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How To Check NIN Number On MTN

The National Identification Number (NIN) is an 11-digit number assigned by the government of Nigeria to their citizens, as a form of identification. 

Most people always find it difficult to remember their NIN offhand, as there are a lot of things the brain is being used for…lol. However, as long as you have your MTN SIM Card or any network which is linked to your NIN, you can simply check your NIN right from your mobile phone.

So, for MTN users, we shall be walking you through a simple guide on how to check NIN on MTN, without any stress or going back to the NIMC for a reprint.

  • Note that checking your NIN from your phone usually comes with a service fee of N20 airtime or above. This means that for you to be able to retrieve your NIN number on your MTN line, you must have at least N20 airtime on that SIM Card. This is usually debited automatically once the NIN retrieval is successful. 
  • Also Note that for you to check or retrieve your NIN on MTN or any other network, that SIM card must be the one linked to your NIN; that it must be that particular SIM card you used to register for your NIN. It’s just the same thing as checking BVN, you cannot just use any SIM Card you like to check your NIN, it must be the one linked to your NIN.

What Is The Code For MTN NIN Number Checking?

The code for checking NIN on MTN is *346#. With this USSD code, you will be able to check your National identification Number, on an MTN sim card, without having to visit any office.

How To Check NIN On MTN

How to check NIN number on MTN
  • Dial the USSD code *346# on your mobile phone.
  • On the several options being displayed on your phone screen, simply select “NIN retrieval” (in most cases, it is usually the number 1)
  • Wait for a while for the request to process.
  • After some seconds, you should see the NIN number on your device.

Is There A Fee To Checking NIN On MTN?

Yes, there is a service fee that applies when checking your NIN number on MTN. This is usually N20 airtime which will be deducted immediately and automatically from your SIM once the NIN retrieval is successful.

You must have this service fee readily available in your SIM or else, an error will be shown or a message saying “Not enough balance”. These are all part of the Terms and Conditions for checking an NIN number on MTN.

How Do I Check If My MTN Number Is Still NIN Linked

Checking if your NIN is still linked to your MTN phone line is a very simple process, and it just like checking your NIN on the MTN phone line. Just dial *346# on your phone. If your MTN number is still linked with NIN, is is going to bring out your NIN for you. But if it is no more linked with NIN, it is going to bring option for you to link it.

Can I Use Another Person’s MTN Sim Card To Check My NIN Number?

No, you cannot use another person’s phone to check for your own NIN number. Else, the NIN number that you will see, is that of the person that owns the MTN SIM. To check your NIN number on your MTN SIM, you must use your own MTN SIM that is linked to your NIN.

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