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Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid

To some people, a cash advance is a lifesaver, especially when they need cash to meet their urgent financial needs. While some cash advance apps use Plaid, which is a third-party financial app, to facilitate their transactions, there have been concerns about Plaid storing people’s sensitive financial information and sharing it with unauthorized persons. Hence, most people who need cash advances opt for apps that don’t use Plaid.

There are cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid, although there are not many. We have researched to bring to you cash advance apps with the best rates and considerably high cash advance amounts. 

However, to use some of these apps, you may be required to pay a certain fee or join their program, which may require you to pay monthly fees. While others may require you to create a salary account with them, nevertheless, there are cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid, so your financial information is secured.

Best Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid

Cash Advance Apps That Don't Use Plaid

As we noted in the introduction, there are cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid, although there are not many. We have enumerated the ones with the best rates. They are listed below:

1. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is one of the cash advance apps that doesn’t use Plaid. Interested individuals can access MoneyLion cash advances through the app’s InstaCash feature. This feature allows borrowers to take $500 advances between pay periods. However, this amount can be increased if the borrowers join MoneyLion’s credit program or have a direct deposit to a RoarMoney banking account. 

Meanwhile, it is important to note that MoneyLion instant transfer charges may be high, especially if you borrow more than $100 once. Because of these charges, MoneyLion cash advances are best for those who need a small amount of money to reduce transfer charges.


  • Provision for increasing advance amount.
  • There are no charges for regular transfers.
  • Payments can be deferred up to 14 days.


  • There are $19.99 monthly fees for credit build program
  • Instant transfer fees ranges from $1.99 to $7.99

MoneyLion loanable amount: Borrowers can access around $250. However, with a RoarMoney account, they can access up to $1000.

Additionally, the loan term at MoneyLion varies depending on the borrower’s credit report and creditworthiness. The loan turnaround time is about five days, but if you need instant disbursement, it comes with additional charges.

2. B9 Advance

B9 Advance is another cash advance app where you can get up to $500 for each pay-day period without paying. However, B9 Advance is membership-based. In other words, to get a cash advance from this app, you must join their membership program.

However, to be able to use this service, you’re expected to open an FDIC-insured account with B9, create a payroll deposit account via the B9 app, and pay the monthly fees in line with the platform’s policies. After setting up a payroll account and receiving at least a deposit into your B9 account, you can request a cash advance, but you’re only going to qualify for a small amount of money for the first time, and the amount will be deducted automatically on your next pay day. There are different membership levels at B9, with each having its own fee. The starting fee is $9.99 monthly. 


  • There is no interest fee or transfer charge.
  • Nonresidents with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) may also qualify for this cash advance.


  • You must have a B9 account before you can access the cash advance.
  • Members are expected to pay between $9.99 and $19.99 per month.

With a B9 account, you can access up to 100% of your payback; their loan term varies too. And guess what? The B9 cash advance turnaround time is instant at no extra cost.

3. DailyPay

If you’re an employee looking forward to getting a cash advance for the money you’ve already earned, then DailyPay is an option that you may consider. It is an employer-powered financial service that allows employees to get wages that they have already worked for.

So, if your employer creates a DailyPay, you can access your cash advance by just providing your bank details, payroll card, or prepaid debit card that you can use to receive the fund; hence, there is no need to connect your bank to Plaid.

Fortunately, there are many notable employers, like Kroger, T-Mobile, McDonald, etc., that allow their employees to access cash advances with DailyPay.


  • You earn according to your wages.
  • There is a direct deposit set up to ensure transparency.


  • There are transfer fees
  • Since it is an employer-sponsored app, the employee’s financial privacy is at stake.

4. Line

With the Line app on your device, you can access cash advances ranging from $20 – $1,000 without Plaid. This app is available to both Android and iOS users. 

Line is designed to offer payday loans to users without credit checks and at no interest either. Borrowers can get NSF (nonsufficient fund) and personalized overdraft alerts, identity theft protection services, and credit monitoring when they opt for Line credit advances.

Just like B9, Line has two different cash advance plans with varying charges. The starting fee for their small plan is $1.97 monthly. With this small plan, you can get an advance amount ranging from $20 to $50, but if you maintain a good record over time by repaying on time regularly, it may be increased to $100.

However, the Line medium plan costs $9.97 monthly with an advance ranging from $50 to $500. As it is with a small plan, if you repay your loan on time on a regular basis, it can be increased to $1,000.

5. CashMaster

CashMaster is a fintech app that offers different kinds of financial services, such as payday loans or cash advances. Borrowers can access this cash advance without needing Plaid.

With the CashMaster app, you can access cash advances ranging from $50 to $500. However, if you don’t want to use the app, you can visit their location in Alabama or Tennessee in person to receive a check advance. All in all, you can get a cash advance from CashMaster without needing Plais.

6. Dave

Another app that offers cash advances is Dave. They offer their cash advance services through the Dave ExtraCash account, which allows users to get up to $500 in cash advance before payday.

Although Dave uses Plaid or Galileo to transfer user’s information between the platform and your financial information, they do not solely depend on Plaid; hence, if your bank account is not compatible with Plaid, Galileo can be used for your financial assessment.

There are different options that you can use to receive funds from Dave, such as direct deposits to your Dave spending account or to another external bank of your choice.


There are cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid, like MoneyLion, B9 Advance, Line, etc. However, most of these apps may require you to create an account with them or join their membership programs, while others may require you to pay a monthly fee. Hence, it is best for you to choose the cash advance app that best suits your financial reality to enable you to make an informed financial decision.

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