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How Much Does Grifols Plasma Pay? Check It Out Now!

You are asking, how much does grifols Plasma pay, probably because you want to donate plasma for money at Griffols Plasma.

Well, do not worry, in this article, I will be providing answers to every question you might have had regarding how much much does grifols pay for plasma, does grifols have a referral bonus? And a lot of other questions. I will also run a little comparison between CSL plasma and grifols. To know which one is better; CSL Plasma or Grifols Plasma?

Yes, I will be addressing all that in this article. So keep on reading to get your answers as we move to even know who or what grifols actually is.

Who or What Is Griffols?

How much does grifols plasma pay

Before we talk about how much does grifols plasma pay, let’s first understand a bit about Grifols.👍

Griffols is one of the top Spanish and multinational chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturers. They are one of the top producers of the blood plasma-based products in Europe and in the world.

Does The Human Body Have Plasma?

Yes, the human body has plasma. As a matter of fact, liquid plasma makes up about 55% of our blood.

How Much Does Grifols Plasma Pay?

Grifols Plasma
Grifols Plasma

Grifols pays about $400 monthly to their certified donors.

But for the new donors donating plasma for the first time, Grifols pays them $45. While for donors donating for the second time, Grifols pays them $50.

Griffols, which as I stated earlier is one of the top multinational chemical and pharmaceutical companies not just in Europe but the whole world too. They have a programme called “Grifols Donor Compensation” which they believe is a compensation given to persons for actually donating their plasma to the company.

There are variations in the rate of payment for the plasma in Griffols, but on the basic level of plasma donation, you can earn as high as $400 in a month. That is, if and only the plasma you provided is being used to make life saving Medicines although this does not really depend on you.

How Much Does Griffols Pay New Donors?

How much does Grifols plasma pay, for new donors? At Grifols, payment for new plasma donors start at $45 for their first plasma donation, $50 for their second plasma donation and it keeps growing in that order. After five donations, payment are made based on their monthly plasma appointment.

How Long Does Griffols Pay For Plasma?

Griffols pay you for plasma as long as you keep supplying them with plasma. As a matter of fact, it is often recommended that you donate plasma after every three months.

Does Griffol Have A Referral Bonus?

Yes, Griffols have a referral bonus. This bonus is available for old users who will be referring new users to donate their plasma to the plasma company.

How Much Do You Get For Donating Plasma For The First Time?

There is no fixed amount for donating plasma and this is same even if you are donating your plasma for the first time or not. Plasma companies such as Griffols and a lot of others pay differently. However, you might get paid below or above $1000 in a month, depending on the company that you are donating the plasma to.

How Much Do You Have To Weight To Donate Plasma?

To donate plasma, you must weigh at least a minimum of 50Kg or 110 pounds. This minimum is the standard and it is applied to whatever plasma company that you will be donating your plasma to.

Which Is Better CSL Or Griffol?

Depending on what you want, CSL Plasma and Griffols are both plasma company and they are both good.

However, CSL plasma company has the highest number of workers. But for plasma donors, I will personally recommend Griffols to them because Griffols has a lot of bonuses and benefits which is available to all plasma donors. And in addition to the that, the amount which Griffols pays for plasma is really impressive.

Is CSL And Griffols The Same?

No, CSL and Griffols are not the same although both of them are Plasma companies, that is, they make products from plasma. Griffols is regarded as one of the best plasma companies in the world.

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay For Plasma?

CSL plasma is one of the top plasma companies that pay well. They actually pay $1000 to donors who will be donating their plasma.

Which Plasma Center Pays The Most?

Biomat USA and Griffols are one of the top plasma companies that pay the most. The border line between the payment between this two plasma companies to plasma is almost the same except for the fact that Biomat USA has lot of bonus which it gives to donors.

How Much Does Biomat USA Pay Per Donation?

Biomat USA pays around $400 per donation. Although most times, new donors receive $300 during their first three months of donating plasma to Biomat USA. Returning donors get $40 and other bonus attached. This bonus may include getting $20 on their 7th visit and $20 on the second visit of the first week and second week of the month.


Griffols is a top plasma donation company whereby you can donate your plasma and get paid.

In this article, I have answered a lot of questions you might have had regarding Griffols, how much does Grifols plasma pay?, how much does Griffols pay new donors as well as lot of other questions regarding Griffols.

However, if you feel I left something out or something you need to know about Griffols which I have not included here, let me know via the comment section.

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