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Easybuy Phones: How To Buy Your Dream Phone And Pay Later

It is very normal for you to be in a fix when it is time for you to get a phone. If you have been looking to change your phone for a long time and you have no money to do that, there are several ways to get a new phone.

Sometimes, your phone may be stolen or may get spoiled so badly such that it would cost much to repair it. If the cost of fixing it is too high or almost the same as buying a new phone; then the best option is just to go and buy a new phone for yourself. But what if buying a new phone is not in your budget at that moment? What if you don’t have money for a new phone at that moment?  

You probably already know several ways to get a new phone even without the money. If you are thinking of using black Friday deals, it is a really great option.

However, it is not advisable to purchase second-hand phones just because you are short of cash. In the long run, you may end up much more than you envisaged. If you have been using second hand phones, you will notice that they develop faults after a few years or months of use.

Purchasing a new device has long term advantages. You will get warranty and support easily when there are faults and you could even get free fixes from the brand.

If you want to purchase a new phone and you lack money, Easybuy is a good solution. You may have heard the name of this system that lets you pay for your choice of phone in installments. How does this work?

This Easybuy review will let you know what Easybuy is, how to buy Easybuy phones, where to buy Easybuy phones, Easybuy terms and conditions and others.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Phones From Easybuy

Here are things you should know before buying phones from Easybuy.

  • You have to make a 30% down payment for your phone.
  • You can pay back within three months or six months.
  • You can buy any phone with Easybuy loan.
  • The interest rate is 6% per month.
  • You need to be employed before you can buy Easybuy phones.

What Is Easy Buy? What Are Easybuy Phones?

Easybuy is a financial service that allows people to purchase smartphones of their choice on credit. Beneficiaries are allowed to pay within a period of six months, more or less. This is a convenient system that has let so many people who wanted to get new phones achieve their aim.

If you have some money but it is not quite enough to get the device you wanted, Easybuy is a great option. The major advantage of Easybuy is that you can get the phone as soon as you make a down payment of more than 30%.

You can choose to complete the payment in three months or in six months. However, you get the phone as soon as you make the down payment.

How Does Easybuy Work?

After you make a down payment, you can take your phone home and start using it. You can choose to repay the loan within three months or six months.

The interest rate is quite low, but like all loans you must make sure to pay everything before the deadline. The interest rate is 0.2% per day, quite a small amount. However, if you delay payment, the amount payable will keep increasing.

The interest amounts to 6% per month if you are using the six-month plan. The three month repayment plan has an interest rate of 9% per month.

How to buy Easybuy phones

Easybuy phones

Easybuy is quite easy to use and takes no much time. Follow these steps to know how to get Easybuy phones:

  • Start by visiting a store that is a partner of Easybuy in your vicinity.
  • Ask for the requirements needed after you select the phone you wish to purchase. You can select any type of phone and use Easybuy to purchase it.
  • Fill the registration form and make the 30% down payment.
  • Select loan repayment plan or duration (Three months or Six months)
  • Get your smartphone and download the Easybuy app.

You can take your smartphone home after completing this process. The Easybuy app downloaded is to help you return the loan in bits, according to your repayment plan.

Requirements to Get Easybuy Loan

Here is a list of the requirements to get an Easybuy loan for your smartphone:

  • You must be a verified employee of a company or own a business or have a very steady stream of income.
  • An identity document is compulsory. You can submit your NIMC ID card with your NIN, your driver’s license, international passport or voter’s card.
  • You need your BVN and you must not have bad credit or debts with your bank.
  • A valid ATM card is required.
  • Down payment of 30%.

If you have all these documents and meet the requirements, you can proceed to get a phone using Easybuy loan. If you are not sure, visit an Easybuy store to get more information on your eligibility.

Where To Buy Easybuy Phones

There are so many Easybuy agents near you in every state. This section will list only some of the agents.

  • Tecno Exclusive Spectrum, Agege.
  • Tecno Exclusive Spectrum, Alaba.
  • Tecno Exclusive Pointek, Apapa.
  • Tecno Exclusive Fussytech, Lekki.
  • Tecno Exclusive Spectrum, Ibadan.
  • Tecno Exclusive Al-Arash, Ibadan.
  • Tecno Exclusive Fonemart, Ilorin.
  • Tecno Exclusive Alada, Kano.
  • Tecno Exclusive Global Digital, Wuse, Abuja.
  • Nairobi ABC Mobile Shop, Luthuli St., Nairobi.

There are so many other phone stores that allow you to get phones on credit courtesy of Easybuy. You may use Google Search to locate an Easybuy store near you.

Easybuy App Download

The Easybuy mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. For Android users, you can visit Google play store to download the app.

For iPhone users, you can visit the Apple store, search and download the app.

How to Repay Easybuy Loan

Here are several ways you can pay your Easybuy loan:

  • Bank Transfer.
  • Rave by Flutterwave (Card Payment).
  • Easybuy app.

Follow these steps to repay Easybuy loan on the app:

  • Launch the application with your data connection on. You will be making a payment, so make sure your connection is strong.
  • Login to your Easybuy account.
  • Click on the loans tab (Loan history).
  • Select “pay now”.
  • Input your card details and make payment.

Easybuy Customer Care

Contact Easybuy through any of these platforms:

Phone: +01-8888188, +01-7001000 (Active from 9AM to 5:30PM on work days)

Website: www.easybuy.loans

Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]

Office Address: Number 9, Ogunnusi Road, Ogba, Ikeja; Tinuade St, Allen, Lagos, Nigeria

Social Media: https://facebook.com/easybuy.loans

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about Easybuy phones:

What Happens If You Do Not Return Easybuy Money?

Just like other loan companies and institutions, refusing to pay your Easybuy loan will have a very negative effect on your credit score. That way, you may not be able to borrow money from Easybuy or other loan companies again.

Can I Buy iPhone With EasyBuy?

You can buy iPhones with Easybuy. Easybuy allows you to get loans for any phone brand, fromTecno to Samsung to Infinix and others; as long as you ate able to deposit 30% of the cost of the phone.

What Are The Requirements For EasyBuy Phone?

Here is a list of requirements to get Easybuy phones:

  • You must be a verified employee of a company or own a business or have a very steady stream of income.
  • An identity document is compulsory. You can submit your NIMC ID card with your NIN, your driver’s license, international passport or voter’s card.
  • BVN and good credit score
  • A valid ATM card
  • Down payment of 30%.


Easybuy is a verified system that allows purchase of phones on credit. This financial service has helped so many Nigerians get smartphones of their choice comfortably. Even if you are in a bad financial state, you can get phones using Easybuy loans. 

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