Vitalfunds review Review: Is Vitalfunds Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now is one of the online investment platform that people talk about today. Vitalfunds enables members to invest from as low as $20, and promises 10% to 40% return on investment (ROI). Not only this, you also stand to earn a commission whenever you referr your friends to Vitalfunds.

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According to Vitalfunds, their aim is to lift your financial status through investment, as your savings will be will be increasing everday as promised. The percentage you earn on your investment depends on the plan you go for, I will urge you to keep reading this to see different investment plans on vitalfunds which you can choose from.


How Does Vitalfunds Work? have a robot that could sytematically trade on forex and crypto market, which is capable of making profit without the action of human, this enables the company to pay their investors.Vitalfunds ltd is currently managing more than 66 millions dollars in their total assets with an average daily return of 5 millions dollars everyday. Vitalfunds ltd now have over 900,000 clients in over 200 countries around the world. With the investment minimum amount of $20, Vitalfunds promises to pay investors about 40% of their investment in return.

Vitalfunds review

As we go further in this article, I will be telling you everything you need to know about i.e How to invest, different investment plans on Vitalfunds and thier profit, how to make money on Vitalfunds, the company management and many more.


Vitalfunds Sigh Up

Vitalfunds register. Signing up on is as easy as Signing up on facebook, there may not be much things required during the sign up.

  • Visit the Vitalfunds website on:
  • Locate the Vitalfunds sign up page
  • Fill-in your full name
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your email address
  • Setup your transfer pin for safe transactioning.
  • Click on Submit

Vitalfunds Login sign in
To login to your account or Vitalfunds dashboard:

  • Visit the Vitalfunds website at:
  • Locate the login page
  • input your username/email
  • input your password
  • Click on Submit

How To Invest On Vitalfunds

You will be able to see different investment plans on vitalfunds immediately you log in to your dashboard. They have a plan that gives members the priviledge to invest from as low as $20. You can withdraw your money anytime anyday, as everday is their working day.

Vitalfunds review

So to invest on, you would have to first of all choose from any of the Vitalfunds investment plans.

Vitalfunds Investment Plans

The three investment plans on Vitalfunds are:

1. Primary-Tem Description

The minimum amount you can invest in primary-team plan is $20 and the maximum amount is $500000. You will get 10% profit on any amount you invest in this plan just in 10 days,
Can i get paid for referring my friends in this plan?yes,you will be rewarded 5% bonuses of the amount your friends invests on and you can withdraw it or put it in your investment wallet.

2. Orthodox-Team Description

The minimum amount you can invest in orthodox-team plan is $20 and the maximum amount is $500000. You will get 25% profit on any amount you invest in this plan after 20 days.

3. Executive-Team Description

The minimum amount you can invest in executivesl-team plan is $20 and the maximum amount is $500000. You will get 45% profit on any amount you invest in this plan in 30 days. Referral also promises to pay members for referrals. The amount you can earn on referrals typically depends on the Vitalfunds investment plan you registered for.

For example: on Orthodox-Team Description, you get to earn 5-7% bonuses of the amount your friends invests on and you can withdraw it or put it in your investment wallet.

On 3.Executive-Team Description, you get to earn 5-10% bonuses of the amount your friends invests on and.

How To Refer Your Friends On

To earn by referring your friends, login to your account and copy your referral link, start sharing it to your friends, you will receive 5-10% bonus of the amount they invest if they register through your referral link. Withdrawal

The best time to withdaraw your funds is when the investment days are over. For instance, let’s say you chose PRIMARY-TEAM plan, you will be able to withdraw your funds after 10 days. You can also withdraw your funds before 10 days but the company is going to deduct 5% from the money you saved.

Withdrawing your money from is very easy, all you have to do is to login to your Vitalfunds account and fill the withdrawal form.

One interesting thing is that makes it possible for their users to withdraw directly into their local bank account and members can also withdraw into their digital wallet.

You can withdraw a minimum of $10 and maximum of $725,000 from vitalfunds at a time.

Can I withdraw My Money Before The Investment Days End?

You can actually withdraw your money before the days are over but it will attract 5% penalty wich can lead to loss, so to make profit on, you will need to wait till the investment days are over. Review

Is Vitalfunds legit? is scam?

Based on our research so far, there has not be any strong proof that Vitalfunds is safe and legit. However if you must give the platform a trial, we advice that you don’t invest much on it, don’t invest the amount you cannot afford to lose.

However, we promise to always update this post if there is any development on This is why you need to bookmark this page so you would always visit back for updates.

Who Is The Owner Of

Who is this CEO of
The CEO of is Junior Lethabo.

Those Managing Located In South Africa

Vitalfunds Executives And Other Stock Owners

  • Junior Lethabo – Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
  • Emmanuel Esebame – Financial Director, Executive Director
  • Zhongying Hou – Trading Director, Executive Director
  • Mary Mpho – Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director
  • Jardine Burger – Non-Executive Director
  • William Johan – Independent Non-Executive Chairman
  • Russel Jard – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Grant Kane – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Michael Rodriguez – Non-Executive Director
  • Paballo Mako – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Thomas Winter – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Amanda Nzima – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Thandie Mashego – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Bomela Lethabo – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Louis Leon Von – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Zelda Roscherry – Non-Executive Independent Director
  • Mason Low – Company Secretary
  • Gert Kruger – Group Chief Risk Officer.

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