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Top 13 Bank That Do Western Union In Nigeria

You want to make that money transaction to your friend or maybe you want to pay for a goods or a certain service that was rendered to you and you do not want to use your savings account or a local bank transfer. You are a western union user, and really need a bank that do Western Union in Nigeria to complete your transaction.

Then, you are at the right place and probably at the right time as well because this article will let you know a lot about western union, including banks that do western union and how to use western union in Nigeria.

Or maybe you want to carry out that financial transaction and you are just curious as to how does Western union work. This article is also for you too as it will provide even the very details concerning western union including an answer to pestering questions like ” what is western union and a whole lot of other. So keep on reading as you find your answers here.

What Is Western Union

Bank that do Western Union in Nigeria

Before we talk about bank that do Western Union in Nigeria, let’s first of all understand what Western Union is all about.

An American company with a complex history, western union is an American company that provides financial services in an international or multinational level. It has it headquarters at Denver, United States of America. It is the second currency transfer company in the world.

However, Western union is ranked as one of the best in financial transaction in the world. Founded in 1851 at the New York and Mississippi valley as a company that does print telegraph in Rochester, New York.

The financial company had to change it name to the ‘Western union Telegraph company in the year 1956, a decade and five more years after the company had been founded in 1851. The name change came after the company had made an official announcement that it has merged with another of it competitors.

Despite dominating the American Telegraph industry from the year 1860 to 1980, Western Union had experienced financial set backs and had to move the focus of their business from communication only to focus on it money transfer services.

Western union enables it users to send and receive money world wide. It has its network in over 200 countries of the world. Western union also controls more than 20% of all the remittance transactions.

How Does Western Union Work?

Before We talk about bank that do Western Union in Nigeria, let’s first of all understand how it works.

We have known what Western union is but we still haven’t answered some top questions like; “does western union work in Nigeria” or “does Nigeria have western union”. It is important to answer these questions and here is a brief answer.

Nigeria does support Western union. As a matter of fact, Nigeria has western Union with some of its commercial banks being agent of the American company.

Apart from most European countries, Nigeria was one of the first countries in the world to get western union in the world. It provides a means of moving money from one person to another. It is often preferable over the usual local bank transfer in that it is safe and also faster than almost all bank transfers depending on some certain factors which would be mentioned later.

To carry out a financial transaction via Western union that involves sending money, you need to pay the Western union agent a certain amount. This amount will include what you want your receiver to receive as well as the charges the Western union company will place on that particular transaction.

It is important to note that western union charges usually depends on the volume of that transaction and the distance. However, their charges are usually low considering the type of service they will be providing you with.

You can send or receive money via western union only in a couple of minutes. This can be done if you select the option “money in minutes” at the western unions agent location while filling the senders form. However, we will discuss how to receive money through Western union in Nigeria in the next section.

How To Use Western Union In Nigeria

There are ways whereby a transaction is carried out. And this is “by sending” and also “by receiving “. Western union is not a commercial bank where their clients or customers are given a savings account to save their money or they can get an interest when they save their money for a lengthy period of time.

Western union only helps their clients or customers by connecting them to carry out their sending and receiving of money across distance under the company’s name. So, our top question should be how to send money through western union in Nigeria and how to receive money from western union in Nigeria.

However, what will be addressed in depth is the process or steps regarding how to receive money through western union in Nigeria.

How To Send Money Through Western Union in Nigeria

Any Western union transfer that is greater than $10,000 or the local equivalent must first be reported to the CBN for approval before it is carried out to completion.

Documents Needed

To send money via western in Nigeria, one must have any of the following:

  • A National Identity Card
  • A Voters Card
  • An International Passport
  • A Driver License

Other Things You Will Need

Below are some other things you will need when you send money via western union. 1)The sender name.

  • The senders phone number
  • The senders address
  • The receiver’s name,
  • The receivers number
  • The receivers country
  • Some test questions and answers where they are applicable.

Any of these documents can be accepted by the western union agent. You need to carry more money so as to pay for the charges placed by the financial company since the charge is mandatory and most be paid before all transactions are carried out to completion.

The Procedures Are:

  • An MTCN will be given to you once you have everything, including your identity document such as those listed above with you and submit it to the agent.
  • MTCN simply refers to Money Transfer Control Number. It is what the receiver will used when they want to receive the money.
  • Once payment is completed, you will get the MTCN and can then send it to the receiver so they can claim the money you sent.

How to Receive Money Through Western Union

This is as tough as sending the money. This procedures are all necessary so as to make the transaction safe without the money falling into the wrong hands. And also these are guidelines given to western union by the central bank of Nigeria, CBN.

You can receive any money sent to you via western union directly into western union banks in Nigeria so far you have a savings account with that particular bank or you can get it directly via any banks that do Western union.


The western union banks or agents will require the following:


The money transfer control number will be required for you to get the money. You can get this by contacting the sender so they can send the MTCN to you or else, the agent or bank will just keep the money until you can claim it.

Means Of Identify

This may be any of the following.

  • International Passport
  • Drivers License
  • National identity card
  • A voters card

Other Requirements are:

  • Tell the amount you were expecting.
  • The senders name
  • The senders country
  • The receiver name
  • The receivers address
  • The receivers phone number
  • A test Question and Answer might be necessary in some cases.

Now you know how to receive money through western union as well as how to send it. It is now important to find out which bank does western union in Nigeria and the best banks that do western Union in Nigeria.

Which Banks Does Western Union In Nigeria?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. This is a very simple and plain question and we will answer it in a simple way too. The answer is, not all commercial banks do Western union, but in Nigeria almost all of them do it.

Commercial banks are mostly their agent as other type of banks like mortgage banks are not western union agent.

List Of Bank That Do Western Union in Nigeria

Below is a list of top 13 bank that do western union in Nigeria.

  1. All branches of Zenith bank
  2. All branches of First bank
  3. All branches of Polaris bank
  4. All branches of Union bank
  5. All branches of Access bank
  6. All branches of First City Monument bank (FCMB)
  7. All branches of GT bank
  8. All branches of United bank of Africa (UBA)
  9. All branches of Wema bank
  10. All branches of Ecobank
  11. All branches of Diamond bank
  12. All branches of Fidelity bank
  13. All branches of keystone bank

The western union website revealed that you can carry out any of your western union transactions when you get into any of these banks listed above.

You can read it for yourself at the official western union website at
You want to try out western Union for the first time or you want to reuse their services, these are banks that do western union, so you should try them out.


Western Union is one of the best ways of transferring money in Nigeria because it is fast, safe and secured. It is also cheaper depending on some key factors. It works like a normal bank transfer and it is even faster than the usual bank transfer depending on some factors.

Banks that do western union are usually cheap and you can create a savings In any if them so as to save the stress and getting your money sent directly to your bank account.

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