What to do when your bored with a friend
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What To Do When Your Bored With A Friend: 3 Smart Things To Do

If you have never had a friend that disturbs so much, then you may not understand very well, what it means to be bored with a friend. I could remember I once had a very worrisome friend who stays close to me, and always loved visiting me, even when I don’t reciprocate.

I always felt cool anytime he visits, but I usually become so bored when he overstays his welcome, and we seem to have exhausted our discussions…lol..  In this situation, I would become very bored with him, and wish he could go. But how then would you tell a friend that visited you, to go; it’s so weird of course!

Yes, it doesn’t sound too good telling a friend that visited you, to go, that you are tired of the visit. But there is still what to do when your bored with a friend. You must not tell him that you are tired of his visit, but there is still a way to push him out without him noticing that you were just bored with him. If you tell him plainly that you he should go, that would make him feel bad and may reduce his relationship with you. But how then can you do this smartly, to avoid being noticed?

What Does It Mean To Be Bored With A Friend?

What to do when your bored with a friend

Inorder not to misunderstand this post, I would love to explain little about what being bored with a friend means. 

In my simple diction, being bored with a friend means that you are tired of a friend, especially during the friend’s visit. It may not mean that both of you are bored, No! It means only you are bored with the friend, and he may not even be aware that you are already tired of his stay.

For Example: A friend visited you by 4pm, stayed till 9pm; and still refused to go. That’s a whole 5 hours spent, and he was still around.  Seriously, somehow, you may be bored with him, you may wish he could just go because he has really stayed too long; especially if you guys seem to have exhausted your discussions. So what do you do in this situation? No worries, I will show you what to do when bored with your friend.

What Can Make One To Be Bored With A Friend?

If you have ever been bored with a friend, don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s really a normal thing to be bored with a friend; most times it may not mean that you don’t like the friend. There are some factors that make one to be bored with a friend.

1. Friend Has Over Stayed Their Welcome

This is normal, and may not mean that you are not nice or socially fit. When a friend visits and stays longer than expected, an average person will be bored with the friend, especially if there is no more relevant things to discuss.

2. You Have Tasks To Do

If a friend visits and have stayed long, while you have some important tasks to do; everly you are going to be bored with him. There may be no way you will ignore the friend that visited you and proceed to your tasks. And also, it may be difficult to tell him to go, that you have some tasks to do. Though some tasks can still be done while you chat with your friend that visited.

3. You Are Just Tired

Yes, it’s normal to be tired some days, probably due to the activities you engaged yourself during the day. So when you are tired like this, and a friend visits you, you may become bored with him because it’s either need to have some rest or sleep.

4. It’s Late Hour

Some friends are fond of staying till very late hours, when they visit. Even when they know it’s bed time, they will still not like to go. So if you are the type that like sleeping on time in the night, everly, you would always be bored with your friend anytime he visits and stays till late hour.

5. You Don’t Like The Friend

The truth is that you easily get bored with a friend if you don’t like him so much. Maybe the friend is forcing himself on you.

What To Do When Bored With A Friend

Here we come! If you have a friend in whom you easily get bored, no worries, this article will show you what do when your bored with a friend.

1. Answer Fake Call

This is the one of the smartest things to do when your bored with a friend. Just set your phone on a alarm, maybe for few minutes. Put a special ringing tone for the alarm. Once the phone rings for the alarm, pick it up as if you are answering a phone call. Pretend that Someone, your boss or any of your superiors, requested your presence. Speak up so that your friend will hear your conversation. 

After the call, tell your friend that your presence is needed by your boss or whosoever. In that, your friend may not have any other option than to leave. 

Make sure you follow him and leave, then when both of you depart, and you are sure that he has gone far, you may now come back home and have your rest. That sounds tricky, right?😂

2. Take Him For A Walk

If you are bored with him, and you don’t know how to tell him to go. Just tell him you are feeling heavy, that you want both of you to go for a walk. Yes, you will be activated during the walk exercise. And when you are done with the walk, he may not follow you to your place, he may decide to go to his place to take a shower.

3. Tell Him You Are Having Headache

Yes, this is what to do when your bored with a friend; just lie to him that you are having slight headache. In this, you will have the privilege to lie down and pretend that you want to sleep. This will make him uncomfortable, and he may leave in a short time. 

Note that it may not be morally wise to lie that you are sick. Even in most religions, it is not advisable to lie about anything, let alone lying with sickness. What if the headache comes? So I may not strongly advise that you lie that you are having headache, unless you are truly having headache.

How To Avoid Making A Friend Bored With You

Your friend may find it very difficult to tell you that he is bored with you or tired of your stay. As someone with a common sense, you should always be able to know when your friend is tired of your stay, and how to always making them bored with you.

  1. Never Over Stay Your Welcome
  2. Always be wise enough to discern when your friend is tired of your stay.
  3. Don’t always visit a friend at late hour especially if he loves sleeping on time.
  4. When you visit a friend and he is busy with tasks, don’t stay long, take your leave.
  5. When you are talking and he is reluctantly responding, then know he is tired of your talk.

What other things do you think one should so when bored with a friend?

Share your idea with us on the comment section!🙏

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