Fairmoney Loan App Review
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Fairmoney Loan App Review: Everything You Need To Know About Fairmoney

FairMoney loan app is one of the numerous loan apps in Nigeria where you can access quick loans to sort your urgent needs. But before you get a loan from any loan platform, it is nice you do research about the platform and review every aspect you need to understand about the platform before making your decision. 

So if this is the first time you want to take a loan from the FairMoney loan app, we are going to share every vital information about the platform; Fairmoney loan app review, Fairmoney interest rate, as well as addressing some questions like: “I want to download Fairmoney loan app”, how can I get code for Fairmoney loan? 

About Fairmoney Loan App

Fairmoney loan app is a mobile app that provides quick loans to people in Nigeria. They are considered one of the best and prominent loans apps in Nigeria as they are known to have respect for the customers privacy.

The loan app has one of their offices at 3 Ajao road, Adeniyi Jones at Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria. Although it has a physical office, they do not carry out financial transactions or give loans in their office. As most of these things are done online, and precisely, on their loan app. They are quite similar to most other loan apps, in the sense that they provide loans upon the request of the customer.

Minimum Amount Of Loan Available On Fairmoney Loan App

The minimum amount of loan that one can get on the Fairmoney money loan app is N10,000. And usually, this type of loans are most often granted to students, who will have about 18 months to pay it.

Maximum Amount Of Loan Available On  Fairmoney Loan App

The maximum or highest amount of loan available on the Fairmoney loan app is 1 million. These loans often have a time limit of about 18 months to expire.

What Is The Fairmoney Loan App Interest Rate?

Fairmoney loan app interest rate usually varies between the range of 18% to 30%. However, there are cases whereby the interest rate goes as high as 35%, as this is based on Fairmoney’s loan experience with this type of person. These people are also known as “bad loan collectors” as they have a track record of failing to pay for their loans on time. That is, on or before the loan deadline.

Fairmoney Loan App Requirements; Requirements To Get A Fairmoney Loan

Unlike most of the other loan apps, Fairmoney is quite flexible with their loan requirements, and also simple. To get a Fairmoney loan, below are the fee requirements that must be met –

  • Loan collectors must be 18+.
  • You are to submit your Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • Provide your bank account details.
  • Must have a means of paying back the loan.
  • Must provide their Phone number or Facebook details.
  • Must have the Fairmoney loan mobile app.

Fairmoney Loan App Sign Up; How To Sign Up Fairmoney Loan App

To get a loan from Fairmoney loan app, you must have signed up on their platform. This involves registering on their platform as a certified member, eligible for loans. There are only two ways of creating an account on the Fairmoney loan app,

They are:

  • Via Facebook.
  • Via Phone Number.

1. Fairmoney Loan App Sign Up Via Facebook –

To get a loan from Fairmoney loan app, you must first sign up on their platform. Below are steps on how to sign up Fairmoney loan app via your Facebook account:

  • Open the Fairmoney loan app.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • Click on “Sign Up Via Facebook”.
  • Wait for it to add your sign up details.
  • Confirm your details.
  • Confirm the sign up.

Note: this Fairmoney loan app sign up via Facebook is only going to import your details from Facebook, straight into their mobile app

 2. Fairmoney Loan App Sign Up Via Phone Number

Just like signing up on the Fairmoney loan app via Facebook, you can also sign up for the Fairmoney loan app via your phone number. Below are steps on how to perform your Fairmoney loan app sign up via phone number.

  • Open the Fairmoney Loan App.
  • Click on create account.
  • Enter your personal details on the form shown to you on the Fairmoney loan app.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Click on submit.

Note: you must ensure that the phone number is linked with your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Fairmoney Loan App Login; How To Sign In Fairmoney Loan App

Similar to the Fairmoney loan app sign up process, you can carry out your Fairmoney loan app login at a very simple and fast rate without any interruption. Below are steps on how to sign in to the Fairmoney loan app.

  • Open the Fairmoney Loan App.
  • Click on login.
  • Enter your personal details such as phone number and password.
  • Click on login.

Note: you must ensure that the phone number matches with the one that you submitted during your Fairmoney loan app sign up.

Fairmoney Loan App Download

The Fairmoney loan app is available on the Apple App store for iOS devices. As well as on the Google Play store for android devices. Also, you can also carry out your Fairmoney loan app apk download on sites like www.apkpure.com

Fairmoney Loan Calculator

On the Fairmoney loan app, loans are calculated based on their age of maturity. That is, the date which this loan was collected and when the borrower agreed to make payments. Basically, if a Fairmoney loan matures in three months, the borrower is charged between 15% to 30% of interest.

Fairmoney Loan Repayment/How To Repay Fairmoney Loans

After the expiration period of the Fairmoney loan that you took, you are to pay the loan as this will help you pay the loan with any additional interest also known as “accumulating charges”. Basically, you can repay Fairmoney loans via these two methods.

  • ATM Card.
  • Bank transfer.

Fairmoney USSD Code; What Is The Fairmoney Loan App USSD Code?

The Fairmoney loan app USSD code is *3886#. With this USSD code, you can get your loans from Fairmoney. And also, check how long or due your Fairmoney loan is.

Fairmoney Loan App Review

Although there are quite a lot of mobile loan apps like Fairmoney, Fairmoney loan app stands out as one of most popular and safest mobile apps for quick loan out there, and where you can easily get your loan by clicking a few buttons. In our gatherings from most Fairmoney loan app users, we have not met any that have stated that the Fairmoney loan app contacted their relatives and asked them to tell the borrower to repay the loan, even if they had defaulted. However, this is not an excuse to go ahead and get a loan that you will not be able to pay back. As the loan app has a strict punishment for loan defaulters.

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