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Webmine Review: Is Webmine Legit or Scam? Everything You Need To Know About webmine.live

Hello, welcome to my webmine.live review. You see, over the last couple of years, there have been a lot of online earning platform that we do not even know which of them is real or fake, which of them them is legit, which of them is paying and therefore, worth your time.

The idea of trying to make money online has always been the dream of most people and platforms such as the webmine.live and a lot of others seem to be the one who can play that role perfectly.


Today, I will be reviewing the platform, webmine.live. You see, most of these platforms at their infancy, raise more questions than it can answer and one of such questions which people usually ask is “is Webmine legit or scam?”, “does Webmine pay”, “can I earn money from the webmine platform?”

In this article, I will be trying to answer questions such as those. However, I will love to give you some detailed information regarding what webmine.live is and how webmine.live works before we proceed to our webmine.live review.

What Is Webmine.live?

Webmine review

Webmine.live is a new online earning platform that pays users for carrying out small tasks on their platform. Basically, the platform pays their users for mining (not gold lol!) as well as referring other people to the platform.
The Webmine.live platform was launched on the 1st of March in the year 2022.

Here is a statements on homepage of the official webmine.live website; “Webmine is an investment and adertising company based in Nigeria. We help companies and individuals market and advert their products / services to our clients and then share part of the profit we make with our website users anytime they view and share our advert posts. We are a company of like-minded Nigerians who have come together to eradicate poverty by creating a risk-free platform for people to earn passive income daily from the comfort of their homes. All that is needed to earn money on webmine.live is a smartphone and a social media account.”

How Does Webmine.live Work?

Basically, to earn on Webmine, you must have registered on the webmine platform. This involves purchasing your webmine coupon code from a verified vendour on the website.
After a successful webmine registration, you can start earning on the platform by either referring new people or by just pressing the “mine” button on your Webmine dashboard.

In addition to all this, you get free 500MB for registering on webmine. Though I will give much details about this later, but this is just a little overview as to how webmine.live works.

Like I stated earlier, you must purchase your coupon code from a verified webmine vendor, and you can see a list of them on the official webmine website at www.webmine.live

How To Earn On Webmine.live

Like several other platforms, webmine.live has ways which users can earn money from them.
Below are ways through which users can earn on the webmine.live platform:

1. Webmine Sign up Bonus

For each user that completes their webmine registration, a bonus is given immediately. This helps to get them started to earn big on the webmine.live platform. For each user that completes their webmine registration, a sum of N1500 is paid to them. This can be seen on their webmine account dashboard. This is one of the best ways to earn money on webmine.live .

2. Webmine Daily Mining

This is the cash given to all webmine.live users each time that they click the “mining” button. The webmine daily mining earning option is done each time after 24 hours. Webmine pays N300 for daily mining on their online platform. The daily mining is one of the major ways to make money on webmine.

3. Webmine Referral

Similar to daily mining, webmine pays users for each referrals that they bring to their platform. The new user must sign up on webmine through your referral link. In that way, webmine can recognize that the person was actually referred by you and you can then get your cash. Webmine pays N1200 to every referral that you have on their platform.

4. Free Data

Along with all the webmine earning methods above, webmine also rewards each new user with 500MB with any network of their choice.

Webmine.live Registration/Sign Up

Carrying out your webmine.live sign up is important if you want to earn money from the platform.

Basically, the webmine.live registration process is quite simple and below are the steps involved in carrying out your webmine.live registration:

  1. Visit the official webmine website at www.webmine.live
  2. Click on “start mining”
    A new page will open presenting you with an electronic form which you will have to enter your details in order for the platform to know who you are. The form will ask you to enter details such as –
    a) Full name
    b) Last name
    c) Email address
    d) Username
    e) webmine coupon code
    f) Referral code
    g) Password
  3. Click on “register”
    You can then go ahead to verify your registration via your email.

Webmine.live Login/ Sign In

Similar to the webmine.live registration, carrying out your webmine account sign in does not involve any stress or hassle.
Below are the steps involved in carrying out your webmine login:

  1. Visit the official webmine website at www.webmine.live
  2. Click on “login”
    A new page will open presenting you with an electronic form which you will have to enter your details in order for the platform to know who you are. The form will ask you to enter details such as –
    a) Username or email address
    b) Password
  3. Click on “login”
    Ensure that webmine login details matches that of your sign up, else you will not be allowed access to your account.

Webmine.live Withdrawal

Webmine platform allows users to make withdrawals into their local bank account. However, there are different withdrawal dates for webmine earning activities.

Users are allowed to make withdrawals from their referral account, anytime they want. A minimum of N2000 is needed to withdraw your webmine referral earnings.

However, unlike referral earnings, minimum of N6,000 is needed to withdraw your webmine mining earnings and withdrawals are made either on the 15th or 30th of each month.

Webmine Coupon Code

One of the key thing needed for your webmine registration is the webmine coupon code. As a matter of fact, without the webmine registration code, you can not register an account on webmine.

However, the coupon code is always for sale and you can purchase them from a webmine vendor.

Cost of purchasing the webmine coupon code is N2500 and you are advised to choose a verified vendour from the webmine website at www.webmine.live

Webmine Contact/ Customer Support

Webmine has made it possible for their users to contact them.
Below are webmine customer support lines:

You can send an email to them at info@webmine.live or contact them by phone at +234 (0) 705-1031-178

Webmine.live Review

As I had already stated, webmine.live is a considerable new platform that was launched on the 1st of March 2022. So, no one knows per say if the platform is a scam or not a scam or if it is legit or not. So, we cannot really say much on our webmine.live review.
However, we can only advice that you risk as much as you can afford to lose if the platform decides to shut down with your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Webmine Legit Or Scam?

Like I stated earlier, I can not tell if webmine is legit or a scam. This is because the platform is new and new platforms like this need enough time for people to see if they are legit or just another scam. However, we promise to keep you updated regarding any new development as to if webmine is legit or scam.

Does Webmine Pay?

Actually, yes. Webmine pays. I have seen several people who have been paid by webmine and they save as some payment. Although I have not personally been able to withdraw yet from the platform.

Who Is The Owner/Founder Of Webmine Platform?

Unfortunately, we do not know who the founder or owner of the webmine platform is.

When Was Webmine Platform Launched?

Webmine was launched on the 1st of March, 2022.


As you can see, webmine.live is new platform there is not enough information for us to include in this webmine review.

However, we promise to update you regarding every information you should know about Webmine.live platform.

Anyway, how is your experience on webmine.live so far?
Let us know any difficulty or challenge you may be having on the webmine platform.

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