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How To Create Whatsapp Channel Right Now (Android & iPhone)

In our previous post, we talked about how the new whatsapp channel can help your business. Here in this post, we are going to guide you through on how to create a whatsapp channel, easily without any hassle. 

We noticed that many people are lost, while trying out a way to create a whatsapp channel, most of them always complain that they couldn’t find the option to create a channel. However, we are here to help out. But before we proceed, let’s look at certain things you need to know before you can create a whatsapp channel.

What You Should Do Before You Can Create a Whatsapp Channel

If you are still not seeing the option to create a whatsapp channel, then you need to listen up.

  • Use Business Whatsapp

As at the time of writing this post, we noticed that the option to create a whatsapp channel is  not available on the whatsapp messenger, on the updated whatsapp messenger, you can only see the option to join whatsapp channels. The option to create a whatsapp channel is currently available only on the updated Whatsapp business.

  • Update Your Whatsapp Business

Though the option to create a whatsapp business is available on whatsapp business, you can’t see the option if you don’t update the app. You have to go to the Play store or app store and update your whatsapp business, before you will be able to create a whatsapp channel.

How To Create a Whatsapp Channel

How To Create Whatsapp Channel

Once you have updated your whatsapp business, the features are going to change a bit; you will see a new feature called “Updates”. You just have to scroll to the right; the “updates” is located at the exact location where the “status” used to be. Under the updates, is where you will now see status, and channels. 

  • Update Your Business whatsapp.
  • Open whatsapp.
  • Scroll to the right hand side.
  • There you will see “Updates”.
  • Under the updates, you will see “Channels”.
  • Click on the “plus (+)” sign on the “Channel”
  • There you will see: Create Channel, and Find Channel.
  • Click on Create Channel.
  • Name your channel
  • Write a description for your channel
  • Upload a profile picture for your channel.
  • Once you are done filling everything, click on “create channel” on the footer. That’s all, your channel has been created.

NOTE: After updating your whatsapp business, it may take some minutes before you start seeing the option to create a channel; you just have to wait until it comes up.

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