Fairmoney Loan App Review

Fairmoney Loan App Review: Everything You Need To Know About Fairmoney

Fairmoney Loan App is actually one of the  numerous mobile loan apps where you can get your loans. In this article, I’ll share with you information about Fairmoney loan app, Fairmoney apk file, Fairmoney interest rate and so on. People ask different questions like “I want to download Fairmoney loan app”, how can I get the code for fairmoney loan app? All these and lot of other details are what I will address in this article.
So, without wasting of time, let us discuss Fairmoney loan app.

About Fairmoney Loan App

Fairmoney Loan App Review

Fairmoney loan app is a mobile app that gives loans online to people in in Nigeria. Considered as one of the prominent loan apps, Fairmoney is a mechanized as well as automated loan app that offers single payment loans at a particular charge or fee.

The Fairmoney instant loan app company is based at 3 Ajao road, Adeniyi Jones at Ikeja in Lagos,Nigeria. However, they do not carry out financial transactions at their office. This is basically intended to help people who might have complains or questions regarding services provided by the fair money instant loan app company.

The Fairmoney loan app works as similar loan apps. They pay into your local bank between few minutes if your request for loan was was accepted. There may be cases where Fairmoney  loan app might spend 24hours to process one transaction before you can then get to see the money in your bank 
account. But this is totally not always frequent.

The minimum loan amount or loan request that fair money  instant loan app offers is N10,000 and also, the highest they offer is One million naira. One million naira is usually for money lenders and they are
given an 18 monthsspace to pay it up, while the minimum amount, which is ten thousand naira is majorly for students plus the fact that it may last even to 3 months.


Any one within 18 and above is allowed to request and collect money on fairmoney loan app. Being 18 years is not a guarantee that you will have your loan request accepted by Fairmoney. There are several other things which you have to submit to fairmoney, things such as:

  1. Your BVN
  2. Your valid hone number

Getting a phone number in this day means that you need to have your NIN available. You can easily download the fair money loan app on the Google play store for android devices; play store for iPhone; and www.apkpure.com for apk version of the fairmoney loan app.

Fairmoney Loan Interest Rate

Fair money loan offers an interest rate of about 18-30%. However, it is important to note that this interest rate set by Fairmoney loan app depends on their past 
loan experience. This is probably the same with most other loan apps.

Bad loan collectors might have an interest rate as high as
35% on Fairmoney and this is because fairmoney knows they always fail to meet their deadlines.

Fairmoney Ussd Code

The ussd for fairmoney loan app is quite easy. To access Fairmoney Loan or other Fairmoney services through usdd, all you have to do is dial *3886#. With this, you can collect loans on Fairmoney or check how long or due your Fairmoney loan is.

Fairmoney Loan Calculator

On fairmoney loan app, loans are calculated by their age of maturity. If a loan matures in 3 months, they  will charge you between 15-30% interest.

Fairmoney App Requirements

Unlike most other loan apps, fairmoney is quite flexible as well as simple when matters dealing with their requirement arises. You are only required to submit your BVN and local bank account number. Your BVN is needed for verification while the local bank account is needed so that they can pay the loan there for you.

Fairmoney Loan Repayment

It is important that after you must have borrowed or collected money from fairmoney, you  pay it  on the agreed or fixed date. Fairmoney is actually not flexible on that.
Else, you are set to be accumulating 
charges. Fairmoney loan app has made it possible to repay your fairmoney loan by giving you these two repayment methods.

  1. ATM Card
  2. Bank transfer

Fairmoney App Download

The fair money loan app is available for android devices on the google play store and the app store for
IOS devices. This means that you can now download fairmoney app for iPhone as well as download Fairmoney appfor android.

Below are the following steps involved on how you can download and install Fairmoney loan app. This method will also work if you intend to install fairmoney app on your android device.

Downloading Fairmoney App On Android

  • Visit  play store
  • Search “fairmoney loan app”
  • Click on update Fairmoney loan app, if you only need to update it.
  • Or click install Fairmoney loan app if you don’t have the app before.

You have now sucesfully downloaded Fairmoney loan app on your android device.

Downloading Fairmoney App On iPhone

Downloading Fairmoney app on iPhone is quite similar  to downloading Fairmoney app on android. You need to understand that there are little changes about downloading the android app and iPhone. Check out the following steps involved in downloading Fairmoney loan app on your iPhone device, and this steps will also help you to install the loan app.

  • Go to App store
  • Search for Fairmoney loan app
  • Click on update Fairmoney loan app if you want to update,
    If you have already downloaded it then click on install fairmoney loan app.

Fairmoney iOS

The fairmoney loan app works very well on the iOS devices. It does same on android phones.This is probably due to high operating capacity or system of IOS devices.

You cannot download fairmoney app for PC that are IOS or even 
windows. This is probably because the fairmoney instant loan app
programmers or management have not made provision for that. So, at the moment, Fairmoney online app is only available for iPhone or android devices.

Fairmoney Loan App Download Apk

Apart from getting the fairmoney loan app on the Google play store, fair money instant loan app is also available fordownload apk format on apkpure site. Though the fairmoney loan apk app is manually installed on
android devices, it is good and might be an updated version of the fair money loan app that you are currently using.

Fairmoney Sign Up

Signing up or creating a fairmoney loan app account is very important if you intend to get a loan from fairmoney instant loan app. Below are the processes involved in creating an account on fairmoney loan app.

Firstly, there are two ways of creating an account on fairmoney loan app. There are:

  1. Through Facebook
  2. Through phone number

It is important that the phone matches with the one on your BVN or else you just carry out your fairmoney sign upthrough Facebook.

1. Using Phone Number

Below are the steps involved in carryout a fairmoney loan app sign up using phone number:

  1. Open the Fairmoney Loan App
    2. Click on create account
  2. Enter your personal details on the electronic form shown to you on the fairmoney loan app.
  3. Click on submit

Ensure that all the details are correct as they will be important when you want to perform your fairmoney loan app login.

2. Using Your Facebook Account

Creating account on Fairmoney Loan App using your Facebook account is very simple. As long as you already have an active Facebook account, there would be no longer any other additional details needed while creating account on Fairmoney using your Facebook account. Once you choose to create your Fairmoney account using your Facebook account, the Fairmoney app is going to download your Facebook details and use it to create your Fairmoney account; and you would not have any other thing to do.

Fairmoney Loan App Login

Just like the Fairmoney loan app sign up process, logging into your Fairmoney instant loan account is quite simple.
You will need the following steps:

  1. Open the Fairmoney Loan App
    2. Click on login
    3. Enter your personal details such as phone number and password.
    4. Click on login

Ensure that this phone number matches with the one you submitted when you performed your Fairmoney loan appsign up.

Fairmoney Loan App Review

Although there are quite a lot of apps like Fairmoney, fairmoney stands out due to their credibility and transparency. They do not bypass their rules and regulations, which of course is a good thing and probably what a lot of Nigerians might not expect from a loan app.


Fairmoney loan app is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria. And in this article,  I have shown you how to carry our your fairmoney loan app download  on whatever device you have.
Please do let me know if you have problems concerning how to download fairmoney loan app.

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