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How to Create a Word File from Image for Free

How to Create a Word File from Image for Free

When it comes to converting JPG image files into Microsoft Word documents, proceeding with the right tool is an essential part. In this informative blog context, we have decided to mention a few full-fledged sources that reveal how to convert JPG to Word format without compromising over the quality and formatting, too. Give a read to this article and start unfolding all the tools and let them export your existing images as MS Word files. 

Things to Remember

The technology named as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions to proceed with the automatic detection of text inside the images. In addition to that, scanned documents and even the translation of that information into the human-readable text. Once done, the extracted information can be easily altered and analyzed. 

The upside is that OCR functions with a significant algorithm for recognizing the certain characters and words inside the photos. For user convenience, a platform like offers OCR-based JPG to Word converter that does not require any huge manual intervention for making conversions. 


Smallpdf is a full-fledged utility that lets you process conversion for different compatible file formats with the assistance of drag and drop feature. You can now process conversions from Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, etc in batches. Alternatively, you can also transform your existing PDF files into certain other files without any formatting distraction. Although this web-based program is mainly used for PDF files conversion, it is highly compatible with both JPG image and Word formats and works efficiently for converting JPG to PDF prior to converting it into MS Word format. 

  • First of all, ahead to JPG to PDF converter by Smallpdf online source
  • Into the file drop are, you need to drag and drop the image file that you decided to convert
  • Once the image file is uploaded, make a click on the Convert button on the next screen. This is where this online converter start converting your JPG image into PDF 
  • Once the conversion is done, you can download the converted PDF on your device
  • Very next, you need to navigate to the PDF to Word conversion tool to start converting the downloaded PDF file into MS Word document format
  • Same as above you have done, add the converted PDF file into this tool-section
  • Now, you have to choose between “With OCR” and “Without OCR”. Then, this will commence conversion from PDF to Word format
  • Right after that, you can make a single click to download the converted MS Word file and use it according to your need


Zamzar is another website that allows you to work with innumerable file formats online for free of cost. You can now make a couple of clicks to make files transformation for documents, music files, videos and their presets, eBooks, and more formats. Also, this converter is taken into account for converting JPG photos into Word files without any hassle. The upside is that Zamzar is loaded with straight-forward interface with no ads or pop-ups. 

Additionally, Zamzar is rated as a safe online platform by web security checkers including Web of Trust (WOT) and Norton, this means your files are secured and safe.

  • Open the Zamzar to fetch JPG to Word converter online tool
  • Add image file into the tool-section area by using any file importing option
  • Click Convert
  • The conversion is done, Download the transformed Word file onto your system storage


It is referred to as a direct source for converting one or up to 20 image files at once into Microsoft Word documents. You can now convert existing jpg, jpeg, png, gif, jfif, webp, and pdf files to Word documents without losing the formatting. In addition to that, you can now convert any type of images to text file format with the natural assistance of this online photo to text converter by card scanner. This is a one-stop solution for making OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversions for images without any cost. 

  • Drag and drop or upload images into the main toolbox with a single go
  • Click Convert to make OCR-based image to Word conversions at once
  • Download converted Word files as Zip for batch downloading


You can now make conversion for more than 200 different file formats with the natural assistance of Convertio. This is a one-stop solution for transforming video, audio, image, and document files online with zero hassle. Similarly, this program lets you save jpg as word document format without compromising over the quality of the resultant Word file. If you’re seeking for a tool that performs conversions from jpg to word swiftly, then Conversion is the best utility. 

  • Go head to JPG to Doc Converter by convertio
  • Add your existing jpg file onto the given drop-area
  • If required, make a click on the drop-down button to choose Doc, which is the file format that you’re going to transform JPG file to
  • Hit Convert button for turning jpg into doc format online
  • Once converted, simply Download the file and use it according to your needs


Duplichecker is referred to as an online web-based source that is loaded with a wide range of tools including image tools, video downloaders, analysis tools, and more. It also offers a free version of JPG to Word converter for saving your existing jpg image file as word format online. In addition to that, there users can entertain with a safe tool for checking plagiarism and transforming file formats. Don’t fret as it is indicated as the safest source for converting confidential and sensitive documents. 

  • Open the web-browser on your device and navigate to the JPG to Word converter by Duplichecker
  • Add JPG file into this tool and simply tick the “Captcha” “I am not a robot” box to just make the confirmation that you’re a human
  • Hit Convert button and let this online tool commence with saving jpg as word
  • Finally, download your converted Microsoft Word file and use it as you want

Fortunately, you explored some easy to navigate ways for converting JPG pictures to Word files without any disruption. After giving a read, you can choose with one or more tools and start creating MS Word documents from existing images without any hassle. Good Luck!

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