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How To Get A Walmart Money Card Right Now: Step-by-step Guide

Wondering how to get a Walmart Money Card? This article is here to put you through.

You see, just like your Visa debit card or any debit card, the Walmart Money Card comes with a lot of advantages and this includes going cashless and still be able to pay for goods or services while you are with your Walmart Money Card.

In this article, I will be sharing with you, everything that you need to know regarding how to get your Walmart MoneyCard as well as answering a lot if questions regarding the Walmart Money Card which you might be interested in. Questions like: Can I use Walmart MoneyCard on Amazon, can anyone get a Walmart Money Card? And a lot of other questions.

So, without further ado, let us see what a Walmart Money Card is before we move over to addressing other things about the card.

What Is Walmart MoneyCard?

Walmart money card

Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit card which of course is offered by Walmart to customers who request for it, and it can be used in places where Visa and Master Cards are used. The Walmart Money Card is reloadable and can be used alongside the Walmart money card mobile app.

How To Get A Walmart Money Card

How to get a Walmart money card

How to get a Walmart Money Card is not an hard task at all. However, you must be up to 18 years, before you can get a Walmart money card. Below are steps to getting your Walmart MoneyCard:

  • Download the Walmart Money Card mobile app
  • Open a Walmart Money Card account
  • Set up a Walmart Money Card user ID
  • Fund your Walmart account to activate it
  • Apply for a Walmart Money Card
  • Wait for about two weeks to get your Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart Money Card Register

The Walmart Money Card registration process is a very simple and straightforward process. Below is a guide to help you get started regarding how to carry out your Money Card registration:

  • Open the Walmart Money Card mobile app
  • Click on create account. In accordance with the USA Patriot ACT, you will be asked to provide the following details:
  • a) Full name
  • b) Date of birthc) 16-digit card number
  • d) Expiration details
  • e) 3-digit service code
  • f) Mobile phone number
  • Click on send to submit the details to Walmart.

Walmart Money Card Login

Now that you have known how to get a Walmart Money Card, how then can you login to your Walmart account?

Most times depending on your setting, you will be asked to provide your Walmart Money Card login details before using the Walmart Money Card mobile app. Below are steps to login your Walmart account and what you will be asked to provide:

  • Use the Walmart MoneyCard app
  • Click on login
  • Enter the following details
  • a) Your User ID
  • b) Your Password
  • Click on submit

Walmart Money Card App

Walmart money card app

The Walmart Money Card app is very important especially when you want to be in full control of your Walmart Money Card.

With the Walmart MoneyCard app, you can reload your account as well as perform other types of activities on your Walmart MoneyCard.

The Walmart Money Card is available on the Google Play Store for download on android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The Walmart MoneyCard apk version is still available for download on sites like

Walmart Money Card Fee

Now that I have known how to get a Walmart Money Card, How much will I be charged to get a Walmart Money Card?

The cost of getting a Walmart Money Card is actually very low. As a matter of fact, the fee is just $1. However, this is not same with the monthly fee of using the Walmart MoneyCard. It costs about $6 monthly to still use the Walmart Money Card. This is not applicable if you have $1000+ in your account.

Walmart Money Card Customer Service

Walmart money card customers service center

The Walmart MoneyCard customer service is always available to help you on anything regarding your Walmart MoneyCard account, the mobile app and even the prepaid card. This includes reporting to them about damaged or stolen cards as well as others.

You can contact them via any means of your choice. However, this is the Walmart Money Card customer service number through which you can contact them with to make your complaints: (877) 937-4098.

How Do I Get A Temporary Walmart Money Card?

Now that you have known how to get a Walmart Money Card, how can you get a temporary card in case you need it? The temporary card is quite different from the normal Walmart card which you can use for some years.

For the temporary card, you may only have to use it in just one day you got it. The temporary card is important if you just applied for your Walmart card, and waiting for it to arrive. So while you wait for your Walmart card to arrive, you may always get the Walmart temporary card for your daily transactions.

The temporary Walmart Money Card is available for all people who are interested. At any Walmart store, you can get your temporary Walmart Money Card and use it exactly the same day after paying a fee of $1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Walmart Money Card?

Just like I had stated earlier, the cost of getting a Walmart MoneyCard is $1.

Is A Walmart Money Card Free?

No, the Walmart MoneyCard is not free. You will need to pay a fee of $1 to get the MoneyCard. And a monthly service fee of $6.

Can Anyone Get A Walmart Money Card?

No, getting a Walmart MoneyCard is not just for anyone. The first and  basic requirements to getting a Walmart Money Card is that you must be 18 or above the age of 18.

What Bank Does Walmart Money Card Use?

The Walmart Money Card is issued by the Green Dot Bank and it makes use of the Green Dot Bank.

Is Walmart Money Card A Prepaid Card?

Yes, Walmart Money Card is a prepaid card. It can be used like other debit card and they are allowed in places where Visa and Master Card are used.

Can You Use A Walmart Money Card Anywhere?

Where to use the Walmart Money Card

Yes, the Walmart MoneyCard is used anywhere. As far as the Visa debit card and the MasterCard debit card is used there.

Can I Link My Walmart MoneyCard To CashApp?

No, unfortunately you can not link your Walmart MoneyCard to your CashApp.  CashApp only accepts cards issued by Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and lot of others.

How Much Money Can You Withdraw From Walmart Money Card?

You can only withdraw below $500 from an ATM that supports Walmart Money Card, below $1000 from a Walmart register and below $1500 at a Walmart participating bank. This are the amounts that you can withdraw from Walmart MoneyCard until otherwise stated.

Is Walmart Credit Card Same As Walmart Money Card?

No, the Walmart credit card is not the same as the Walmart MoneyCard. There are basically three Walmart cards, which they are:

  • Walmart Money Card
  • Walmart Rewards credit card
  • Capital one Walmart rewards credit card

Each of these cards are very different from each other.

Can I Use Walmart Money Card On Amazon?

Yes, you can use the Walmart Money Card on Amazon to carry out your shopping activities. As far as it is a debit card, it will be accepted.

Can You Buy A Netspend Card At Walmart?

Yes, you can buy a Netspend card at Walmart and it will be delivered to you by mail in about 7 days or less.

Can I Use Walmart Money Card To Buy Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency  of your choice via the Walmart Money Card. A Lot of Crypto exchanges including Paxful allow their users to make payment for their Bitcoin purchase via their  Walmart Money Card.

Can Walmart MoneyCard Be Garnished?

Yes, your Walmart MoneyCard can be garnished.


Just like you have seen, getting your Walmart MoneyCard is no a big deal at all. In this article, I have covered everything that you need to know regarding how to get your Walmart Money Card and this includes how much you will pay for the Walmart Money Card, that is your Walmart Money Card fee as well as a lot of others.

Is there any question you have regarding the Walmart Money Card?

Drop your comment below.


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