anything less than $5 on survey junkie.

Survey Junkie Payment Methods

There are two withdrawal methods on survey junkie, and there are:

2.Gift cards

Survey Junkie App

The survey junkie app is the best place to carry out all your Survey Junkie tasks. The survey junkie app is readily available on the google play store and the app store. And also, you too can carry out your survey junkie apk downoad at sites like

Survey Junkie Review

Survey junkie is a very legit platform and there is no investment required to be a member. However, this is not just my opinion but that of millions, thousands of people who have their review on the app on trust pilot and even on their google and Google play store. Also, I find survey junkies to be suitable for people who just want to get gift cards on the platform and not to make money. Although it is possible to work and make lot of money on survey junkie.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Legit Is Survey Junkie?

For people who usually ask “is survey Junkie Legit”. The answer is Yes, it is legit. They are registered company and that should speak enough volume regarding how legit Survey junkie is.

How Much Can You Earn On Survey Junkie

Registered members on survey junkie can earn as much money as they want. While the minimum withdrawal on survey junkie is pegged at $5, you can go ahead to make over $30-$50 on the survey junkie app. Which of course, can be converted into PayPal cash and gift cards.

Does Survey Junkie Pay Instantly?

Yes, survey junkie pays instantly. However, there are cases where it takes survey junkie at least ten minutrs to make the payment.

Is Survey Junkie Safe For Bank Transfer?

Yes, Survey junkie is safe for bank transfer. However, while you can not withdraw your money directly from survey junkie straight into your bank account, you can withdraw into your PayPal account. Which of course, you can then transfer into your bank.

Which Surveys Actually Pay Cash?

There are lot of survey companies that actually pay cash. It is all about you finding the right one that has been extensively tested and found to be true lest you will just be wasting your time and energy on some useless or junk sites. Based on our review, below are the top 3 survey sites that actually pay cash.

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. InboxDollar
  3. Swagbucks

Does Survey Junkie Have An App?

Yes, there is a survey junkie app. Besides the web version, survey junkie has an app version, which of course, can be downloaded on the Google play store for the android version and the Apple play store for the IOS device.

Does Survey Junkie Steal Your Information?

No, survey junkie does not steal your information. They are a very legit platform and stealing of users personal information will have a negative impact on their reputation.

How Do I Redeem Money From Survey Junkie?

Before attenpting to redeem money on survey junkie, it is crucial to note that there are basically two ways of redeeming your money on survey junkie. Like I said earlier, there are:

  1. Paypal
  2. Gift cards

What’s Better Survey Junkie or Swaybucks

While swagbucks and survey junkie are different platforms, both are quite similar based on the fact that payment are in points, although swagbucks usually calls theirs “Swagbucks or SB”. However, personally, I will go for Swagbucks. They pay better than survey junkie. However, I will say that this is a matter of personal choice and it will not be suprising if someone else picks survey junkie over swagbucks.

Who Pays More Survey Junkie or Swagbucks?

Swagbucks pays more than survey junkie. The payment on survey junkie is one of the reasons people do not like or fancy the platform.

Which Is Better Inboxdollar or Survey Junkie?

Personally, Inboxdollar is better than survey junkie. For me, survey junkie is just one of the platforms that I can choose to earn petty cash or giftcards from. But inboxdollar is a wow.


Survey junkie is the new cool. And with these four steps to make fast money on survey junkie, you self can get on the path of making more and more cash or gift cards from survey junkie.

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