How to make money playing games on mistplay
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How To Make Real Money Playing Games On

Thanks to the 21st century, apps like mistplay exist where you can earn money online by playing games without investment. Yes, you read that right.

There are many online money making site where you can play free online games to earn real money. And like I stated earlier, you really do not need to invest in any of them before you begin to see a huge cash flow, flowing straight into your account. And with a smile on your face, you then realize that your gaming skills was not just for fun.

Sounds too good to be true right? Sounds like some Hollywood movie script right? Well, mistplay says it is totally possible to earn money by playing games. You get to earn huge amount of money wherever you are in the world, just by playing games. This is really interesting especially to people that love playing games; doing what you love doing and making money at the same time.

Without wasting of time, let us see more about this unique platform called mistplay and how you can earn some money online through them.

What Is Mistplay?

Mistplay is a kind of online gaming site or app where you can making money playing with your phones. While playing games on mistplay, you accumulate some points or units which can be redeemed to cash. That is to say, the more time you spend on playing video games on and earning rewards or units for each game, the more your pay will increases which of course, can be redeemed for cash or any gift card of your choice including the Amazon gift card, Google gift card and lot of them.

How to make money playing games on mistplay
mistplay app

How Does Mistplay Work? (How To Use Mistplay)

Like several other online money making platforms where you can get to earn money or earn point which you can redeem for cash, has a particular way it works and how you can use it.

It is important that Mistplay has to keep track of your game usage, that is one of the ways you can easily make money on the platform. The Mistplay app is also important. So you will need to download it before you can start making money from the platform.

However, it is only the android version of Mistplay that is available at the moment although the Mistplay management team had revealed that they are working on making Mistplay available to IOS devices as well. To earn money on Mistplay, you need to complete your Mistplay registration. And in the next section, I will be directing you on how you can successful complete your Mistplay sign up without problems and what you should expect during the process.

How To Register On Mistplay

Ensuring that you have signed up on mistplay is one of the first thing you should do if you want to make money from the game app. To carry out your Mistplay sign up, here are the following steps you will have to pass through.

  • Download the Mistplay app or you visit the official Mistplay website at to get started.
  • Click on create account
  • The mistplay sign up form will be shown to you on the screen of your android phone. On that form, you will be asked to enter the following details.
  • An Email address.
  • A Facebook account. You are to register via any of the two means listed above. Through that means, Mistplay will be able to get other details about you including your name.
  • Date of birth
  • Gender.
  • Referral code (Optional)
  • Password
  • Click on the submit or register button.

Your Mistplay account is now open. Ensure that all the details you filled in where correct as it will be very important to you when you want to carry out your Mistplay sign in.

Mistplay Login

Before attempting to carry out the Mistplay login, you must ensure that you have registered and have a Mistplay account. Otherwise, it will be a huge stress upon stress and you will eventually get tired. Well, except you have some bad intentions.

Below are the following steps in completing your Mistplay login.

  • Download the Mistplay app or visit the official Mistplay website at to get log in on.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • An electronic form will be presented to you, asking you to provide the following details.
  • Your email address.
  • Your password
  • Ensure that all the details you just entered into the electronic form are complete and up to date.

In that way, you will be granted easy access into the account linked with the details you just provided.

Why Mistplay Pays You To Play Games

Having or seeing a platform or any online money making site that is genuine in paying its users for playing games is very rare, and that is probably what makes to be rare and also, that is what differentiates it from other online money making platforms.

Everyday, game developers emerge, most of these game developers are willing to spend huge amounts of money just to get their mobile games tested for bugs or any error that will make the mobile game to seem boring to it consumers. That is what Mistplay does. Mistplay gives you an opportunity to test these games for these developers before they are released into the video game market. And then, Mistplay pays you for that particular task. These developers are also known as “Mistplay partners”.

How To Earn Mistplay Rewards

Earning some Mistplay rewards is very important and this rewards are usually given as points. These points, you have an option to either redeem them, accumulate them or redeem them as gift cards.

Every game you play on Mistplay comes with a different reward, that is; a different points. Before playing a particular game on mistplay, you will be allowed to see the Mistplay points you will earn from that particular game and then you can choose to go ahead or move to a lower or higher points rewarding game.

Redeeming Your Mistplay Points

How to redeem mistplay points.
Just like I stated earlier, there are several ways on you or anyone can redeem their mistplay points or units.
To be able to redeem your mistplay points or units, you must have a minimum of 400 Mistplay points. And 400 points can get you a $0.50 gift card on Amazon.

How to redeem mistplay points
Mistplay rewards

You can then trade your Mistplay points through Tango card, which of course is a Mistplay partner.
You can get the gift card of any of these platforms:

  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • Google
  • PlayStation
  • iTune
  • sStarbucks
  • eBay
  • Nintendo
  • And several other platforms.

Mistplay Review

Mistplay Legit? Yes, Mistplay is legit. They are actually paying their users.Most of their users praise the platform for giving them the opportunity to make money while doing what they actually enjoy doing.

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Am I Qualified To Used Mistplay?

Yes, anyone is qualified to use Mistplay. However, it is mandatory that you must be over or 13 years old to be able to create an account on mistplay. Mistplay punishes defaulters of this rule by banning or blocking their account from working on the platform. Thereby stopping them from earning money on the platform.

What Games Are On Mistplay?

There are a whole lot of games made available on Mistplay. You can test any of these games and make money from it. Below are some of the games available on the Mistplay.

Mistplay games
Mistplay games

Toon blast, Coin master, Yahtzee, Scrabble Go, World series of Poker, Words with Friends 2, Farmville 2, solilataire and lot of other video games.

How Does Mistplay Make Their Own Money

Most online platforms like Mistplay have a certain way that they make their own money. Usually, sites like Mistplay usually make their money through fees and lot of other means including charging the platforms partners more.

After Buying Gift card Using My Mistplay Point, When Will I Get My Gift Card?

Usually, it takes a maximum of two days for the gift card to be delivered into the email account you linked your Mistplay account with. However, if you are not satisfied with the process and lot of other things, you can go ahead to contact the Mistplay customer care and then explain everything including your challenges regarding Mistplay to them.

How Do I Carry Out My Mistplay App Download

Just like I started earlier, Mistplay only works on android devices at the moment. But the management of Mistplay have announced that the IOS version of the money making platform will be made available to the public soon enough.

To download the Mistplay app, you have to go through the following steps.

  • Visit the Google play store.
  • Search for Mistplay mobile app.
  • If you have found it, click on install. The app will begin to install if there is no problem like internal space issues or network fluctuations.
  • Open the Mistplay app after you must have successfully downloaded it.

What Is Mistplay GXP And PXP

Like several other platforms, there are terminologies that are unique to it alone. And for Mistplay, GXP and PXP is one of the terminologies that are unique to it alone.

GXP stands for Game Experience Points. It will be of huge importance that you understand the fact that Mistplay actually pays also based on your Game experience points.
Your GXP or Game Experience Points is solely based on how long you have played a particular game you found at Mistplay. It has nothing to do with the skill involved or any other thing.

While PXP stands for Player Experience Points. Similar to the Game Experience points, the Players Experience points also plays a key role on how many mistplay points you get at the end of the day. Your player experience points is based on how long you have been using the Mistplay app.

Your PXP or player experience points has a key role to play in your game experience points. As a matter of fact, you get paid in points whenever you increase even up to a minute in the Mistplay player experience points.

Does Mistplay Pay Into PayPal?

At the moment, the answer is no, Mistplay does not pay into PayPal.

Is Mistplay Available In Philippines?

Yes, Mistplay is available in Philippines and other countries of the world including the United States.

Is there Any other Game App To Win Real Money In 2021

Just as I stated earlier, Mistplay is very unique. However, below is a list of five gams app to earn you real money in 2021:

  • Skillz games
  • InboxDollars
  • Drop
  • Sweet coin
  • Swagbucks.

Can I Earn On Mistplay Even Without Playing Games?

Yes, you can earn on Mistplay even though you do not want to play games. However, playing games on Mistplay is one of the fastest ways to make money on the platform.

You can also earn on Mistplay through referrals. That is, referring other people to use the platform. If the person you referred makes use of your referral code during their Mistplay play sign up, Mistplay will actually reward you with some points. It is important that the person uses your referral code during the registration or else, mistplay will not have any means of recognising that the person was actually referred by you.


Now you can go ahead and then apply everything you discovered or learnt here. Mistplay is not like those platforms that makes wacky claims.
Mistplay is available for United States and Canada residents as well. It is also geographical dependent. That means, your location will play a big rule in determining how much you earn points on Mistplay.


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