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7 Secret Keys To Building Strong Customer Relationship In Your Business

Every single business exists on the strength of the customers, every single business was established because of the customers; this means that the ability to build strong customer relationship would go a long way in determining the fate of a business.

What Is Customer Relationship?

Strong Customer Relationship
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Customer relationship speaks about diplomatically engaging, relating with your customers  to continue giving them satisfaction beyond their expectations. This is always aimed to keep bringing them back for your business.

The type of customer relationship you have would determine your success in that business; and this is why your efforts should be channeled greatly towards building strong customer relationship, in order to keep bringing them back.

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Why You Should Build Strong Customer Relationship

The essence of building a strong customer relationship may not only be to bring back your existing customers; it would also help to bring new customers for you continuously.

No wonder the business mogul, Tony Elumelu, said: “use power of one connection to open many doors.”
A single customer with whom you have established strong relationship is actually capable of bringing streams of new customers for you.

That is why one of my business mentors said that if a single customer leaves yur business out of dissatisfaction, he may definitely be leaving with not less than 9 other customers. In the same vein, if a single customer is well satisfied in your business, he would definitely bring not less than 9 new customers.

So, if you are able to build strong customer relationship with those few customers you have; don’t be surprised that they would be the ones to shout out for your business.

7 Keys To Building Strong Customer Relationship

  1. Pay Attention To Your Brand
  2. Give First And Expect Nothing
  3. Connect With Them On Social Media
  4. Get More Information About Them
  5. Remember Birthdays
  6. Send Messages Occasionally
  7. Ask For Feedback

Pay Attention To Your Brand

Your brand speaks about many things about your business; this could be your personality (how people see you), the quality of your products or services, your logo, your business name, how you are better than your competitors, and so on.

For you to be able to build strong customer relationship in that business, you should always strive to deliver the best ever required of you.

If there is any strength you have in that business over your competitors, there is need you maintain it and not compromise for any reason.

Examples: if your customers have known you that you never sell adulterated products, then there would be need to maintain this strength even if your competitors are compromising.

So, for you to build a strong customer relationship in that business, there is need you always strive to give out the best ever expected from you by your customers.

Give First And Expect Nothing

You may not know how customers value little gifts from a business owner, until you try this out; I can rate this strategy as one of the best strategies of building strong customer relationship.

Though it may be wise to strictly monitor your expenses in a business, but sometimes stinginess may not be the best option. A 1Kobo gift that you give to your customers especially the new ones, can transform them to your regular customers overnight.

Get More Information About Them

knowing more about your customers has remained a great strategy of building a strong customer relationship.

Asking your customers to know more about them may really give them the best sense of caring from you; this strategy would really make them believe that you actually care about them beyond your business.

You may not really know how lively a customer may feel, if you jokingly call them by their local names which not many people know about. You may not know how fantastic they may feel if sometimes you call the names of their villages and ask about them.

Connect With Them On Social Media

It is never enough to end the relationship with your customers offline; still take the relationship online, it’s a nice way of building strong customer relationship.

You may not know how cool they may feel about this; it would make them know that you actually care about them and are ready to always related with them even beyond business issues.

Connecting with your customers on social media may not really mean that you should start disturbing their peace with messages, or by always chatting them.

Rather, it would be better if you always comment on some of their social media posts that worth your comments. This would really increase their bond and relationship with you and your business.

Send Messages Occasionally

Messages have also been Proven to be another great strategy of building strong customer relationship.

Occasionally, try to send to them: inspirational messages, motivationally messages, insightful messages or any form of message that would be of great value to them.

This could be through social media, emails, or ordinary text messages.

Remember Birthdays

This is another secret strategy to building a strong customer relationship for your business.

Birthdays is always a great day to anyone that is still breathing on eath; in fact both the rich and the poor don’t joke with their birthdays.

It is always a special day that one can expect the best love and regards from their well-wishers. Some people usually measure their true friends on their birthdays; because they believe a true friend must surely wish them “A Happy Birthday” on their birthdays.

So, you may be surprised that an ordinary “Happy Birthday” wish that you would send to your customers may place you high in their mind above your competitors.

Ask For Feedback

To keep maintaining strong customer relationship, there is need you review your efforts and performance towards them.

Sometimes you may even think that you are doing the best towards them, without knowing that they are already grumbling at your back about one of your mistakes which you may not even have noticed.

In this regard, there is need you occasionally ask your customers to tell you some areas you are lagging, so that you would improve and continue giving them the best experience.

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