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Top 10 Lucrative Business In Campus Environment

In this article, we will be digressing on 10 lucrative business in campus environment.

In other words, we will be talking about businesses that can do very well if situated close to any University, Polytechnic, College of Education, or other forms of Tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Looking at how hard it would always be, looking for a capital to start a business; one may not know that, even when the capital is there, it may still be difficult to know the particular business to do and the environment that would fit such business inorder for it to thrive.

This is why the ability to make a choice of business in regards to the available environment, matters a lot in the field of business.

So, for those that already have a space for business in campus environment, but don’t really know the kind of businesses that would do well in such environment, this article may really be of great help to you.

We cannot hide the fact that not every business do well in campus environment in Nigeria, there are some businesses that can hardly or can never succeed if situated around a campus environment. This is why it is important to find a nice business in campus.

It may interest me to let you know that this analysis we are about to make in this article is purely out of experience, and never a theory of knowledge.

So in order not to keep taking much of our time, let’s dive into the main thing that brought us here.

10 Profitable Business In Campus Environment

Here, we will be discussing some suitable, reliable and profitable business in Campus Environment. We are talking about those businesses that fits campus environment; those businesses that can do very well if situated in campus environment.

  1. Food Stuffs
  2. Provision Store
  3. Pure Water Business
  4. Barbing/Salon
  5. Cyber Cafe
  6. Phone Charging
  7. Medicine Store
  8. Restaurant/Beer Parlour
  9. Photo Studio
  10. Laundry Service
Screenshot 20210705 210041 1 1
Business in campus: image credit – Unsplash

Foodstuffs Business

Business in Campus
Food stuff store: image credit – Unsplash

Trying to arrange these businesses in order of importance, I would say that food stuff businesses is one of the most thriving businesses around campus environment in Nigeria. It’s a first class business in campus that will always keep bringing steady income to your table.

This may be because the business takes care of the basic needs of the students, which is FOOD.

No matter how poor a student may be, such student can never do without food. A student can manage all other things, even textbooks which can be borrowed from fellow; but can never manage food. Food is one of the basic needs for every being, not just for only students.

Then what is the nature of this foodstuff business in campus? This food stuff business in campus involves providing things like rice, beans, garri, egusi, and all sorts of food items you can think of. The truth is that students can never do without all these, and your business will everly remain flourishing if managed well.

So, foodstuff business is one business in campus that would always be very lucrative.

Provision Store

Businesses you can do within campus environment
Provision store

Provision store seems to be one of the most popular and commonest business in campus today in Nigeria; but it may actually be interesting to know that provision store is one of the business in campus environment that thrives than can be imagined.

This is because provision store business in campus provides almost the daily needs of the students. When you talk of detergents, soaps, and other needful provisions you may think of.

Pure Water Business

This may appear so common to some people, but the truth is that it’s still one lucrative business in campus environment that can keep generating steady income for the owner.

Just as no human being can do without water, students really patronize this particular business in campus environment. Both the rich and the poor students don’t have any way to manage drinking water, they drink water anytime they are thirsty.

I could remember those days in the Campus, where a bag of satchet water would only take me for 3 days. You can imagine how many bags of water I would be buying in a month.


Business in Campus
Barber shop: image credit – Unsplash

Looking good always, is one of the priorities of Nigerian University students; in fact they can never afford to joke with their physical look especially the female ones.

This suggests that barbing is another lucrative business in campus environment, that can change the financial status of the owner.

I have studied the nature carefully and discovered that it takes not more than 2 weeks for a man to go to a barber shop to have his hair cut. I even know of a guy that barbs his hair in every week.

What about the girls?
Of course you know what it means to be a Campus girl, they are known to be the most classic girls you can never think of. So would this kind of girls joke with their hair? The answer is No!

A salon I know those days in the University, would never have time to rest; anytime I’m passing there, there would always be students making their hairs and upgrading to the latest styles of hair.

I even discover that these campus girls patronize male stylist than the female stylists; I don’t really know why; may be they have special feeling when a man is touching their hair.

So, looking at this analysis, you can easily figure out how lucrative salon business in campus environment would be.

Cyber Cafe Business

Screenshot 20210711 125615 1
Cyber Cafe: image credit – Unsplash

I actually know that this business suppose to be the first in the list of business in campus environment, considering the order of importance; but I purposely allowed it to wait a bit.
Infact almost all the academic activities done in the campus revolve around this particular business. It is actually one of the main businesses you can see whenever you visit any campus in Nigeria.

It includes works like photocopying, typing, and other related ones that involve the use of computer.
You can even stand out to thrive more if you provide more professional assistance like, writing students’ assignments, seminar, projects, and so on.

One may actually get discouraged when he visits some campuses in Nigeria, and see the number of computer operators out there. But the truth is that these people are still making it big despite how competitive cyber business in campus seems to be around the campus.

You can imagine the number of students that a campus may have, so this means that demand for this business in Campus will always be high due to the populous nature of most Nigeria campuses.

Phone Charging

Business In Campus
Phone charging shop: image credit – Unsplash

If there are people that find it difficult to deal without phone, I think Campus students are one of them. Though a campus is supposed to be equipped with steady electricity supply because it’s a study area, but we can’t still forget the nature of electricity in Nigeria.

There are actually some campuses that have poor electricity supply, in this case, students may really need to always keep their gadgets powered.
So, to supplement to the poor electricity supply, you can think of providing a charging zone for the students, where you may be collecting like N50 to charge a gadget.

You can imagine how much you will be making from this business in campus, in a day especially any day there is no NEPA light.
Meanwhile you may only have to spend just small cash to buy fuel for your generator in a day.

Medicine Store

Business In Campus environment
Medicine store: Unsplash

This is another business in campus environment that campus students especially the females, would always want to see around them. If you are a qualified chemist that knows what he is doing, you can easily gain the students’ trust, and once this happens, you are already making your way through the business.

Restaurant/Bear Palour

Business in campus environment
Restaurant: image credit – Unsplash

This may be a form of mini-restaurant business in campus that provides all forms of delicious foods that may be very affordable to the students.

Just as it is always said, all fingers are not equal, and can never be equal.
All students are not equal, there are those that are very rich or those whose parents are very rich; while there are still most of them that are just managing their lives.

Though any student can eat in a restaurant depending on a particular reason, but these rich ones hardly cook on their own, they rather prefer to eat in the restaurant whenever they are hungry, than stressing themselves to cook.

So if you are able to be providing satisfactory meals for the students, you may be surprised at how much you will be making from this business in campus environment.

If I now talk of bear Palour, one may be tempted to ask, “do students take bear? Such question may actually sound very funny to the ears, as there are actually some students that drink more than some working class citizens.

Even talking of the period of students’ politics, where bear Parlours become the sole meeting point for all political gatherings.
You can even be running only bear Palour business in campus environment and be making your money, but if you are still able to integrate it with a restaurant, I think that would be more better.

Photo Studio

Business In Campus environment
Photo studio: image credit – Unsplash

This is another business in campus environment that is in harmony with campus lifestyle; campus students especially the females don’t joke with this particular shop.

You know, one of the interests of a campus girl is to look good always especially on her Facebook or social media posts. This would always make them to go to any extent that would make them look more beautiful than they are naturally, especially during birthday celebration.

Laundry Service

Business In Campus environment
Laundry: image credit – Unsplash

Just as I said earlier, there is no campus in Nigeria that doesn’t have the so-called Big Boys, those ones that have the money, or those ones that claim they have the money. This kind of people can never wear any cloth that didn’t go to the laundry, just to maintain the standard of the top big boys in campus.

Of course you know they are the ones that hot babes there in the campus go for.
So, if you can manage this business in campus environment with good reputation, there is no doubt you will be meeting up with your expectations.

Betting Shop

Screenshot 20210711 134128 1
Betting Shop: Image Credit – Unsplash

Most campus students are foot ball fans, and most of these fans always love to bet. Though betting has done more harm than good to people including students, but majority of students still believe that betting will favour them one day.

There have been several reports of occasion where students lost their school fees to Bet9ja, but even at this, some of them still believe that they would be lucky to win big one day. They would rather choose to always remember those that have won big in betting hustle.

Also talking from another angle, you know, many students don’t know other means of making side income as a student here in Nigeria, this always make majority of students see betting as their major side hustle.

This is why a betting shop in campus environment, is always clustered with people betting one game or the other, so this may really be a lucrative business in campus environment which you can do and be making your money.


It is always difficult to get capital for any business idea, but even when the capital finally comes, it may still appear difficult to know the best environment that would fit such business idea.

This particular identified problem brought the inspiration that lead to this post, and I can assure you that campuses in Nigeria are a very nice environment suitable for a business success.

But the important thing to know is that, it’s not every business that does well within the campus, there are some particular business in campus environment that thrive greatly; and I believe what you have read in this article is a sure guide to what you need.

Wishing you all the best!
Remember to share your opinion on the comment section.👍

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