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How To Apply & Get Dataway POS Machine

Knowing that POS business is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria right now, one may probably want to venture into it. As a POS agent, one of the major things that guarantee high revenue, is using POS machine with cheap charges. That is, POS machine with low charge rate.

Many of our readers have kept asking us about the best POS machine with low charges, in this, I would say that there are only few of them, which Dataway POS is one of them.

So, if you want to start POS business or you are already into the business, and looking for the POS machine with low charge rate to make more profit, I would recommend you try Dataway POS, it’s one of best POS machine in Nigeria with a very low withdrawal charges.

So, in this article, we are going to walk you through the steps you should follow to get your Dataway POS machine without any stress.

What Is A POS Computer System?

A POS system or “point of sale” computer system is a device or system which is used to carry out financial transactions. One of its features is that it can scan barcode and most times, can print receipt of that particular transaction.

What Is Dataway POS Machine?

A dataway POS machine is point of sale (POS) machine that is offered by Fintech company known as dataway. With the dataway POS machine, you can carry out all types of financial transactions that a POS machine should.

How To Get POS Machine From Dataway

How To Become Dataway Agent.
Unlike many POS companies, getting a POS machine from Dataway is quite very easy. To get Dataway POS machine, follow the fee steps below:👇

1. Register On Dataway

The first thing you should do to qualify for Dataway POS machine, is to register on the Dataway website as a subscriber. This means that, without registering on Dataway, you won’t have access to any of their services, not even their POS machine.

To register on Dataway, Click this link HERE to register. Make sure you use my referral name “masterg“.

Registration on Dataway cost just N2,000, which is a one-time registration fee. This gives you access to the numerous services offered by Dataway including their POS machine.

This registration fee on Dataway can be paid either through online payment or coupon code. Online payment option could be through Flutter wave. But for coupon code option, you must contact a registered member on Dataway, to get a coupon. This means that it’s only someone who is already registered on Dataway that would have access to generate dataway registration coupon code.

To get your Dataway registration coupon code, you may contact us on WhatsApp: 08166581804

2. Apply For Dataway POS

Once you have successfully to registered on Dataway, you now have access to apply for their POS machine. Once you look at the top of your Dataway dashboard/profile, you will see the option to apply for POS machine. Just tap the option and fill in the information required of you.

Requirements For Dataway POS Machine

To apply for Dataway POS machine, there are few requirements that you would need to put in place.

Below are the requirements on how to become a dataway agent:

  1. Must install the Dataway app which will be used during your dataway registration or dataway login.
  2. Must have registered on Dataway with the sum of N2000, to become a dataway Nigeria subscriber. With this, you can have access to all services offered by Dataway.
  3. Must have funded your Dataway wallet with a refundable caution fee of N10,000. To get the dataway POS machine, you will need to pay a refundable and cautionary fee of N10,000 to dataway Nigeria. This fee will be refunded to you any time you return the Dataway POS machine to the company.
  4. Valid means of identification for your Dataway verification. The item for identification might be any of the following; National ID card, Voters Card, international passport or a drivers license.
  5. Proof of residence. This will help to verify or proof your address. The items that can serve as proof of residence includes; Bank account statement, Utility bill such as NEPA bill or water bill.
  6. Dataway app: you would need the Dataway app for your POS transactions. However you can login to use the Dataway app only when your POS application has been approved. To download Dataway mobilile app for Android, click HERE to download.

After all passing or submitting all the requirements listed here, you will have to get notified by dataway regarding your agent application.
However, be rest assured this does not take long.

Upon the approval of your dataway POS agent registration and the payment of your dataway refundable POS machine fee, you will be contacted by a staff from dataway to discuss on how the dataway POS machine will be delivered to you and your addition into the official dataway POS agents WhatsApp group.

However, it is important to note that the cost of waybilling the dataway POS machine will be on you. So, you should be ready to pay for the logistics.

NOTE: At the time of writing this article, Dataway has only the mini POS terminal. You can check the later section, to know the description of a mini POS terminal

Benefits Of Being A Dataway POS Agent

As a dataway POS agent, you get access to a lot of services or benefits offered by dataway Nigeria. These benefits or privileges are only exclusive for Dataway POS agents.
Below are the benefit or privileges of being a dataway POS agent:

  1. Get fast support
  2. Get access to the official dataway Nigeria WhatsApp group.
  3. Get listed as a verified Dataway POS agent on the official dataway website.

Types Of POS Terminal

There are numerous types of POS terminals with their primary functions being their ability to allow the user or operator make cash withdrawals, cash deposits, utility bills payment or settlement, money transfers and lot of other functions. Along with that, each type of POS terminal comes with a security process which the user, agent or operator must bypass before they can carry out financial transactions such as money transfers, utility bills payment or settlement such as DSTV or GoTV subscription, cash deposit, money transfers as well as several other financial transactions which can be done on any POS machine.

POS terminals are classified mainly based on their physical features such as durability, portability as well as other physical qualities or features.
Below are the three main types of POS terminals:

1. Android POS Terminal

Android POS machine
Andriod POS Machine

They are quite small and therefore, a portable type of POS terminal that is in use. It has a physical look of a mobile phone, except for the fact that it can not access Google or Facebook. That is, it mostly has a 6 to 8 inch length and a 4 to 5 inch breadth.

Despite its small size, it has the ability to carry out financial transactions which are expected of the traditional POS terminal which includes the following:

a. App installation
b. Scanning of back code

3. Traditional POS Terminal

Traditional POS machine
Traditional POS machine

Ever since the usage of POS machine was made legal by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the traditional POS terminal, which was the first type of POS terminal to be introduced to Nigeria, has grown to be the most trending and therefore, the most common type of POS terminal. One of the things that sets it apart is the fact that it can print out the receipt of any transaction at the end of that particular transaction. The traditional POS machine functions when it is connected to the internet. That is, it makes use of WiFi.

3. Mini POS Terminal

Dataway POS machine (mini POS)
mini POS machine

The mini POS terminal is one of the most easy-to-get POS terminal that is in use. This is due to the fact that it is quite affordable and very portable.
That is to say, you have no need for a big bag to be able to carry the Mini POS terminal.

It does not make use of printers. However, it has a slot through which you can insert your bank debit card and go ahead to carry out your financial transactions.

For a mini POS terminal to function, it must be connected to an internet source such as a WiFi as well as a Bluetooth for it to be able to communicate with a smartphone through which the real transactions are done.

How Much Capital Do I Need To Start A POS Business?

There is no fixed price to start a POS business. So, your capital for starting a POS business can not be outrightly stated. However, the capital used by most POS business owners to start up their POS business ranges from N50,000 and above. This is also based on your location and cost of getting a POS kiosk.

How To Get Free POS Machine in Nigeria

Getting a free POS machine in Nigeria is quite easy. However, there are some rules or requirements to get these free POS machines.

You can get a free POS machine at a bank by following the following steps:

  1. Create an account with the bank
  2. deposit some money
  3. Inform the bank that you want to be their POS agents.
  4. You will be given a form to fill and told the terms and conditions.

After agreeing on the terms and conditions, you will be given a free POS machine by the bank.
Note that the procedures on how to get a free POS machine varies and as an Opay agent, you can get a free POS machine.

Dataway Review

Dataway Nigeria is a registered company under the Nigerian corporate affairs commission (CAC). This means that they are very legit. In addition to this, the have a WhatsApp group for all their dataway agents, which simply means that you get to communicate with other dataway POS agent.

In summary, dataway is completely legit and no scams are involved. So, be rest assured, if you paid for your dataway POS machine, you are definitely going to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is POS business Profitable?

Yes, POS business is profitable in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, POS business is one of the most profitable business right now as people no more want to go to the bank to make transactions, which will have them stand on a long queue. You get profit based on percentage for every person that you carry out a financial transaction for. However, the revenue you can make on POS business depends on the location of your POS business.

Do I Need To Pay For The Dataway POS Machine?

Not exactly. While you do not need to pay for the dataway POS machine, you will have to pay a refundable and compulsory fee of N10,000. The N10,000 is only cautionary and you are permitted to get it back any time you return the POS machine to the company.

Can I Buy My Own POS Machine?

Yes, you can buy your own POS machine. However, the cost of buying a POS machine is always high and which is why most people go for the dataway POS machine. And besides, you will need to get certified before using the POS machine.

You can check our previous article here, about the cheapest POS machine you can buy in the market.

Can I Get POS Machine From Bank?

Yes, you can get POS machine from bank.

How Much Does It Cost To Start POS Business?

Just as stated earlier, there is no fixed cost for starting a POS business. It will also depend on your cost. For example, getting a dataway POS machine will cost just a sum of N10,000. This N10,000 is refundable, unconditional and serves as a caution fee.

You can then go ahead and get your chairs, table, kiosk and even get a staff if you want to. So, I would say that with at least, N80,000 to N100,000, you can start a POS business in Nigeria. Depending on whether you are going to get a shop or umbrella.


As you can see, getting a dataway POS machine is very simple and very straightforward. In this guide, I have been able to provide you with a step by step guide on how to get your dataway POS machine and as well as provided you with answers to some questions which might have been bother about the POS business.

However, in case you have any difficulty, let me know via the comment section.


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