List of best selling items on Depop
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Top 20 Best Selling Items On Depop

Are you planning to start selling on Depop or you wanna know how to sell fast on Depop? Then there is a need to understand what works well on Depop. There is a need to know the categories of items that sell best on Depop, that is, those items that are always in demand; those items that consumers on Depop are always looking out to buy.

So, you should read carefully through this article, as I will provide you with all the information you need to start selling fast on Depop.

In this article, I will be showing you the top twenty best selling items on Depop and along with that, I will be answering a lot of the questions most Depop users usually ask. So, without further delay, let us see what depop is.

What Is Depop?

Depop is a fashion app where buyers meet with sellers over the purchase of used fashionable items. Depop provides you with an opportunity to make gains out of your old fashionable items.

According to wikipedia, Depop has over 300 million users world wide with offices across numerous places including Manchester United, Milan and New York City.

Depop has its headquarters at United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Italy. The company, Depop receives goods from sellers and ship them to buyers across different places, charging them a certain fee for it stress.

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Top 20 Best Selling Items On Depop

List of best selling items on Depop

If you are considering what to sell on Depop, these 20 best selling items will be very useful to you. And along with that, it gives you an idea on what is trending on Depop and what sells best on Depop.

1. Vintage shirts

If you were to ask me what sells best on Depop, I would definitely recommend vintage shirts. Vintage shirts are one of the trending items on Depop. They are a good things to look out for, if you want to sell on Depop.

2. Face Powder

On depop, you can trade your face powder at a cheaper price. Although this is not quite a top trending, it is still one of the best selling items on Vinted.

3. Necklace

One of the most trending items on depop is the necklace. If you are looking for what to sell on depop, then you should consider selling your old necklace if you have one available.

4. Body Cream

Body creams are great, but they might be uncomfortable when they are lot of thems. They are one of the top trending items on Depop and you should consider selling them.

5. Sunglasses

You have more than one sunglass and want to sell some of them?
Then depop is a great place to sell it. The demand for sunglasses on depop is quite high. How about you check it out?

6. Gowns

Clothings are one of the things that depop is known for. On depop, buyers are in need of gowns, you should consider using depop to sell those gowns.

7. Tops

When the heat is too much and summer heat does not seem to hear our plea, tops are a great outfit to put on as it helps keep us on comfy. It is a top selling item on depop.

8. Blouses

Mostly won for official events, an attractive blouse is highly sought after on depop. It is a top trending item on Depop and you should consider placing it on your stock.

9. Skirt

Mostly worn with blouses, skirts have proven to be on a high demand on the depop app. Most of the time, there are purchased alongside the blouse.

10. Purse

It is not surprising that there are lot of female users on depop, purses helps compliment your dress and depop buyers never get tired of buying them. It is one of the top selling item on depop.

11. Wallets

For the males, wallets can give you an additional place to store your cash alongside the pockets attached to your cloths. Wallets come in different styles and users of depop want to buy them.

12. Polo

On depop, polo are one of the things buyers need to wear with their trousers. This is usually because they are always quite cheap. And due to this, they are one of the best selling items on depop.

13. Trouser

If I am asked, what sells best on depop, I will end up saying trousers first. Trousers are worn by everyone and everyone needs them. It is one of the top item that sells on depop.

14. Perfume

Everyone wants to smell fresh and good but not everyone can afford the cost of getting a perfume in the normal market. On Depop, these items are sold at a lower price and buyers are rushing in to purchase them. It is a top selling item on depop.

15. Hair creams

Hair creams are one of the best selling items on Vinted. Homemade hair creams are in high demand on depop. You should consider selling your hair creams there.

16. Bracelet

Bracelets helps add more styles to your dressing and lot of depop buyers know that. Bracelets are highly wanted on depop and you should consider selling them.

17. Wrist Watches

Aside using them to check time, wrist watches are a great item of fashion. They are one of the best selling items on depop.

18. Waist Beads

Mostly won by females, waist beads can be sold on depop. These waist beads are always cheaper than the are in the market.

19. Rings

Nose rings, ear rings and rings won on the finger can be found on depop. A lot of depop top sellers add them to their catalogue because they know it is one of the most trending on depop.

20. Cover Shoes

A lot of people wear cover shoes, and you can sell your old cover shoes on depop. They can be of any gender. Selling of cover shoes is worth considering if you intend to sell on depop.

Depop Fees

Depop charges a 10% fee for every trade that is carried out through them. This percentage is the companies profit as well as it cost for being the middle man in the trade.

How To Sell On Depop

To sell on Depop, you will need to register and get certified as a Depop seller. You will have to list your products on the depop app, this involves taking pictures of your fashionable item and posting them on the depop app as products that you intend to sell.

Depop Tips For Buying

Since there are quite a lot of products that are waiting to be bought on depop, you will have to be careful so as to be able to buy good products.
Below are a few tips to buying on Depop:

  1. Identify Your Needs

This involves knowing what you want to buy on Depop. Your needs may be shirts, polo, trousers and other things available on the Depop app.

  1. Find Depop Top Sellers

If you want to buy top quality products on depop, the secret is to locate the Depop top sellers of that particular product. These people usually have the best depop review as sellers. You will want to buy from them.

  1. Compare Prices

You want to buy quality product at a price you can afford. Sellers on Depop have different prices on the same or similar products. Comparing their prices will help to guide as a buyer on Depop.

How To Sell On Depop Fast

To sell on Depop fast, there are a few tricks you should know.
Below are few of them:

  1. Get A Good Customers Review

Customer reviews is one of the key things you should go for if you want to sell fast on depop. Reviews are mainly left by your last buyers. It gives your new buyers and idea of the nature of your goods and their condition. Most importantly, it let’s your potential buyers know how you treat your customers.

  1. Understand What Trends On Depop

Understanding what trends on depop is another key if you want to sell fast on depop. I mean, if the trending item on depop is cloths and you are selling shoes, chances are that you will likely not sell fast on depop.

  1. Study Your Target Market

This is mainly for people who are yet to get into depop as sellers but wants to sell fast on Depop when they are ready to get in. The truth is, knowing and understanding your target market is key if you want to sell fast on depop.

How To Set Up A Depop Account

To set up your depop account, the following steps are involved:

  1. Visit the official depop app or the depop official website at
  2. Click on sign up
  3. An electronic form will be shown to you, asking you to provide the following information
    a) Email address
    b) Country
    c) Name
    d) Address
    e) Username
    f) Password
  4. Click on submit

Depop Login

To login to depop account, the following steps are involved:

  1. Visit the official depop app or the depop official website at
  2. Click on sign in
  3. An electronic form will be shown on your screen asking you to provide the following information –
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  4. Click on submit.

You must ensure that the details you entered during your depop sign up is the same with those you entered in the depop login.

How To Set Up Depop Payment

Depop pays you every goods of yours that is purchased on the depop app.
Below are a few steps on how to set up depop payment.

  1. Sign up on the depop selling hub
  2. Add your payment details including your bank account number.
  3. Make payment into your depop account.

Depop Review

Although some people may have negative Depop reviews, I believe Depop is quite a legit marketing platform where buyers can purchase fashion items of their choice. However, the only thing that tends to provide a bad image for depop is the sellers who fake items. However, depop have been doing well in curbing it and fake items are now on a decline on Depop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Depop Safe To Buy?

Yes, Depop is a safe place to buy any goods of your choice. And with the above depop tips for buying, I can guarantee you that you will find depop to be a great marketplace.

Is Depop UK Safe?

Yes, Depop UK is safe. This is just like the other Depop. They are all safe.

Yes, depop is still popular. Ever since depop was founded, it has gradually risen to become one of the best place to sell

Can You Get Scammed On Depop?

No, you can not get scammed on Depop. However, your depop account may get hacked. And the reason for this is that when you had carried out your depop login, your login details were automatically saved in your depop app and if anyone picks up your phone, they might eventually get to see it and this might lead to your depop account getting hacked.

Will Depop Refund Me If I Get Scammed?

No. Unfortunately, depop will not refund you if you get scammed. Besides, it is not the responsibility of Depop that you got scammed. Depop had done enough to secure their users, it is now left for you to secure yourself while using the depop app.

Can You Actually Make Money On Depop?

Yes, you can actually make money on Depop. Sellers on Depop make money by selling their used items. And which is a great way to make money on the depop app.

Does Depop Take Percentages?

Yes, Depop takes a 10% as it percentage for every sales made on depop.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid On Depop?

Normally, it takes 5-7 days to get paid on depop. However, there could be some slight changes. For example, if it is actually your first time selling on depop, you are likely to get paid after 5 days but for sellers who have already sold on depop, they will be paid instantly.

Do You Get Paid Instantly On Depop?

Yes, you get paid instantly on depop. But just like I stated earlier, you only get paid instantly if you are an old user and have made sales on depop before.

Does Depop Sell Fake Items?

Yes, unfortunately depop sells fake items too. This is due to the fake sellers who sells fake fashionable items on the depop app. However, depop has provided an opportunity for buyers to get a refund if they are not satisfied with the product they got and they feel it is fake.

How Do You Know If Depop Seller Is Legit?

There are quite a number of ways to know if a depop seller is legit. But the best way is to see if the seller has any review left by their previous buyers. In this way, you will not just know if the seller is fake, but also save your time.

Can I Buy On Depop Without PayPal?

Yes, you can buy on Depop without PayPal account. you don’t need a PayPal account to buy on depop

However, for sellers, you are required to have a PayPal account. This is so that depop will make payment into the account.

What Happens When You Mark Something As Sold On Depop?

Whenever you mark something as sold on Depop, it automatically means it is out of stock. It then gets removed from the depop app.

Why Is Shipping On Depop So Expensive?

This is probably due to the quality you will get. The shipping is expensive because they want to offer you a quality shipping service, and quality shipping service cost money.

How Do You Buy Safely On Depop?

The best way to buy safely on depop is to always try to avoid fake depop sellers. Before you buy from any depop seller, check very well to be sure that they are real. Checking buyers review of the seller would be a wise approach. Also, you may resort to always buying from top depop sellers who are already already well known in the platform.

Does Etsy Own Depop?

Yes, depop is owned by Etsy. In the year, 2021, Etsy purchased depop for over $1 billion. Some of the amount was paid via cash while the remaining was paid via stocks.

What Company Owns Depop?

Depop is owned by a company called Etsy.

What Is Better Than Depop?

There are quite a lot of competitors that are competing with depop and with some of them such as Vinted being its closest rival. The truth is that most of these companies are quite different in their structure and model.

Is Vinted Better Than Depop?

Not exactly. Depop and Vinted have proven to be rivals over the last couple of years. And this has raised questions like this. The truth is, both marketplace are different. The web layout and listing on depop is quite simplistic and user friendly.

What Are You Not Allowed To Sell On Vinted?

There are several items which are not allowed to be sold on vinted. And they are:

  • Fake cloths
  • Automobiles
  • Food items and lot of other items.


Depop provides it users with an opportunity to make money off their old fashionable items.
It is important to understand that most of the best selling items on depop are based on trends, season and other factors. However, our list tends to cut across this and provide you with best selling items even from time past which still come up once in a while.
What best selling item on depop do you think we left out?


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