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Earn Free Cryptocurrencies On RayMiner: 4 Simple Ways To Earn

Have you heard of RayMiner? Do you want to know how to make money on RayMiner, how to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner? No worries, we are here for you!

The online earning space is very wide and can never be saturated, that is why Naijaventure never lacks online earning opportunities to bring to you, here. There are always many ways to make money online, with new ones emerging on daily basis; and one of such platforms is RayMiner.

You know, it is said that if you are not informed, you will be deformed. If one is not told about the potentials in the online space, they will never know that countless number of money making opportunities are coming up on daily basis. And the most interesting thing is that we are always dedicated in bring to your notice about the latest online earning opportunities available; we are always making sure that you don’t miss any opportunity that comes around.

Today again, we have brought to you another earning opportunity which you can maximize to increase your online earning portfolio. Today, we bring to you another platform, “RayMiner’’ where you can invest almost nothing and earn in cryptocurrencies, daily.

Here, we are going to show you different ways yu can earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner; so stay tunned! But before the highlight, let’s first know about RayMiner.
About RayMiner/What Is RayMiner?

About RayMiner/What Is RayMiner

RayMiner is an upcoming crypto mining platform where you can mine different kinds of cryptocurrencies, for free, that’s without spending any dime.

Yes, we are using cryptocurrency and Money interchangeably, because cryptocurrency is Money; you can always convert your cryptocurrency to Money. The same thing is applicable on RayMiner, all the cryptocurrencies you earn on RayMiner are withdrawable; you can withdraw them as cash to your bank account.

One interesting thing about RayMiner is that you don’t need any special software to mine cryptocurrencies; you only need your phone or computer and your regular web browsers to start mining cryptocurrency on RayMiner. Though there are some browsers that are not supported.

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How To Earn Cryptocurrency On RayMiner

Having made the highlight above, let’s now talk about how to earn on RayMiner; how you can earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner.

1. Mining

One of the ways to earn cryptocurrency daily on RayMiner, is Mining. You can mine cryptocurrencies daily on RayMiner, without investing anything.

Cryptocurrency Mining is a proces of generating new crypto coins in circulation, usually with the use of machines or softwares.

How To Mine On RayMiner

Unlike mining some other cryptos like Bitcoin that requires very expensive equipment/softwares; mining on RayMiner does not require such heavy and expensive tools. All you need is just your phone/computer, internet connection, and your web browser.

Mining on RayMiner is done for you automatically, whether you are offline or logged in to your RayMiner account. But for you to earn any or your daily Mining rewards, you must have to login to your RayMiner account, and claim your reward by clicking on the “MINE” button on the Mines Page.

This means that you would earn your daily Crypto only when you click on the MINE button; and this can be done once in a day. Any day you didn’t click on the MINE button, it means you didn’t earn anything for that day.

To mine cryptocurrency on RayMiner, you may check the guide below:👇

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your RayMiner account.
  3. Scroll past all the adverts or ad banners; towards the footer of the website.
  4. Locate “ENTER MINES” button, which is red in colour.
  5. Click on “Enter Mines”
  6. Locate any of the cryptocurrencies available on RayMiner. The available ones are:
  7. Click on “Mine” under any of the available cryptocurrencies you want to mine. You can always mine all the available one.

You may check out the video below to understand better:👇

Note that you can mine any of the cryptocurrencies only when they are showing 0H 0M 0S or or 0D 0H 0M 0S. (H means Hour; M means Minutes; S means Seconds; D means Days).

When it showing this, it means that particular cryptocurrency is ready for Mining. Immediately you mine any cryptocurrency, the time starts counting down, which will be ready for Mining again, in the next 24 hours.

This means that you can only mine the individual cryptocurrency (or all of them) once in a day. Once you have minded in today, you would have to wait until tomorrow before you can mine again.

However, it is still possible to mine more than once in a day; even up to 10 times a day. If you want to mine more than once in a day, you would have to subscribe with a particular amount of one of the cryptocurrencies you have accumulated in your RayMiner wallet.

For example, you can subscribe with about 1,000 pNT, to mine 2 to 10 times in a day. That’s is only if you have up to 1000 pNT in your RayMiner wallet.

After Mining, you can always visit your RayMiner wallet to see how much cryptocurrencies you have accumulated.

Supported Browsers For Mining On RayMiner

It is worthy of note that not all web browsers that are supported for Mining on RayMiner; there are Browsers that cannot be used.

What Browsers Can You Use?

You can use any brower that doesn’t have ad blocker or cookies enabled. For example: you can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and so on. You can click HERE for more recommendations on the browsers you can use.

What Browsers Cannot Be Use?

You cannot use privacy focused browsers or browers that have ad blocker or cookies enabled. Example, you can not use browsers like Brave, Decentr, Phoenix, Opera Mini, and so on.

How to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner

2. Daily Login

This is another way on how to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner. Unlike some other Crypto earning platforms, RayMiner gives you login bonus once, for everyday you login to the platform; even without doing any other task.

3. Streak Challenge

RayMiner has a challenge called 7 day streak, which is another simple way on how to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner.

On the 7 day streak challenge, RayMiner gives you bonus is you mine cryptocurrencies for 7 days, consecutively; and you will receive the bonus on the 7th day. Note that if you miss any day without Mining, you will no longer be qualified for the bonus.

4. Daily Quests 

Another way on how to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner is by performing unlocked quests daily. To do this, you can always visit the Quests page from the menu.

Examples of Quests include the Daily Lottery, the Bottom Lottery and the Mini Games.

On the page for each Quest, instructions on what to do are given at the top. Usually you will have to scroll down past several ads on the page to find the buttons for participating in the Quest.

Some Quests are locked for new users but as you continue to use the platform and gain more XP,  you will unlock these Quests which will enable you to earn more.

All Quests are currently free to participate in but in the future, you may be charged a little of your already mined crypto from your RayMiner wallet for some Quests.

5. Referrals

Another way to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner is through referrals; you can invite Your friends to visit or register on RayMiner, and make you earn your commission.

This means that RayMiner gives you bonuses when people visit their site or register on the site through your referral link.

6. Buy Booster Packs

Another way on how to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner is by buying digital packages called boaster packs. Buying boaster packages has remained the fastest way to earn cryptocurrency; you receive a large amount of cryptocurrency anything you buy boaster packages on RayMiner.

You can pay for these items using popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, Tron, ADA, SOL, BUSD etc.

7. Leaders Bonuses

The top 3 users, top 3 referrers and top 3 promoters for any completed month will receive cash prizes in Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrency which they can withdraw and sell immediately. This feature is going to be available only when RayMiner has grown to 10,000 daily users.

8. Rank-Up and Level-Up Bonuses

Here, you stand to earn extra bonuses when you reach a new Rank or Level.

RayMiner Registration/RayMiner Sign Up

Having known how to earn cryptocurrency on RayMiner, I know you would love to register and join the crypto earning gang on the platform.

RayMiner sign up is very easy, there is nothing like filling a whole lot of forms, for registration; there are only a few details required from you to complete your RayMiner Registration.

The only thing you need to complete your RayMiner sign up is just your Google account or Social media account (either Twitter or Facebook). This means that you can automatically sign up on RayMiner using your Google account or Social media account.

So, to sign up on RayMiner, just foll the steps below:👇

  1. Visit the RayMiner Registration page using my referral link here 👉:
  2. When you visit the RayMiner Registration page, there are few options to complete the Rayminer sign up. either using your Google account or your social media account (Twitter or Facebook).
  3. Select any of the options as described above.
  4. If you used your Google account, you are going to receive activation email. Visit your email and activate your RayMiner account, through the activation Link.

RayMiner Sign In/RayMiner Log In

Just as the RayMiner sign up, there is no big deal on RayMiner sign in.

  1. Just visit the RayMiner log in page.
  2. Choose the platform you used during your RayMiner Registration, to sign up. Example: if you completed your RayMiner sign up using your Google account; during your RayMiner log in, you would also have to choose your Google account to sign in.

RayMiner Review

RayMiner is an upcoming crypto platform, which hopes to provide opportunity and easy way for crypto lovers to mine/earn cryptocurrency at zero cost.

Currently there are different ways to earn free cryptocurrencies on RayMiner, which I have discussed in this post, including mining. But it is officially stated on the RayMiner Website that their cryptocurrencies have not been listed on the blockchain market. This means that you may not be able to withdraw your earned cryptos on RayMiner until their cryptocurrencies are listed on blockchain market.

According to RayMiner, their cryptocurrencies will be listed on blockchain market, once they hit 2 million users, and 10,000 daily visitors.

Is RayMiner Legit?

I know this is the major question that may be bothering you right now. Just like any other online platform, the first question anyone can ask before joining any platform is whether they are legit or scam.

However, for RayMiner, it may be too early to conclude whether the platform is legit or scam.

According to our check, was registered or updated on December, 08, 2021. This means that the platform is still a very new platform.

But considering our analysis from different angles, about the site; we could sense that the platform is may be very legit.

Most importantly, the platform is not demanding for your wealth before you can earn their cryptocurrencies; just few tasks which you can execute without spending a dime.

So you can try it out, and see how it goes. 👍

Is RayMiner Scam?

No, RayMiner is not really a scam; as we have not spotted any convincing fact to state categorically that the platform is a scam. We recommend that you give it a trial.

Please, do share with us, your experience on RayMiner.

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